Some UPCs attack my fundamental right and freedom to aspire and/or participate in any elective UPC process ostensibly because of my heritage- Akena

I have most often opted not to dignify some of your unintelligible ramblings with comment and I’m sure that is not likely to change any time soon. The direction you seem to be taking is not far removed from what some despairingly naive and senseless people did; coined it as a “unique opportunity” and plunged the whole country into a foreseeable quagmire on the assumption that if you got rid of Obote, some Ministers and some army officers we would all live (except those to be got rid of) happily ever after! Therefore, while you may imagine that by throwing Akena (with Yoga) to those unappeasably baying for the blood of Obote you would have solved some fundamental political differences between UPC and ‘Mengo’, I think otherwise. You have constantly attacked my God given fundamental right and freedom to aspire and/or participate in any elective UPC process ostensibly because of my heritage and mockingly refer to “those who think they are owners of the UPC party”. Unlike you who “supported” and/or were “conscripted”, I, with all due conscience made a conscious decision out of my own conviction and belief, to belong to the UPC and as such will do all within my power and before God to see that MY Party, i.e. UPC, in which I believe, will seek to improve the livelihoods of all citizens of Uganda.

I end with a excerpt from a New Vision interview of 23 May 2009.

Do you regret some of the mistakes committed by your father Dr. Milton Obote like attacking the Lubiri in 1966 and saying a good Muganda is a dead one?

The clash between Mengo and the Central Government was a most regrettable event in the history of our country. I would like to support the position Buganda gave to the Constitutional Review Commission that we should put 1966 behind us, and within UPC we agree and urge that we forge ahead towards a brighter common future with the understanding that we have all learnt from history.

The statement attributed to my father of “a good Muganda…” was not something he ever said nor could he have ever conceived such a diabolical thought. Further to that, how would he have remained married to my mother had he said or held such a view? The statement was a creation of propagandists and has since been used as a weapon to drive a wedge between UPC and Buganda which has been exploited to such an extent by those who sought to gain power at any cost and who seek to retain it while sowing seeds of discord irrespective of the devastating repercussions.

I am among the majority of Ugandans who were not even born in 1966! I would hate to see future generations getting entangled and fixated on these events without the matters being finally laid to rest after a clear open exposition. The UPC has constantly advocated for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission which could help separate the propaganda from the hard facts and this is a position I would be most comfortable with.

What are you people doing to ensure that you mend the UPC relationship with Buganda?

We are seeking to have frank talks with Mengo but as you know approaching the Kabaka must be one with the appropriate formality and takes time. It is important that we engage honestly for the sake of our country. Personally, I find no contradiction to being a son of Buganda and Obote, but then that is my heritage. I would love to see a far better relationship where UPC and Buganda can appreciate their roles and if this means that the Muganda son of Obote must lay his neck on the chopping board before the Kabaka in order for true reconciliation to take place, I would be more than willing if this would guarantee better future for all Ugandans.

Hon. James Akena


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