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Day May 18, 2013

There has actually never existed anything such as 9,000 sq miles claimed by the Buganda kingdom!

There has actually never existed anything such as 9,000 sq miles claimed by the Buganda kingdom! That figure was an estimate made by H Johnston committee in 1900, as land that was to be under the charge of the central government after allocations were made to other interests (Royals, churches, chiefs etc).

They made the estimate basing on the assumption that Buganda land was 19,600 sq miles, pending confirmation by a survey. They further noted that if after the survey, Buganda land was found to be less that estimate, the deficiency would be deducted from the 9,000 allocated to government.

The Survey took place in 1936 and it confirmed that actual land was 16,138 sq miles, i.e., right from go, the Johnston estimate was deficient by 3,462 sq miles. According to Article 15 of the 1900 agreement which still stands, that deficiency was to be immediately deducted from the 9,000. That left 5,538 sq miles. In other words, by the time of the allocation, government gave itself ‘air’ to the tune of 3,462 sq miles: Akenda, no! Nkumi ttaano, yes!

So, when in 2012 someone, a member of the educated elite, comes around to still demand for Akenda, in spite of those realities, and when you alert him of those facts he calls you a ‘Buganda hater’, and packs Youtube with songs, ‘Akaalo kaffe’ etc etc, then you know that the country is in very, very serious problems, and faces great dangers in future.

Besides the deficiency resulting from the overestimate, 667 sq miles of the inflated Akenda (now really 5,538) was in fact in Buyaga and Bugangaizi. The 1964 referendum automatically removed that from Buganda and reverted it to Bunyoro. Therefore, anyone demanding for Akenda now, not only disregards the 1936 survey but also disregards the meaning of the 1964 referendum. Why should anybody put themselves in that kind of position? Now, as you see on this forum, when someone just reminds colleagues of those realities, they are straight away branded as a ‘Buganda hater’. What is wrong with us?

I am actually writing a PhD on Post-Mwanga Baganda kings. The title is:

‘The Pathologies of Power and Powerlessness: Buganda Monarchs after the reign of Ssekabaka Daniel Basammula Butagali Mwanga II’

Anyhow, in a world where people make such undertakings as research, it becomes pitiable for the mediaeval individual who looks at his tribe as his personal property…..And how do you know that I am not a Muganda?

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

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