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Day May 22, 2013


1) The on-going search by the Police of premises of the Daily Monitor publications and the Red Pepper publications is part of Police investigations into the letter that appeared in the Daily Monitor dated 7th May 2013, purportedly written by Gen. Sejusa to the Director General, Internal Security Organization, (ISO), and copied to a number of senior security officers, as well as investigation of documents, purportedly originating from Gen. Sejusa, that were published by the Red Pepper.

We wish to state from the outset, that in conducting this search, indeed, in carrying out this investigation, the Police have acted professionally, and within the law.

2) On Daily Monitor publications, the interest of the Police, and other sister agencies is to get the letter published by the Daily Monitor, and, given its security classification, investigate how the Daily Monitor got it, and possible violations of the law that may have been committed, especially, in respect of the Official Secrets Act, and the UPDF Act.

Logically, at the beginning of the investigation, the interest of the Police was to establish the authenticity of the letter published by the Daily Monitor. Police inquired from the Director General, ISO who stated that he never received the letter. The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) as well as the Director General, External Security Organization (ESO), to whom the letter was supposed to have been copied to, also, did not receive their copies.

Evidently, at that stage, it was only the Daily Monitor, who was in possession of the letter. Accordingly, the CID then summoned the Managing Editor of Daily Monitor publications, and the journalist who authored the story in which the letter was published, to assist in getting the letter as well as disclose the source of the letter. They refused to cooperate with the CID.

Subsequently, the CID applied, and got a court order under sec.38 of the Press and Journalist Act, to compel them to cooperate. In addition, the CID got information that the Daily Monitor publications, was in possession of other documents in relation to the contents of the letter, which they intended to publish. They, then, in addition, sought and got, from court, a search warrant to search the premises of the Daily Monitor publications. The search warrant was served and, duly acknowledged by the management of the Daily Monitor.

The search began on Monday, 20th May 2013, and, is, still on-going. I wish to clarify that Daily Monitor publications, KFM, and Dembe FM have not been closed. They have been asked to halt operations to facilitate the search and investigations on their premises. Indeed, from the moment the search began, the premises were declared a scene of crime under the custody of the Police. Consequently, Monitor Publications, KFM and Dembe FM (which are on the premises) had to be asked to temporarily stop operations so that routine activities and traffic in the premises associated with their business do not interfere with Police work. The search will go on until the letter and those other documents relating to the letter are found. Police have asked the management of the Daily Monitor to cooperate so that they expedite the exercise. Indeed, the duration of the search depends on whether or not the Daily Monitor cooperates with the Police in their investigations. Todate, they have declined to cooperate.

3) We should point out that this is not the first time Police is carrying out a search. In the course of investigations, Police sometimes finds it necessary, as in this case, to carry out searches. Incidentally, even in this particular case, Police, earlier, carried out a search of the offices of Gen Sejusa in the presence of his lawyers without any incident, and the premises remain a scene of crime. It is, therefore, surprising that anybody should make issue of this routine procedure in investigations when it comes to searching media houses. Are media houses governed by laws other than those that the rest of society are governed?!

4) On the Red Pepper publications, the Police has initiated investigations into publication of documents, purportedly originating from Gen Sejusa, and published in successive stories in the Red Pepper for possible violation of criminal laws. Similar to the case of the Daily Monitor, the Police sought and got a search warrant to look for these and other related documents as well as stories which violate the laws of Uganda.

5) Noteworthy, while the Press and Journalist Act, sec. 2 gives the right to publish a newspaper, that right is not absolute. It is qualified by sec.3 of the Act, which provides that the right does not absolve any person from complying with other laws. Even without that section, the right to publish a newspaper cannot mean that journalists and publishers, in doing so, are free to commit crimes.

The Police is committed to the rule of law and to respect the rights and freedoms of the media, as well as other persons and groups. However, at the same time, we have a constitutional mandate to ensure that the laws of Uganda are respected and upheld.

6) In conclusion, let me emphasize and assure all of you that the Daily Monitor publications, KFM, Dembe FM, as well as the Red Pepper have not been closed.

Safe Houses:When the oppressed bite each other, instead of biting their oppressor or the cage trapping them, that is horizontal violence.

Interpersonal and intergroup group violence is so pervasive in Uganda that, what we see as torture in safe houses is just an aspect, if not a secondary or even tertiary symptom of a much bigger disease.

Those so-called state agents are not imported from mars. They are brought up in homes where spouses barter their partners. Many of those characters have seen their mothers being tortured by their fathers. Many have had their lips scalded by mothers when two grains of sugar were seen there….’abye sukali wange’. Many have grown up in homes where the husbands/dads are terrorist beasts, who, when they return in the evening after their war gin (waragi)/tekwe/foot-and-mouth drink (mwenge bigere) sessions, every body hides under their beds. Even the geckos and mice of the home scamper for cover because they know the husband is back.

The head teachers of the schools behave exactly the same way as those husbands…terrorists who cane the lights out of their pupils. Even the parish priests/sheikhs behave in the same way: they abuse and torture their flock…we have seen some in the news that sodomise young men in their flock. The nurses in dispensaries will whip the kid that is scared of the quinine injection, or scared of the pain of having a fracture set without anaesthetic…torture in itself.

So torture is all around! One of the modes of correcting wrong doers in Uganda is by killing them. You have 5 instances on your law books in which you reform wrong doers by killing them.. Every now and then you hear people saying: kill defilers, kill child sacrificers, kill embezzlers, kill reckless drivers, kill witch ‘doctors’. Civilians kill each other daily in frenzies of mob justice…they kill even the goats and chicken and banana plantations of victims of lynchings. If you are so liberal with “Kill”, why can’t you torture? When you torture you are being nice, in fact.

What we are experiencing is what psychologists call “horizontal violence”. When mice are trapped in a cage and they fail to find a way out, they start biting each others’ tails and ears off. By the time they are freed, they are even too weak to run away. When the oppressed bite each other, instead of biting their oppressor or the cage trapping them, that is horizontal violence. When they bite the cage in order to free themselves, that is called vertical violence…liberation. Ugandans, like all entrapped organisms have opted for horizontal attacks on each other….Kony cutting off ears of fellow Acholis in order to overthrow YK Museveni (and then a genius like one UPC supporter from Canada….. rationalizing or white washing Kony’s action by saying it is Kabaka Mutebi doing that)…all that is horizontal violence.

When you recruit someone from such a social context into the armed forces, what you have is someone who knows only one mode of interpersonal interaction: inflicting pain. Such a person will not disappoint. As they say, when the only tool one knows is the hammer, everything starts to look like a nail…even politicians will use the hammer as their campaigning symbol….Ssenyondo!

Bottom line, Uganda is a pervasively violent society, and the security agencies are just a perfect mirror image.Is there something called legal torture? Do state agents torture in order to find some use for the safe houses, which would otherwise stand idle? Are there types of houses that are specially constructed to be used as safe houses? Won’t you set caves on fire also?

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick

Abu Mayanja has never been a cabinet or other minister in any Obote regimes

In this photo:Abubakar Mayanja (C), Badru Kakungulu (2R), K. Nakibinge (R).(Courtesy of the Daily Monitor)

In this photo:Abubakar Mayanja (C), Badru Kakungulu (2R), K. Nakibinge (R).(Courtesy of the Daily Monitor)

For record purposes, Abu Mayanja has never been a cabinet or other minister in any Obote regimes. Despite the fact that he was a founder UNC Secretary General in UNC, and a founder member of UPC in 1960 when he was a Kabaka’s minister for Education, he became an MP in 1964, and was one of the KY members crossed to UPC on orders of Sir Edward Muteesa, to fight Obote from within, was detained without trial for criticizing the regime in ”Transition” magazine, was appointed Labour and later Education Minister by Idi Amin until he was dropped in 1974, and was DP MP representing Mityana from 1980 to 1982 before he went into exile.

Abu never served Obote as minister, for Obote feared him too much. He later served as Legal Advisor to Interim NRM Chairman, Yoweri Museveni during Nairobi Peace talks, became Information Minister, Third Deputy Premier, Minister of Justice / Attorney General, until he was dropped in 1994. He was however a French Talleyrand who served almost all regimes of the French Revolution, Napoleonic Era and Post Napoleon.

Buganda has many enemies but the arch enemy is some of the Baganda’s autocratic rulers. They have not learnt a lesson for 1953 Kabaka’s crisis and 1966 Uganda Crisis.

The politics of Museveni-dynasty arguably started when term limits were dropped from the constitution. So, Ugandans just opening their eyes now because Tinyefunza has spoken as just that: a bit blind, sometimes!


These leaders carried so much hope for their nations in 1960s but they let us down. And Obote wasn’t a fuckin nationalist!

These leaders carried so much hope for their nations in 1960s but they let us down

These leaders carried so much hope for their nations in 1960s but they let us down

These leaders carried so much hope for their nations in 1960s but they let us down, and that’s why Africa is having all these problems. In the photo, recognize Mwalimu Nyere,Milton Obote,Jomo Kenyatta,Haile sailasie. Behind between Kenyatta is Kaunda,one with A hat is Mobutu,near Haile Sailasie is Bokasa.

As for AM Obote your so called nationalist, his words in the Uganda Herald of 24th April 1952 might help you to show his true credentials. He, the ”nationalist”, was reacting to formation of the UNC. Here went AM Obote the your nationalist:

“I shall be highly obliged if you would allow me space….to express the feelings of young enlightened Semi-Hamites and Nilotes about some of the aims of the congress. Not long ago, Mr Fenner Brockway, MP came to Uganda and concentrated his activities in and around Kampala. He returned to England and gave his version of the “Unification of all tribes in Uganda”….his version is a direct negation of the established traditions of the Semi-Hamites and the Norsemen (Nilotes) and…we are worried about it. It will, therefore, be of great interest to us if the Uganda National Congress will point out exactly what they mean by the “Unification of all tribes in Uganda”….Co-operation with the government is also recommended but we Semi-Hamites and Norsemen of Uganda feel that the congress is aiming at “Self-Government in Uganda,” is hastening and thereby leaving us behind. Because of our present inability to aim so high….it must be pointed out to the congress here and now that with us [Semi-Hamites and Norsemen], the question of questions lies in education and rapid development of African Local Governments…..the height of folly [on Musaazi’s part] is the apparent omission ….of a definite aim to the slogan of “immediate Local Sel-Government in Uganda”

Those are the words of AM Obote, the great nationalist, the father of the nation. As you can see, national self government was none of AM Obote’s business. His was African Local governments! To the Doctor, independence was IK Musaazi’s folly.

You will recall that on 3rd February 1960 British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan made the declaration that, “The wind of change is blowing through this continent. Whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact.”

By that time, colonial powers had settled for the fact that they had to let go of the colonies. With or without people like AM Obote, the decision had already been reached. But listen to the UPC claiming that Uganda may never have become independent without Mr Obote’s sacrifices!

UPC’s is like the opportunism of a house girl whose tenure as the yaya coincides with the growth phase of the baby when it starts standing. Such a clueless house girl then hollers on and on that if she had not sang the song, “Butengenene, omwana ayimilidde” the baby would never ever have stood!….es[ecially when the baby eventually turns out to be Obama.

Typical housegirlish opportunism is what makes them think that they had a part to play in Uganda’s reversion to the current pseudoliberalism.


Obote with late Indira Gandhi.His party was also called congress and Indira Gandhi gave him a lot of material support.

oboteasiansObote with late Indira Gandhi.His party was also called congress and Indira Gandhi gave him a lot of material support.In 1980,the party got a lot of textiles from indi which it used during the campaigns! The Uganda Asian problems was not an Indian problem.The Asians were brought to Uganda by the British through the aegis of the IBEA Company as coolies to work on the Railways. When they reached Uganda,these Asians saw themselves as British subjects.Infact most of them had cut off their relations with India.

Now after Independence,the workforce in Uganda was to be representative of the Ugandan population. The British-Asians like all non indigenous Ugandan African were asked to take up Ugandan citizenship.A good number of them did,others opted to remain British-Asians and held on to their British passports.

Mwalimu,Gandhi and Obote.this is the Singapore Conference, that DR. Milton Obotte attended, in 1971, when General Idi Amin took full advantage, and became the President of Uganda, and later after about a year threw all ASIANS out of Uganda, with a 90 day Notice

Mwalimu,Gandhi and Obote.this is the Singapore Conference, that DR. Milton Obotte attended, in 1971, when General Idi Amin took full advantage, and became the President of Uganda, and later after about a year threw all ASIANS out of Uganda, with a 90 day Notice

When the nationalization program started,that is when their orderly repatriation to other British commonwealth countries began.This was around 1968. However when Idi Amin came,he decided to have a precipititious exodus and caused a lot of problems for the British government.Infact the majority of those British-Asians from Uganda were resettled in Canada.They still proudly call themselves Ugandans.

As regards to Obote and Indira’ party having contacts,it is more based on the ideology of the two parties.So,you can see why UPC and Congress I in India remained friends.

Dr.Awor Kipenji

Paulo Muwanga was anti Buganda establishment and he ‘stole’ the 1980 elections. He may not have been anti Baganda.

That white beauty dancing with Obote is actually the late Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

That white beauty dancing with Obote is actually the late Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

I think we need to be a little inhibited in our attempts to whitewash the shortcomings of the UPC and its key operatives like Mr Muwanga. These chaps were wicked and they knew it! It becomes a problem when we go to all lengths to rehabilitate them, even to the point of economising the truth.

Paul Muwanga was anti Buganda establishment or at Mmengo. He may not have been anti Baganda. I think he was pro-Baganda who are only UPCs. One of his victims was his brother the late Kafuuma, who was working with Masaka Cooperative Union, who died in Masaka barracks, even when Muwanga was defence minister. His crime was refusal to join UPC.Muwanga was a killer. As Vice President and Defence Minister. Over a half a million people were killed in a state inspired violence in Luwero Triangle and West Nile . He sided with killers like Milton Obote and Bazilio Olara Okello.

Paula Muwanga was the only Uganda ’s Vice President who had a wide ranger of powers other than appointing and sacking ministers. He at one time said that he had powers of live and death. He released a detainee and ordered the killing of another to demonstrate those powers. Muwanga was very powerful. In Masaka there was a UPC Haji, Kateregga, who had been convicted of an offense by the Magistrate’s court. He jetted in , summoned the Chief Magistrate and the District Commissioner and ordered the release of Kateregga with immediate effect. Muwanga was powerful, very powerful, as Vice President and Defence Minister. It is due to Obote’s weakness that Muwanga, with the Okellos, undermined Obote and cause the 1985 Saturday July 27th coup having met Ssemogerere and Museveni in Germany early that byear.

On the clampdown that was contained in Mr Muwanga’s proclamation of PM Thursaday 11 December 1980,The fact is that, each returning officer was to communicate results only to Paulo Muwanga himself and to provide him with a confidential report on “various aspects” of the poll.the Chairman of the Electoral Commission was knocked out of the reporting channels.

Remember that, Paul Muwanga’s proclamation was retrospective, and it gave him the power to declare the poll in individual constituencies invalid, as happened in the case of Mugwiisa/Sebuliba, Nakendo/Mwonda, Katama/Kitariko and Luwuliza/Wangola. It is horrible to be banned from celebrating; but even worse to be told that what you celebrated yesterday was rubbish.muwanga

In the 90s, I remember reading the report of the observers and I think under para. 140, must have been page 31, it was indicated that Mr Muwanga’s justification for giving himself extraordinary powers was something to do with the alleged incompetence of Returning Officers. He claimed that the ROs performed incompetently on 10 December, by opening polling stations late, and failing in distribution of polling materials. He claimed that he was worried that if reporting of results was left in the hands of such incompetent individuals at a crucial stage of the conclusion of the count, there would be serious problems. Yet he was supposed to base his judgement on the confidential reports of the same incompetent Returning Officers!

Police has not violated any laws in the Ssejusa-DailyMonitor-Redpepper saga, Says Kayihura

Whatever we are doing is within the law. CID needs the letter published by the Daily Monitor, and other documents published by the Red Pepper purportedly originating from Gen Sejusa to assist in the investigation of possible criminality committed. CID sought cooperation from the management of the Daily Monitor and they refused to cooperate to handover the letter, and disclose their sources invoking protection from s.38 of the Press and Journalist Act.

Faced with this, the CID sought and got a court order to compel them to do so, as the same s.38 states that a journalist can be compelled to do so by a court order, among others.

The management of the Daily Monitor Publications have to date defied the court order. In fact, it is in anticipation of this that CID sought and got search warrants from court for both media houses. This is routine in investigations. It is consistent with any standards of investigative practice in any democracy. Moreover, these are not the first searches to be conducted by the Police in Uganda, or anywhere else in the whole.

It is not a violation of the lead judgment of the late Justice Mulenga in the Supreme Court case of Charles Onyango Obbo & another vs Attorney General SCC No 2 of 2002. The issues that were addressed were different. The Court did not rule that searching media houses violates rights and freedoms. They outlawed sections of the Penal Code Act providing for the offense of sedition which to their judgment were too widely worded that they could be used to unjustifiably violate freedoms and rights. The court did not declare that media rights and freedoms are absolute. Read the judgment well.

Let me remind you of Article 43(1) of the Constitution which states “In the enjoyment of the rights prescribed in this chapter, no person shall prejudice the fundamental or other human rights and freedoms of others or the public interest”. In fact, in his lead judgment, Justice Mulenga, my uncle as pointed out highlighted this constitutional position, saying there must be balance between exercising rights and freedoms and what he called the common interest.

Therefore, there is no inconsistency between what Justice Mulengs ruled and what the Police is doing under the leadership of his nephew. Ndugu, I have nothing to be ashamed of. Just serving my country diligently, and lawfully.


Uganda Police in the Daily Monitor-Redpepper saga is comparable to the day the wakombozi went to Mulago and killed patients

Monitor Executive Editor Simon Freeman (R), News Editor Alex Atuhaire (C), and Managing Editor Don Wanyama

Monitor Executive Editor Simon Freeman (R), News Editor Alex Atuhaire (C), and Managing Editor Don Wanyama

Uganda Police has embarrassed us in the Daily Monitor-Redpepper saga. It is comparable to the day the wakombozi went to Mulago and killed patients there suspected to be Amin’s soldiers.Amidst the enormity of the crime by the Ugandan police-hear them that Monitor offices were a crime scene-some of us may have been aghast, but not surprised to see the Ugandan police, yes on orders of Lt General Kale Kayihura who led Makerere university students in 1979 to city square when wakamobozi entered Kampala and Amin’s soldiers fled. Such raids are actually not uncommon today under the IGP; they are normal and even banal.

Ironically, it was the late Justice Joseph Mulenga (RIP), an uncle to the IGP,Kayihura, who made the fundamental ruling on press freedom in Uganda. Now that he is dead, IGP kale Kayihura and his sidekicks’ bakabulimba Mary Okurut and Judith Nabakooba are pissing on those freedoms. Yes pissing on the while standing and telling lies.

This brings me to the question in the title. Folks, in 1979, when Wakombozii entered Kampala, many went straight to Mulago and other hospitals where they executed from close range patients suspected to be connected o Amin or the war. I was shocked to see patients shot in hospital beds. People it is true.

To IGP and his sidekicks, you are now the cats, while the majority of Ugandans are rats. Yes yesterday you feasted on Monitor and red pepper but please reflect on this saying. The rat that age will one day feast on the cat. Yep.

Folks, think about it, General Ssejusa courageously wrote the letter and sent it to the director of ISO to investigate allegations. I understand why the director of ISO feigns ignorance and denies ever receiving the said letter from General Ssejusa. So why would the IPG order his boys and girls to go and shut down the Monitor and Red Pepper to look for a letter which was written and sent to the director of ISO.

IGP Kale Kayihura shame on you. As they say ebbibimba bikka/what rises, come down eventually.

UAH member in NewYork

THE STORY OF THE CROW, THE HAWK AND THE COCK:Would you get worried as a Muganda if you read the following story from someone close to Museveni? What do you make of it?

Mutesa's body after being brought back by Amin

Mutesa’s body after being brought back by Amin

Once upon a sorry time! Once upon a time, there was a crow. That crow sat on her eggs in its nest, waiting for them to hatch. One chilly morning, in 1876 as the crow sat on her eggs, a slick, slithery serpent stole its way into the nest.

The smooth, sleek reptile, itself hatched in 886 when Alfred the Great defeated the Danes, punctured the eggs one by one, sucking all the yolk and white, and wiping out their viability once for all; doing so without the crow’s notice. After accomplishing its mission, the serpent slid out of the nest as stealthily as it had slunk in; all the while, never barging the mother crow’s slumber.

Like all incubating she-birds do every now and then, one warm afternoon, the crow left her nest for a minute or two to stretch and grab a snack, leaving her ‘eggs’ unprotected. It is then, in 1966 that tragedy struck – at least according to her. Alas, a hawk (kamunye) with a parting in his feathers swooped at the nest; and in a lightning’s moment, and with unimaginable ferocity, the hawk snatched all the ‘eggs’ from the nest.

A fierce tussle for the ‘eggs’ ensued between the two beasts of the air. It did not take the Kamunye long to register that it had swooped at empty shells, prompting it to jettison them into the undergrowth below, all without the notice of the combative crow. Thus the stage was set for an eternal, misdirected and futile feud between the hawk and the crow.

Weeks later, in 1986 another bird, (hatched in 1946), an ‘enigma, wrapped in a riddle, shrouded in mystery’ started gracing the airwaves. It is a bird that is one time a menacing vulture and another time the dove of peace; then another time, the wise old owl, yet another time a cuckoo that lays her eggs in other birds’ nests; then again an agile kingfisher and also a maladroit duck; one time an alluring rooster that heralds the arrival of a new day, and another time the hornbill that silences all feather wearers with its deafening melody, through 1996, 2006, who knows, 2016.

Grave of Dr. Milton Obote

Grave of Dr. Milton Obote

That Delphic new bird on the block shrewdly extricated the ‘eggs’ from the undergrowth and delicately placed them back in the now derelict nest, to the utter glee of the crow which has since then, continued to jealously and fiercely incubate the shells days on end, as new mating seasons continue to come and pass. And she whispers to herself that tragic lullaby, ‘Awangale’, ‘Hangiriza Agutamba’, ‘Rukirabasaija’, ‘Isebantu’, Irema……… nauseum.

Sorry! That was my story.

L/Cpl (rtd) Otto Patrick

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