Henry Gombya wrote to the Scotland Yard asking them to provide him with the actual copy of the Kayira report.

Monday, 6 April, 2009 22:28:59

Ladies and Gentlemen of the UAH!

I have with great care and steadfastness read both so-called reports of the investigation by New Scotland Yard into the murder of Dr Andrew Kayiira at my house on March 6, 1987.

My conclusion with regards to the two is this:

I am unable to determine which one of them is the true copy of the Scotland Yard Report. This is because there are several inconsistencies, innuendos, character assassinations, half-truths and worst of all, what appears to me to be like a political agenda to quickly shift the issue from who actually killed my dear friend.

After consultation with a number of my friends, I have been left with only one option. Today, I have written a letter to New Scotland Yard asking them to provide me with the actual copy of this report. In doing this, I have referred to the Freedom Of Information Act 2000 that came into force in 2005 in which anyone here has a right to demand any authority to release information held by such body or bodies.

I am attaching the said letter to the Metropolitan Police Service. The law requires that such a request must be met within 30 days. Until then therefore, I will resist from making any further comments with regards to the two reports now appearing in this forum as we have no proof that they actually originated from New Scotland Yard.

Once this information has been passed on to me, I will forward the REAL report for your perusal and act swiftly to answer whatever is contained in that report.

Thank you.

Henry D Gombya


Ailsa Beaton
Director of Information
Metropolitan Police Service
New Scotland Yard
London SW1A 0BG


Dear Miss Beaton

In 1987, the Uganda Government sought the help of the British Government through New Scotland Yard to assist it into the investigation of the death of a Ugandan politician, Dr Andrew Lutakome Kayiira.

This investigation was carried out by Detective Chief Superintendent K Thompson and is said to have been completed on May 7 1987 and handed to the Uganda Government. For the next 20 years, this report was not made known to the public until pressure especially from the opposition Uganda Democratic Party (DP) forced the hand of the Ugandan government to do so. But before the government could make the report known, the DP came out with a copy of what was entitled: “Scotland Yard Report The Murder (sic) of Dr Andrew Lutakome Kayiira. Soon after, the Uganda Government came out with its own version and was given a title appearing in the reference of this letter. Both these versions bear similarities but have differing conclusions. This has caused so much public concern and debate.

As the person in whose house Dr Kayiira was murdered, I have been placed under unbearable pressure to explain the two versions of the now famous Scotland Yard report on Dr Kayiira’s assassination.

It is with this in mind that I request, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, to be sent the REAL New Scotland Yard report on your investigation into this heinous crime. As both major political parties have already made public what they call the ‘real’ report, this information is now in the public domain. But it is important that the public identifies the true report from your office.

Yours Sincerely

Henry D Gombya


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