The 1961/66 development plan was written by Whites not Obote(UPC)

As a matter of concern, the style of opposition in Uganda consists mainly of schoolboyish heckling. If the group in power is not of your liking (esp if they do not give you federo, and akenda) then there is nothing good that you will hear about that group, and even the country. With that mentality, all we condemn ourselves to is heckling, day in and day out. When we do that, we risk subjecting our brains to disuse atrophy, let alone missing out on real constructive criticism.

In as far as we find any use for future thinking, in this petty debate over what UPC did or failed to do, let us bear the following facts in mind.A.M. Obote could never have possibly been part of crafting of the 1961/66 development plan. The plan was based directly on the findings of an IBRD mission and the only contact AM Obote had with that mission was in their meeting with the LegCo, in November 1960, even before Ben Kiwanuka dreamt of being Chief Minister. The group was as lined up there, and AM Obote etc are not part of it:

Edward S. Mason, Mission Chief
Andrew M. Kamarck, Chief Economist
Richard F. Boyd, Adviser on Health
Norman D. Lees, Adviser on Industry
Franz Luitolf, Economist
George M. McKelvie, Adviser on Transport
Sir Herbert Stewart, Adviser on Agriculture
Thomas Wilson, Adviser on Education
Montague Yudelman, Agricultural Economist
H. David Davis, Editor

They were formed up late 1959, when Obote was still heading a faction of UNC… the time he started leading UPC in March 1960, work had already taken off. They all arrived in Uganda in Sep 1960 to start their work.

As their report notes, ‘The task of the mission, as agreed by the two Governments and the Bank, was to present practical recommendations, with supporting analysis and suggestions as to specific actions to be taken, which could serve as the basis for a development program covering the period 1961/62-1965/66.’ (p.vii).

A PDF copy of the mission report is at this link:, and there is a text version at this link for those who may want to excerpt from it:

This is the link to the 1961/66 Uganda Development plan:

On hospitals, etc, it should be noted that plans for building 15 district hospitals date back to the 1950s. If you look at the 1962 IBRD report, ‘Plan for Economic Development of Uganda’, pp. 380-384, you will see that there were already in existence 15 District hospitals, and there were recommendations for the construction of 3 sub district hospitals, to bring the total of hospitals in outlying areas to 60, with three of the district hospitals being designated as regional hospitals (for the three regions apart from central). At the time, there were 173 dispensaries and World Bank (IBRD) already wanted Structural Adjustment: 173 are too many! Reduce them to 150, said the IBRD mission!

In 1961, IBRD found 173 dispensaries on the ground. They then recommended that they should be reduced to 150, to optimise the deployment of the few health personnel available at the time. Elsewhere, they recommended that 50 of the dispensaries be upgraded to Health Centres, some kind of mini-rural ‘hospitals’ with a few beds, maternity unit etc at county level.

That is why you see that in 1970, the dispensaries had dropped to 103, and the Health Centres had made an appearance….the 46. I think 103 and 46 comes close to 150

If 1966/71 is referring to building 22 rural hospitals, that was about 50% of what was envisaged by the recommendations of the IBRD in 1961….which as I note below, recommended the building of 3 sub-district hospitals for each of the 15 districts at the time….i.e., 45 units.

The 1961/66 plan was largely for revamping the 15 at district level, and completing new Mulago…which at the time was taking up to 33% of the health budget….then Butabika etc…

For upcountry hospitals, see entry 2 of the Annex (B).

On changes in health facilities from 1970 to 1996, below is an excerpt from a W/Bank report to take note. The report is titled, ‘Health Care in Uganda: Selected Issues, Parts 63-404’, By Paul Hutchinson, Demissie Habte, Mary Mulusa at

…….Page 8…health facilities in the late evening of UPC1 and the mid-morning of NRM 1-100…..

Before I forget, all those plans were on a base population of 6.5 Million, but set to grow annually by 2.8% then (and now, 3.2%). I see some UPC supporters saying that plans for district and subdistrict hospitals were laid down in UPC days, yet even the 1946 Worthington Plan is already talking about all that….but one would not waste much time with Okello George anyway.

Point is, if you are a PM today and you are overthrown before you endorse an important document that was written on your orders, it will be your successor to sign, and it will be a person with fundamental difficulties with his basic understanding that will question your successor’s authority for endorsing a document conceived prior to his reign. This is where we always totally lose the point when we drift into petty oppositionism.

THE UGANDA FIRST FIVE YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLAN, 1961-66 is on the following link:

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto



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  1. Yoga Adhola,

    This is a very simple matter. One may ask: why doesn’t your NRM get foreigners to do what Obote did?

    Yoga Adhola.

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