Here is a man after the heart of GOD, he starts with GOD and ends with GOD, how noble! He was also quite industrious and aware of lurking danger, because he asked for metals to forge spears and hoes to till the land, and then cannons and Guns wow!. I often wondered what Kabarega was like? Because he is depicted in history as the King who asked for one of the explorer”s wife!

24 March 1876.

Kabaka Mutesa 1 and Dallington to Gordon,

To Sir Colonel Gordon, My dear, Friend, I wish you good day. It is I Mutesa, King of Uganda who sends you this letter. I wish to be the friend of the white men, Therefore, hear my words which I say.

I. I want a priest who will show me,the way of God.

2. I want gold, silver, iron and bronze.

3.1 want clothing for my people and myself to wear.

4. I want excellent guns and good cannons.

5. I want to cause to be built good houses for my country.

6. I want my people to know God.

Mutesa King of Uganda

24 March 1876.



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  1. james,

    At the beginning, Uganda was heading toward development and Democracy until 1971 when Idi Amin came to power everything started disapearing upto present and we will not find anybody like those leaders we had before.

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