Kazini:The day he died was not the first time he was carrying out a dawn raid on the home of a woman friend

kazini-james_thumbMurder is a relational phenomenon. There is a murderer and a murderee none of whom should receive disproportionate attention.Many of you have been at it here on the forum indulging in drunken speculation over what may have caused JB Kazini’s death. The day he died was not the first time he was carrying out a dawn raid on the home of a woman friend, neither was it the first time he assaulted innocent persons. The fact is that, each time we involve ourselves in violent altercations, we expose ourselves to being harmed. This is what we are dealing with in the case in question: serial violence, serial risks.

On each of those occasions, he did expose himself to the potential wrath of those individuals he assaulted. On the 2nd March 2008, he could very easily have been harmed by any of those individuals he assaulted: Dr.Robert Kagoda, Winnie(Kazini’s 2nd wife} or Byaruhanga, the b/boda cyclist. On the fatal day, there was no Byaruhanga: there was Draru a name that also means Byarufu.

Quite certainly, even on that occasion if any of those individuals that JB Kazini assaulted had acted in self-defense and injured the General, some people on UAH would have drifted off into the trade mark thoughtless, drunken and asinine conjecture like we are continuing to witness.

Have you heard of any former Army Commander in Africa being taken to prison for stealing a few shillings? Kazini, Major General, S.3 dropout. Otamuweka wapi? Tanzanian retired generals are diplomats, regional governors,etc. Could you trust Kazini with your herd of goats? How did such an individual like Kazini become the embodiment of the values of a very important national instituion? I am told he still had some cases to answer for petty thieving. You know, when he was in Nigeria for senior command training, those officers there always wondered how he became a general. When they went out to look for ladies, Kazini would go in for those that befitted Nigerian Corporals! When he went to Ghana for a staff course, he nad a runin with an instructor. He was thrown off the course, escorted back to Uganda by the Ghanaian Military Police paka Entebbe , then they heard he was Chief of Staff, then Army Commander! Did they laugh or cry?

And with Kazini, when you talk to the average UPDF soldier, he will tell that if all he had left in his rifle were only two rounds of ammunition, and he found Kazini, Kony and Odhiambo in a dark corner, he would shoot Kazini twice in the head………

General Kazini….two words that are a heart-rending oxymoron!

Anyway as I said, ever since 1979, Uganda has tended to lean towards Tanzania in the manner of organising the military…for obvious reasons. Even subsequently when you did away with NRA, you opted for UPDF…mirroring TPDF. To appreciate the Uganda military arrangements, look at TPDF.

And by the way, the Tanzanians (and anybody else) would tell you that the Kenyan system is the one that is confused. Kenya lacks the conceptual grasp between ‘Command’ matters, i.e., everything to do with the general directing of operational matters (the teeth) and ‘Staff’ matters i.e., everything to do with directing support matters (the tail). The Joint Chief of staff in Tanzania is actually called the Chief of General Staff…he is in charge of Staff Officers that support the commanders. Kenyans call their biggest commander a ‘chief of staffs’ which is really funny….like referring to a headmaster as a head prefect. With the Tanzanians, the Chief of Staff is of a higher rank than the respective service commanders, making him the third most senior. The Tanzanians are also silent about the chiefs of staff of the respective services.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick

Newvision: http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/12/614758


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