”May her sons and daughters be my brothers and sisters, It is I, Mutesa, King of Uganda”

April 3, 1876


From King Mutesa, the greatest King of the interior of Africa , 3 April 1876.

This letter is from M’tesa, the greatest King in Africa . It is I Mutesa, King of Uganda , Usoga and Karagwe. Listen then to my word which I tell you. Oh! thou European I have become your true brother, I am a Christian, only I have not yet been baptised.

I believe in God the Holy Father, Almighty, Creater of heaven and earth, and in the Lord Jesus Christ, the only true Son of God, begotten of the Father before the creation of the earth, He is God of God.

May your Queen be a mother to me, and may I become her son. May her sons and daughters be my brothers and sisters, It is I, Mutesa, King of Uganda . Formerly the Mahommedans tempted me saying that Mahom­med was the first and last of good people, but we find this is not the truth but a lie. May we both be united.

Oh! Colonel Gordon, listen to this letter which says Oh! God, let there be peace between England and Uganda . Oh! may England be joyful always. Oh! Colonel Gordon, come quickly to me, and, if you do not come, at least send one of your white men, who you have with you, I want the reply to this letter to be printed.

May God be with the Queen, May God be with your Majesty and I beg you to send me paper, ink and pens, because all my paper is finished.

Mutesa King of Uganda

April 3, 1876.



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  1. james,

    I really like to these Ugandan leaders letter to the Queen of England.

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