What is wrong in collecting our own strength to launch lunge ourselves forward unabashedly.

I resent the idea that there has to be an external investor to give Africa a good jump start. What is wrong with pushing our own cart-though primitive but making progress.

I want us to, “have that opportunity” to “make the right mistakes” -many of us have been so brainwashed or cleansed to such an extent that we can no longer pick up a mango and eat it.In there lies the problem of Africa my friends. Fellow Ugandans, I want to report to you today that we have enough knowledge among the tribes to try and chart our own destiny, even better to forge better relationships with both local and foreign investors without being exploited as is now.

We are fearful and lacking local confidence due to a drought of organization platforms, with a pointed and purposeful mindset and I’m saying lets demand for genuine leadership, heroic enough to take us into such tribally meaningful ventures of progress.

We need to work on collecting the forgotten Wanainchi(Tribe), give them that lost sense of belonging and pride in the country(ownership) make each one of them the best thing that ever happened to Uganda(equity in all and a sense of belonging) and you will see the magic brought by each tribe.

These men and women from Uganda, whom we have brutalized and marginalizing have amassed knowledge, and if a serious, genuine person with a true patriotic leadership sense, were to tap into this garden of knowledge, in a respectable way, we could solve most of our development and unemployment woes. The Chinese learnt this lesson the hard way, once they changed the way they treated their dissidents they were launched economically in style.

Museveni is kidding himself, thinking that investors a more equal than natives-they will leave you in a lurch in a heartbeat. This is why I’m obsessed with the Tribe (In my definition those who have the highest sense of belonging to Uganda).

The nation builders now being called to the Buganda ttabamirukka (Mother of all meetings, calling upon the stake holders of Uganda). Let’s seat and define our common destiny.It is tough to have serious negotiation about improving the roof of the house with a guest; simply because, the guest comes with two spirits and if it becomes too expensive or too hot they will often split, wiggle out of the huddle and flee; and many in our midst have been behaving like guests while handling our affairs.

The primitive journey of emotional intelligence, is it the missing piece in the puzzle. I would like us to take that primitive but necessary journey of personal discovery to start recognizing ourselves from the core, we can have that ethnic senate, we’ll have fist fights in it, for Christ’s’ sake, we will be learning one of the greatest life’s lesson of belonging, that this western education has cleverly robbed away from us, though necessary to get us through this millennium on top- the registers of experiences and emotional intelligence tac-tics of working together.

If I can know that a Mukiga or a Madi or an Iteso culturally does not like certain things, then I create a collective memory bank of their likes and dislikes in order to work with them better.We now know all the idiosyncrasies for lack of a better word about religion Muslims “NO Pork”, Catholics “No Meat on Friday”, protestants” No fish without scales and booze”.

We can site them like they are part of our creed; but we have no clue what these idiosyncrasies are among our own cultures to forge working relationship without the currently prevailing style “ if you don’t understand it and it raises it’s head kill or suppress it”. What a barbaric credo, and you accuse me of going back to the roots of ethnicity to have an anthropological understanding of my people-who is committing a more severe crime of ignorance or backwardness.

An identity crisis calling for the crushing of your people:

Tell me if this is not lack of identity “the apathy currently witnessed in this administration” where some national folks were calling openly for the crush of the Baganda people during the riots -what will happen when they are done with the Acholi and Baganda, you bet they will surely come to your door; Why not look in the mirror and ask your self these simple questions; Who I’m I, and what do I represent, if you are a Muganda, how could you ask for your people to be dealt the worst blow. Folks we have a problem of identity.

The need to build survival platforms to organize and collect us in order to return that sense of belonging for sustainable progress.

There are tribesmen and women left waiting in villages houses to die of curable diseases even in “Bushenyi” simply because they cannot afford the private local hospital (put up by a rich dis-attached member within their group-no sense of belonging, just cash).

Who will return that sense of belonging-so that ordinary folks don’t simply “kill away”? I’m no seeing it with absentee tribesmen nor with the current nationalized leadership, seen cruising in heavy land cruisers, with their beautiful girl friends of the day! “NO WAY THEY ARE TOO ASHAMED OF TRIBE AND ITS RESPONSIBILITIES” to burge.

But a person dipped in ethnicity with a heightened sense of belonging and with meaningful ties would force the treatment of (Aloro, Nankyinga, Wakadadha, Nagudi, Abooli, Karaveri, Arube, even my brother Okello now speaking the native tongue like the queen of England).

The building of a local dispensary like the cultivating of food that sustains folks, has to be done locally or with a person who cares about the village.We want people with a sense of belonging to be our leads-enough is enough!

“Never forget those who were left home even if the streets are dressed in Gold”.

Sounds like an Okot-P-Bitek song, but this is what this sage of our time wanted us to go away with in his many songs “The importance of a Tribal woman in her uncelebrated beauty”. So go charging with the new, but remember in whose arms you will be back again “the Tribe”. So create those tribal rules of engagement with a sense of pride and purpose -for they will see us through.

Fellow Ugandans, give me my ethnic senate and I will give you a new direction of progress.

Tendo Kaluma
Uganda in Boston



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