1980 elections:on 9 December 1980, Mr Ssekono’s personal assistant was shot dead at his home in Makindye when he was invaded by 10 UNLA soldiers

It seems some UPC members think that the DP had legal channels of redressing their grievances after the rigging of the 1980 elections because there was a Mr Ssekono in the EC to manage their complaints, and that Mr Ssekono was the Chairman of the EC and therefore a powerful individual capable of neutralising the manoeuvres of P Muwanga and AM Obote. When Mr Mulindwa and Mr Ochieno of UPC assert that Mr Ssekono was the Chairman of the EC, they are lying…as usual.

Contrary to the piles they are feeding us on, Mr Ssekono was the Administrative Secretary – the big clerk of the commission. The chairman of the EC was the card-bearing UPC diehard Mr KMS Kikira who was strategically appointed into that position as part of the implementation of AM Obote’s plan titled “Proposals For strategy Before, During and After Elections”. AM Obote scripted this plan on 12 th August 1980: http://semuwemba.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/obote-strategy-for-1980-elections.pdf
Recall that, on December 12 1980, handed back authority to the EC to manage the election process…this meant only announcing the results. By that time, 3 out of 7 electoral commissioners had been hounded out of their offices and they had disappeared, leaving behind 4 UPC diehards, including Mr Kikira himself, SE Egweu, A Akera and Haji YB Birali. Mr Ssekono togehter with MB Matovu, A Tamale disappeared during the polling process. Mr Ssekono disappeared in fear for his life after receiving threats when he refused to succumb to Mr Muwanga’s pressures to be party to rigging.

According to Mr Ssekono himself, earlier on during the polls, he had been hurriedly summoned to Obote’s home at Kololo to meet AM Obote. AM Obote told him that if he, Ssekono, interfered with the UPC’s victory he would pay with his life. AM Obote told Mr Sekono that he and the UPC had fought against Amin and they therefore had to come to power at any cost. Mr Ssekono had to abandon the exercise and flee the country. Mr Muwanga took over the powers of the commission on Mr Kikira’s advice when it was realised that it would not be possible for the EC team to be unanimous on rigging.

Note that, the UPC were already weary of Mr Ssekono, and they had him in their sights. In fact, on 9 December 1980, Mr Ssekono’s personal assistant was shot dead at his home in Makindye when he was invaded by 10 UNLA soldiers. So, when some UPC members keeps referring to EC chairman MR Ssekono, do they really know what he is talking about or it is rigging as usual?
By virtue of Section 20 of the National Assembly (Elections) Act 1957 according to which the 1980 elections were conducted, every nomination required to be proposed, seconded and supported by at least 12 voters registered in the constituency. A voter is registered when his name is present on a register. There was no ammendment of the law by which that legal requirement was waived. Therefore, the declaration of the 8 West Nile constituencies as won by UPC “unopposed” was a case of a lame duck laying a putrid egg.

There was no registration of voters in the whole of Westile, i,e., the zone covered by the four Arua constituencies, the two Nebbi constituencies and the Moyo constituency that made up the 8 “unopposed” seats in West Nile. Because there were no registered voters in those 8 constituencies, there could possibly have never been any proposer, seconder or supporter of any nominee. Accordingly all nominations in Arua, Nebbi and Moyo were void ab initio.

Attached on the link below is a copy of the numerical summary of the national voters’ register produced by the EC. The number of registered voters in the 8 W/Nile constituencies is a loud blank.

Click to access voters-register-1980.pdf

So, who proposed, seconded and supported those 8 UPC candidates? When you make a mockery of the law so brazenly, then, no one will waste their time appealing to the courts. UPC was clearly spoiling for a fight.

Paulo Muwanga’s proclamation which was to form the legalistic cover for UPC’s fraudulent triumph in the 1980 elections. Attached is a transcript of that proclamation that subsequently became Legal Notice No 10 or “Moribund UPC’s Will”. Look closely at Article 3: that is the real substance of the intent for that legal notice.

Click to access muwanga-proclamation-8pm-11-dec-1980.pdf

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick

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