I like Obote and UPC but I cannot forget the Stench at Kireka because of Human bodies!

In all honesty, Kireka barracks was a house of sadists who had no regard for another person’s life. This is not to vindicate the NRA or other rebel groups that were then operating in and around Kampala. Let’s not bury our heads in sand for what happened in the barracks was nasty. I moved from a house in Bweyogerere to mid Kampala because the people killed in Kireka Barracks were sending a very terrible stench towards Kireka Bweyogerere and surrounding places. It was massive.

Therefore, anybody standing today and state that the UPC government was not killing Ugandans then you need to question its ability to control its forces. I want you to ask anyone that lived from Nakawa all way to Mukono about the commander that was in Kireka barracks and his name was Otto. Don’t say my name just ask about his history. This man entered a shop in Kireka in day light and instructed his escorts to pull out a wife that was selling in the store, they pulled her out in day light as she was firkin screaming, and he took her into the barracks and screwed the brains out of her. He ended up killing the husband for he refused to shut up.

If you stood on Kireka Seventh Day Adventists Head Quarters after midnight, you would hear the screams of Ugandans getting murdered in Kireka barracks. These were very bad days man. And especially when a man like myself that was arrested and thrown into Makindye for months, yes the government was killing Ugandans. Do you actually know how many people that died in my face?
Why do you think I lost this attitude of one mwaana waffe? Why do you think I refused to belong to any political party in Uganda?

I cannot love a party to a point of lying……… We rather stand up and clean up but what happened in Uganda way passed a fuck up. And excuse my French sir. The government failed to show the population the difference between its self and Museveni, thus Ffe kasita twebaka Kutulio.

UAH member in Canada



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  1. Jeff1977,

    Edward this is very true our family was leaving at Kireka Adventist hill and this place where people where butchered was 400 metres away we could not sleep because of the smell. I saw with my eyes people being butchered at night and they could do it mostly saturday night or friday night .I remember one day the Bishop of the Adventist church by then the Late Kyambadde went and complained to the Late Paulo Muwanga about the smell that was coming from that place and good enough the soldiers came and buried theses bodies

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