Luwero Bush war:on 20th February 1984 a force of about 800 NRA surrounded the police, military and prisons installations at Masindi and at exactly 5:30 am, opened fire overrunning all of them

Maj Okwera, Pacific Okwera was commanding a unit in Fort Portal, not Kasese. It was 34 Bn.

Where/how did he die?

The two old Okello’s, once they retreated to KitGulu, garrisoned Karuma Bridge as they prepared for the assault on Kampala. They ordered the soldiers at the Karuma roadblock to shot any soldier that approached from Kampala.

Unfortunately for Okwera, when his kin moved northwards, they did not alert him in time. As he tried to join them later, he was shredded by the bullets of the (fellow Acholi) soldiers at Karuma who were following instructions. When they checked who they had shot, they realised it was one of them coming to join hands. He died as they rushed him to Lacor.

Lt Col Lucky Oboth was ambushed between Kaseese and Bushenyi sometime in May 1985…by NRA.

Maj Okwera was commanding a battalion in Kaseese by the time of the Okellos rapture and retreat to Gulu. He was killed by the very troops of UNLA he was trying to link up with….his battalion in Kaseese is the one that defected to NRA en masse.

The only Lt Col Othieno formerly of UNLA later joined NRA and is still alive….I think he is now a Colonel…other name must be Stephen…(good man! very good!).

Recall that on 20th February 1984 a force of about 800 NRA surrounded the police, military and prisons installations at Masindi and at exactly 5:30 am, opened fire overrunning all of them. They spent a good part of the day in Masindi, went away with a haul of 765 rifles, for the 373 involved in the attack!

They had such a humongous haul from Masindi that another force, under guess who, YK Museveni, (who according to some people, was at the same time in an apartment in a city in Sweden), had to meet them to help in carrying the loot of materiel. One fact is that Museveni had a home in Sweden, where his family was, and which he had access to. We should not take matters beyond merely that simple fact! The historical fact is that one of the dates of 1984 he was commanding troops which overrun Hoima, and he addressed a rally and watched a football match there.

Go and ask anybody who was in Hoima on 1st June 1984, the time which according to you Museveni was begging for asylum. On that day, Hoima was woken up by a barrage of fire, in whose wake, the police and military installations had been overrun..with 33 rifles being captured.

The Hoima currency centre was also paid a visit and some liquidity put into the possession of the NRA as a result of that visit. The NRA spent the whole day in Hoima town, they played football at the Boma ground and after that football match, held a rally. Do you remember who addressed that rally? It was YK Museveni!

Note that on that same day, the NRA sick bay was attacked by about 400 UNLA and the patients in that sick bay dispersed those UNLAs, making them leave behind 11 of their colleagues who were put out of action. This was at Nshakaziragura in Ngoma. Even patients could have fun!

A week and a half earlier, I think on 20th May 1984, NRA had overrun a UNLA detach at Mpoma….that is another story also

In that attack, the Masindi Police commander was taken as POW. If you know him, find him, ask him who interviewed him, and hosted him for lunch before flagging him back out of the bush! He will tell that that same person should not have been in Sweden at the same time. Gala was taken POW with another Boniface Epigo who upon released, was interviewed by AM Obote. Upon hearing the bitter truth, Obote had the man sent to Luzira! Gala was asked by Obote whether he actually saw Museveni: ‘Was he wearing his watch on the left?’ Old man asked Gala!

By the way, the Masindi attack was commanded by a UAH forumist….

NRA/UPDF has had 7 chiefs of staff (Okecho, Nanyumba, Cheffe Ali, Kazini, Tolit, Masaba, Angina, Rusoke…Daama, Soga, Hima, Songora, Acholi, Gisu, Teso, Toro) while fighting 14 insurgency groups. Why hasn’t NRM fallen? Why does the replacement of one deceased Chief of Staff cause a government to fall? Why 6 months between Ojok and Opon?

NRA/UPDF has had 7 Army Commanders, one of them is in the opposition, one of them even needed up in Luzira, the first African Army commander to be locked in prison. Why did the government fall? See what happens when Binaisa tries moving Ojok to Algeria..or wherever! So, it is the broken egg that attracts flies.




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