At Basiima House, the Deputy Director, Aronda Nyakairima would retain a photocopy before allowing the original to reach Tinye. The Director Fred Tolit was seen as a Tinye loyalist having worked closely in the field. However, throughout Tinye would be very careful as not to write a reply. During that time Tinye was spending much of his time at his country home in Sembabule. He had dragged the govt to court for having blocked his wish to leave the army. Major Itongwa had started armed rebellion in Buganda and government panicked thinking that somebody else, possibly Tinye was behind him. Aronda initiated an intelligence surveillance squad headed by then Lt Banson Mande to keep watch on Tinye. I WAS WORKING IN ARONDA’S OFFICE AS HIS SECRETARY AND I WAS THE CUSTODIAN OF THE TINYE FILE.

When Tinye won the constitutional petition, government hastily appointed Justice Kanyeihamba to the Supreme Court so as to quash the earlier constitutional court decision.

Having lost the court battle, Tinye kept a low profile and even went to the LDC to do a post graduate bar course. However security surveillance around him remained in place and the army office regarded sympathetic to him were subjected to close scrutiny.

After seemingly mending fences with M7, Tinye was brought back on board but not anywhere close to active military service. Both Tinye and Museveni knew that they were fooling each other. Following the 2001 elections, former Kampala Mayor Sebagala had threated to moblise the masses for demonstrations in Kampala. Its Tinye whom Museveni blessed to secretly meet Sebagala at the laters residence in Bugolobi and a deal was struck to call off the demos.

During some of the Besigye fracases, Tinye was close to the CMI, Noble Mayombo. During the Entebbe airport Besigye fracas, Tinye, seated in Mayombo’s office picked a phone and ordered then Capt Kayanja Muhanga (brother to Andrew Mwenda) who was at the airport thus “KAYANJA JUST TIE UP BESIGYE AND DRIVE HIM AWAY”. Within the intelligence community the belief was that it is not that Tinye did not approve of Besigye’s actions or supported the system, but because Besigye was attempting to jump the presidential que. The system believes that Tinye has always harboured presidential ambitions and the only way to contain him is to keep him in the army but militarily innactive.

Both Museveni and Tinyefuza very well know that the later’s appointment as coordinator of intelligence services was meant to the later. Both ISO and ESO are under the Minister of security in the President’s office, CMI is under the CDF, police intelligence unit is under the IGP and the other quash intelligence units like State House have their own heads. The heads of ll these agencies can directly report to the president. For effective coordination and utilisation of intelligence, Tinye should have been under the President’s office and the recipient of all intelligence from all the above agencies for onward transmission to the president. Instead, Tinye has been a subject of coordinated monitoring by all the agencies.

Therefore the alleged assassination plot is just another hoax. Tinye can’t belong in the same camp with Aronda, Mbabazi and Kaihura. The other three are the main architects of Museveni’s designs and cannot oppose the Muhoozi project. The Muhoozi project itself does not exist bse Museveni has no intention of relinquishing the Presidency. Maybe building a pro Muhoozi army that will protect the father and his presidential heir in the far future.

The heat generated by the letter, the arrests, searches, intimidatory public statements are all meant to scare Tinye not to come back. If he indeed fears to come back he will be politically finished. If he comes back his popularity will greatly rise but will be incarcerated and may even loose his life. With that background Museveni feels he can manage Tinye in exile better than if he is in Uganda and close to his power base the military. Museveni must have known that Tinye planned to rise unfavourable issues on trip abroad but he let him go.

It worked for Tanzania’s Nyerere against his rival by popularity Oscar Kambona. He was harassed into exile. Nyerere was informed that Kambona was planning to flee but he simply said ‘let him go’. Indeed Kambona fled, his close associates and family members were harassed with treasonous charges and he died in exile.

Tugume Sam.



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