Iam a former military intelligence operative under CMI. In early 90s I was tasked to guard a Congolese detainee who had fallen sick and was admitted in Mulago Hosipital in Kampala. The congolese, Dr. Kabeya had been a personal Doctor to the President of the Uganda backed RCD-Kisangani militia faction in the DRC. I was convinced that Dr. Kabeya was an incident victim of greed and plunder of resources. I decided to help him to escape, we left together and I now live in exile.

However, using my contacts I have been reliably informed that shortly before the siege, The Monitor intended to publish a more damaging story. Security agencies had hacked a plan to kidnap a one Tugume Sam from exile in Tanzania. Tugume had escaped from detention in Makindye military barracks in 2007. He had earlier been a veteran of Military Intelligence Officer.

The plan was initiated by Uganda’s Ambassador to Burundi, Matayo Kyaligonza and facilitated by a one Jean Marie who is a Burundian and was based in Tanzania. Later, some Uganda embassy staff in both Burundi and Tanzania took up the task before facilitating the agent, Jean Marie’s travel to Kampala. He is a state guest (tel. +256759457546).

The operation leaked but The Monitor reporter Richard Wanambwa disagreed with his bosses over the publishing of the story. In the ensuing disagreement, security agencies got wind of the leakage and had to move fast. Most damaging, the story was supposed to carry extracts of email communications between Internal Security Chief Ronnie Balya and former Military Intelligence Chief James Mugira over the same. This is what Gen. Kaihura alluded to when he stated that “media houses had started intercepting confidential communication between security agencies”.

This explains why the Police did not raid the chambers of Gen. Tinyefuza’s Lawyer for the original copy of the the second and most damaging letter!

David Bogere


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