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Day July 16, 2013

THE FIVE MERITS OF DICTATORSHIP….ARCHIVAL.What I learnt about dictatorship at NCO Academy: The Merits

THE FIVE MERITS OF DICTATORSHIP….ARCHIVAL.What I learnt about dictatorship at NCO Academy: The Merits

1. It means a powerful and efficient government. A heavy hand is put on anti-social and anti-national forces. The conditions of law and order are restored in a short time. The government does not spend time on unnecessary discussions. Promptness in administration can be seen, because things move expeditiously at the behest of the dictator.

2. It assures progress and prosperity of the people by taking quick action. The dictator tries to solve social and economic problems of the people so as to legitimize his iron rule. Political stability is brought about and new plans of social and economic development are implemented with the result that overall development of the country can be taken note of.

3. It recognises the element of quality or merit. It stands on the principle of natural inequality of mankind. The dictator acts with the assumption that only a chosen few have the talent to run the administration of the country. In this way, the lazy and incompetent persons are deprived of the privilege to mess around with power.

4. It enhances glory and prestige of the nation. A weak government cannot protect the honour of the motherland. Dictatorship makes the nation strong. The name of the nation is glorified and a policy of ‘blood and iron’ is pursued by the government to restore the honour of the country. Lost areas are taken back; humiliating treaties are abrogated; enemies of the country are severely dealt with.

5. It can meet the situations of emergencies effectively. Whenever the security and stability of a country is endangered by the conditions of war, external aggression or internal subversion, a dictatorial system works well to meet the problems.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick

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