Uganda’s future is brighter than those in opposition depict

History shows that man is very ingenious, to-date nearly everything Museveni has focused on single mindedly has been achieved or blueprints have been printed. I don’t want you to under estimate your mind or the minds of many more in Uganda. A leader can only lead those who agree with him or only if he has the majority supporting him. The President can have the best plans ever but if no one benefits from his plan they can’t be. The President came to power because enough people supported him since they needed change and to many being able to sleep at night was enough, “Kasita twebaka kutulo” and so is his longevity in power.

Take a few minutes everyday to focus on another way, a non violent way, a way that is inclusive and non tribunal, a way springing from the facts of today as they are and not embedded in the past stories. I bet two things will happen, you will be scared because your conclusion will create a better Uganda that you might not enjoy for the longest because the way might be longer than you want and secondly you will think that nobody else has such dreams.

Yes it can happen, many know it can happen, but the voices of those preaching violence and aggressive change are louder than those that are mellow in reasoning and brood results the natural way. The focus is on one man, our President. The focus should be on a country that has a system that is inclusive, audit-able, involving full participation of the population and not based on personalities.

Uganda’s future is brighter than those in opposition depict, we all know what happens in Mulago, we all know about the potholes in the Roads, but tomorrows State of the Republic does not depend on yesterdays actions, but on the brighter visions and ideas that are in the minds of the Facebook generations and those who chose to focus on the good even when its dismal, and believe me, there is a lot of good out there, if you focus on that. There many good government employees, many good soldiers, many good people that voted for NRM, many potential presidential candidates, many good scientists and sports players, many good police officers, many good voices in parliament and elsewhere that have revolutionary ideas, and yes we are better of than twenty years ago.

We will never get there and this everyone should know, every government that comes after this 200 hundred years from now will not have a perfect system because human desires change with change, he who begged for a bicycle two years ago saying that if he got one his world will be better needs a car today, and that’s okay but as long as we think about change as destroying everything we have achieved up to now through destructive ways hoping to build from scratch with no idea of where we will get the funds to do so is the focus of each and every opposition group leader, we are doomed to having every new building we see in town blown away, and the blood that flowed on the streets of Kampala in past confrontations will flow again and more poisonous histories will be created for generations to come.

One day, voices of good, voices of hope will gain the momentum and our country will embress change with no fear, and changing leadership will be like a sport where those who lost today will shake hands with the winners, and look forward to meeting again four years after with the whole country fully supporting all and embracing them with love.

“We can turn our political world, into a sports world, that we all love Yes we can.”

That is the same reason some of us advise the opposition parties to work more at getting more members in parliament other than being duped by their leaders who are using them to get the presidential seat. I believe you know that major laws that govern the country are made through parliament so it shows the importance.
However my main point is that our Lord Mayor should have known what was in the KCCA Act. and if he did then he should have known how much power he will have as the Lord Mayor before he ran for that post. What I believe duped him was the support he got as he was campaigning on the DP front and when he failed that end the next easily high chair he could get into was the Lord Mayor chair. If you take your time to check out my past analysis of the same on this forum you will find that he actually could have turned this ceremonial post to his greatest advantage if he had chosen an easier route. I hope he gets what he wants.

Another point is that when laws are made in Parliament they are meant to cover a wide range of issues and it is nearly impossible to address all situations that will come up in the future, same reason why most of them are ambiguous enough and depending on how one dices them different conclusions can be made. If you agree with this point then you have to agree that the court is the way to go when situations like these appear, there is still room to tweak this Acts howbeit not on the Major backbone reasons why they were passed, which brings me back to the point being that this Act was crafted by the Presidential office to take back all the powers of managing the city from KCC as we knew it hence a change in the status quo. This essentially means that if the Lord Mayor and his team want to go back to the good old days of KCC as it was bending or changing the KCCA Act. a futile plan.

The issue, is that the President is not the problem, he is the problem only if he is the focus. The President believe him or not wants better for the country and I personally I am glad he came 25 years ago because I remember what Uganda was the fear we had then. By making him the focus of change, we also create the reverse of everyone who is benefiting from this government to resisting change because we promise them that when change come they will be put in jail, send to international courts, and we promise to replicate what President Idi Amin(R.I.P) did with the our Indian brothers and sisters. For masses in the current government the opposition is preaching destruction. The Presidents natural clock is ticking faster than it was 25 years ago, he can’t do as many push ups as he did 25 years ago neither can he craw under barbed wires, and I don’t think he can last 2 minutes playing chess with Gary Kasparov as he probably would have done 25 years ago. Our President is not Uganda’s biggest problem, i put the good doctor Kiiza Besigye, his Holiness Olara Otunnu, Hon. Beti Kamya ( Wharaup yo!) and my good friend Hon. Norbert Mao a head of the President if I had to make a list, my reasoning being that those who are supposed to give us a better vision are just poisoning our minds.

Dr.Eddie Kayondo, M.D.
UAH Member in USA


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