Linah was apparently brought to the UK by David

Linah was apparently brought to the UK by David

Many times we have been discussing stress and how severe it can affect someone in diaspora if s/he doesnt seek medical attention. Stress can destroy your future,can even kill you. What David Kikaawa did was a result of collective combined stress. You could tell from the way he was drinking and partying.

Many people think alcohol is a stress reliever but scientific facts say alcohol worsens stress.I urge my dear brothers and sisters in diaspora with stress to seek medical advise because its provided free of charge. There are so many disgruntled men/women who brought their partners from Ug living in fear of loosing them just like Kikaawa did but hoping things will get better. Living in fear triggers stress faster.

The child that is now an orphan and needs looking after

The child that is now an orphan and needs looking after

People in the Diaspora drink a lot and they believe is cool.The worst Thing is they even Abandon Religion which is the best Stress reliever. people always ignore the fact that stress is a mental disability.We should learn to control anger and to also seek counseling and advice. Some pple think if they don’t tok about their problems, kijja kugwa.In the UK where the woman carries more weight than the dude , Linah involved the authorities when it turned violent & David just lost the plot.

One sign of a person who can do what Kikaawa did is living in denial,Its only people in medical line and those who have personally experienced the severity of stress that understand what Kikaawa went through,The rest think he is just a murderer and so one..I personally think he was sick..I condemn the act becoz he would have prevented it by treating stress but not avoiding it like many of you think. Stress can make one worthless.david murder3

David was living at Palmerston Rd before he moved out of the house two weeks ago! But he wasn’t on drugs and he has been saying this all the time( killing his wife), and all thought was a joke of being jealous. The man was stressed about something and needed help.It’s very common for women to seek medical help unlike men who live in denial and suffer in silence.

It’s very difficult to convince people living in Uganda and have never been abroad that stress needs medical attention, and u can’t blame them because they dont understand what Diasporas go through, but we just have to keep trying. Education is the key.I’ve heard so many people saying “they didn’t know what stress/depression was until they came to the diaspora”and that’s true. Diaspora stress is a big time silent killer!! Stress is a very big problem which needs to be addressed before it reaches a stage of no return that is total mental disorder. Bcoz in that stage the victim cannot help himself out!

So my advice is to talk to a friend or communicate maturely with an understanding person if you are stressed.Stress is a common dish in Diaspora, even bills cause it, train leaving you in winter causes stress but learning that there is no situation u cant over come may be the only remedy. That’s why i like Denmark all this stress Medical help is free. Everything there is free.

May their souls R.I.P. let’s continue praying for their innocent daughter coz her life is completely doomed!!!My heart is bleeding for the traumatized orphan i wish Dave had thought deeper just for the sake of this little angel may God surround her with the most caring relatives and friends and bless her with a good future Ameen



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  1. Reading this obviously sad news from here, I still don’t get the entire story. There is more emphasis on ‘stress’ than what actually happened. Of course, one gets an idea that a murder took place and that both the man and wife died. Were they murdered? And how does ‘stress’ relate to this tragedy?
    I am sincerely saddened by this tragedy and their little daughter, orphaned at such a young age. May their souls rest in eternal peace and may their little Angel be blessed always.
    BJ. Rubin.

  2. virus,

    lets that be alesson to us most especially lets be faithful

  3. irene,

    @jnnyrubin, the guy broke into his ex-wife’s place and strangled + stabbed her to death, later there were rumors of him committing suicide but they were false. Apparently he surrendered himself and is claiming a mental disorder! Their 3 year old was found by neighbours crying by the moms dead body!!!! its a pity! God bless this innocent child and may the mom RIP!

  4. Irene, Thank you very much for this information. Surely there is a lot to be learned from this tragedy. However, this is not the first time such has happened. Such cases are many and not only among Ugandans. However, when such a tragedy occurs and you realize it is about fellow Ugandans, you may feel more touched and that’s what happens to me. Some time ago I read about a Ugandan man who killed his wife for wanting to live in Copenhagen, Denmark. The couple lived in Malmo, Sweden, but the wife wanted to live in Copenhagen. It is a pity that this has happened again by fellow Ugandans.

  5. muganda belle,

    With due respect, the writer is deluded in thinking that this was a case of stress. I say, this was a domestic violence situation. David must have been an angry and possibly insecure man who thought the only way to solve his problems was to inflict untold violence on his ex wife. He was the aggressor. I have to sympathy for him. whatever she did, she did not deserve to die the way she did. And what about her little girl? Did she deserve to witness the cruelty inflicted on her mom and the deprivation of a loving mom?

  6. king william,

    guys -its not only hard to work out understanding what caused this sad occurrence but also very sad that David took it this far-and may Linahs soul rest in peace -I am aware of a couple of close talking mates in similar situations heading towards broken relationships and believe/not being overseas building a family, creating a home against all other odds in this diverse communities aboard is a painful hard and slow process- it does not justify any extreme actions when things go wrong but honestly triggers demons in side people .
    -and believe me stress more times sounds like an understatement -in the mist of this tragedy in east London i will not mention names but our sisters in and around the boroughs of London are continuously choosing to develop the western norms ( we have all heard this word -WHAT EVA ) b4 Deeping OUR SELVES IN STRESS CLINICS compromising to protect the values of OUR FAMILIES IS A MUST. we are still trying to get to terms with all this but wow lets pray for the little girl.

  7. A heart wrenching situation. She’ll be ok [GOD has a special relationship with orphans] If you would, please share any details for a fundraiser and/or how to get help to her.

    Can you also PLEASE take down or blur her picture? [… if you need help doing that, let me know. She’ll thank you someday for it] One doesn’t want her life to be defined by this dark season she’s going through.

    She is the primary focus now. She’s young and can someday have a full life.

    There’s time enough in the future, for those interested, to kvetch about stress and whatever led to this. Idle talk. Not my concern. Only concern is, what next steps can we take to be there for her immediately?

    A bank account can be established to take donations! Often times, the Bank will also match donations and with global exposure, the right people can be engaged to see this baby through this time.

    To give the issue visibility, there are immediate steps we can take to help. I’m copying this to Facebook.

  8. paula,

    stop making up stories da monster kikaawa is alive..his just a dog,y being jealous??the devil is working in him..so stop being sorry for the dog

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