police quarters at Kasese

police quarters at Kasese

Between 1981 & 1985 there was a very powerful minister of internal affairs, Dr. John Luwuliza-Kirunda (one of the best trained gyns and obs consultants and was cousin of Ali Muwabe Kirunda Kivejinjja- u can ask around). He decreed that one of the 4 lifts at Crested Towers was for his exclusive use even when he was out of the country. No one dared question him (he had pre-signed detention orders and all one need was to insert a name and voila- u r incarcerated).

UPC’s Kirunda one time went for a workshop at hotel triangle -Jinja. He arrived late when all the rooms were taken. He went to the counter and asked for the guests register. He saw Tito Okello’s name. He told the receptionist ” how can u allow this bush monger to sleep like a human being am taking over his room these fellows are meant to stay n sleep in the bush not in hotels like us”.

Kirunda detained over 2000 political dissidents without bail between 1981-1985.He passed away like 2 years ago in exile in Zimbabwe.He remained true to his party up to the end. He couldn’t have returned alive- he stuffed drums of cooking oil with acid when he was fleeing in 85 and dozens of people (neighbor and relations) died when they helped themselves to the booty.

I also heard that he one time ordered for the public address system to be brought to where he was seated during a rally instead of him going to the podium.They had to disassemble and assemble the whole system just for this gentleman. He was also a relative of Shaban Nkutu.The Mwandha’s too are their relatives.

Fast forward- 2013, a newly appointed Internal affairs minister decrees that the upper gate at the ministry is to be used by him and his PS and we lesser mortals who voted his CIC should be crammed through the much smaller an inconveniencing lower gate!!!

If anybody is doubting that Gen.Minister of Internal Affairs, Nyakai, gave those orders, ask those who attended the hand function in the board room. They will tell you everything.

Kakinzi Police post in Luweero District. This, and several police posts in the area operate without sanitary facilities

Kakinzi Police post in Luweero District. This, and several police posts in the area operate without sanitary facilities

Amazes me how Ministers sometimes act like prefects in Primary school……..Indeed military men have no place in modern/democracy politics!We are going backwards. We shall get that point in time when Mr. Museveni’s idea of shooting each other was amongst the sensible things to do.When a man is used to a foot path and suddenly you make a Muram road for him, expect trouble. I gather, even commissioners have to park outside! Who will pay when the street boys snatch of the side mirrors etc?

There is another army guy who enters a super market and his guards seal off the entrance until he is done with shopping. I love the Kahinda Otafire style, the guy goes shopping to a supermarket and u can even not think he is a minister; he even waits at the entrance when the lift is full.

I also read about one Dr.Ochola Latigo who in1986, was the General Manager of the now defunct Uganda Airline,, ordered the recall of a plane which had been airborne more than 30 minutes back to the ground. The plane was destined for Dubai in the United Emirates when it was recalled back to Entebbe airport.

A wise evangelist who went to be with the Lord some years back called Leonard Ravenhill once said, ‘The thing about learning from history is that we never learn from history.

I am inclined to agree with Mzee Yoweri K. Museveni that he could be the only one with a vision in the NRM. U have a newly appointed Minister-Internal Affairs, whose first day in office is marked by issuing threats to derail the democratisation process rather than confronting the challenges in the ministry such as porous borders, undocumented immigrants, easing of passport acquisition for citizens, correctional and pennitentially reforms (read prison services) etc! Why are suppossedly intelligent Ugandans drawn to goofing?

police is in a dilapidated state(as confirmed by General Kayihura yesterday under those Kasese police post photos); people take years processing passports,policemen have not been paid for three months, teachers are now an internal security threat as they have started stealing to survive. BUT the first thing that comes top of his agenda is STOP THE OPPOSITION? Parliament really created a monster.

UPDF is under SFG, SFG is under Brigadier Muhoozi Kaneiruguba who is under M7 hence the only Ugandan with Vision! Don’t be surprised should the defence jet fighters purchased using your money be used to fight your children if not you & your brothers, sisters & parents-Libyans know it too well!

The constitution has been overthrown and we are being governed by martial law. Well, they say that vision is also about sense of judgement. If you have a vision, you are going to appoint the right people. The whole thing about vision is inspiring or infecting your team with it. So, i doubt whether a one-man vision is no vision. It is solipsism (to use a philosophical term].



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