If the constitution is not protecting our rights, Let’s ignore it starting with the POM Law!

The Magna Carta (1215), a.k.a The great charter, is actually the mother of all constitutions. In the magna carta, the Kings (England) subjects forced a document (Agreement) on the King limiting the power of the King; The document forced the King to proclaim rights of subjects and and accept that his powers had a limit.

The most important input of Magna Carta was the principal of No Taxation without representation which was to form the basis for the American civil war. The principal of no taxation without representation was the rallying call for the America war of independence against their colonial masters, the British. In 1649, King Charles I was beheaded for being a traitor and violating the constitutions of the Kingdom- the magna carta (So much for those claiming Britain has no constitution)

The French revolution, credited for the revolutionizing governance and democracy, also owed their ideological back ground to this document.

As expected, the King of England declared this document unworkable and banned it, but the ideas were out of the bottle and could not be bottled again. Several thousands of Royal and Quasi Royal necks later, Constitutions are established documents FOR LIMITING THE POWERS OF THE RULERS AND PROCLAIMING RIGHTS OF CITIZENS.

Our rulers would have us believe that the Constitution is an instrument to rule us, and they have proceeded to delete, dilute, ignore, amend all those provisions that protect citizens from the excesses of rulers and they have highlighted and strengthened those provisions that curtail the liberties of citizens in the constitution.

IF CONSTITUTION OF UGANDA PROVES INCAPABLE OF GUARANTEEING THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS, THEN IT WILL BE USELESS AND DESERVES TO BE IGNORED. Why would any Ugandan respect the Public Order Management Bill that was passed yesterday? It is tampering with our natural rights.I have so far seen over 10 damaging international headlines, and are all about this law.

At one time in the Soviet Union, a KGB agent ran berserk and went shouting on the streets of Moscow, “Nikita Khrushchev (ex towering leader of the Communist Party) is stupid, Khrushchev is stupid” such an abomination against a towering figure! He was charged with revealing a state secret under the Official Secrets Act!!!!

Actually our official secrets act does not apply to persons not in the employment of Government unless that person is an agent of a foreign power!!I have reread the Official Secrets Act and see nowhere one can be brought under its operation for possessing a state document if one is a civilian not working with the government of Uganda!!!

Wait a moment!Is the Muhozi project an official secret? No wonder government wants to start monitoring social media, hehehehe…………Anyway power belongs to the people but they cant have access to state secrets?What is a state secret?




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  1. mageni George,

    I wanted to appreciate the Inspector General of police for transferring the out going D PC Budaka and now the wound left is that of the CID section with in the District for they behave like sheep in the flock yet they are real hypocrites to the safety of the local people and any other person may not notice their cannibalism only if unveiled to you.I recommend transfers of the CID section for most of them are over lived at station hence the assimilation.

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