DSTV-UG, Don’t Fool The Public To That Extent—Your Advert Is So Misleading & Confusing.

Hearing your advert On FM Radio Stations and reading it in the Papers, One might be persuaded to board the nearest available bus from Kyanamukaka in Masaka Or Namakwekwe in Mbale to Come to Kampala and buy a DSTV Hard Ware (Dish, Decoder, Remote & Other Accessories) at 169,000UGX Only,but this Is however not the Case. On Top of 169,000 UGX, there are other conditions that one must fulfill first in the names of “Terms & Conditions”.

Contrary to what the advert says, below find what one needs to Part with in order for him/her to access the Service and this varies depending on the package that one would wish to have. So for some of you, who thought that you just need to part with what is mentioned in the advert, Muswadde

005). Premium Package:
Hard Ware (Decoder, Dish, Remote Etc): 169,000UGX
Subscription Fee (One Month Mandatory): 215,000UGX
Installation Fee (Its standard): 60,000UGX

Total: 444,000UGX

004). Compact Plus Package:
Hard Ware (Decoder, Dish, Remote Etc): 208,000UGX
Subscription Fee (One Month Mandatory): 137,000UGX
Installation Fee (Its standard): 60,000UGX

Total: 405,000UGX

003). Compact Package:
Hard Ware (Decoder, Dish, Remote Etc): 241,000UGX
Subscription Fee (One Month Mandatory): 85,000UGX
Installation Fee (Its standard): 60,000UGX

Total: 386,000UGX

002). Family Package:
Hard Ware (Decoder, Dish, Remote Etc): 250,000UGX
Subscription Fee (One Month Mandatory): 55,000UGX
Installation Fee (Its standard): 60,000UGX

Total: 365,000UGX

001). Access Package:
Hard Ware (Decoder, Dish, Remote Etc): 268,000UGX
Subscription Fee (One Month Mandatory): 27,000UGX
Installation Fee (Its standard): 60,000UGX

Total: 355,000UGX

What’s more hurting is that during this period of the Promotion, They cannot sell out the hardware Only———–Shame Upon You!!

I wonder where Uganda Communications Commission & National Bureau Of Standards are!! Conclusively, I want to be understood vividly that my issue isn’t the Terms & Conditions—-For that we are used but It’s rather on the content And wording of the advert and its nature

Marketing is Absolutely Ok And allowed as long as it is done within the confines and that’s why am wondering and scratching my head as to where Institutions Like UCC & NBS are because this is actually not marketing but rather exploitation. Why don’t they give people the Liberty Of Choosing, Buying And Taking What They Want & Can Afford???

Again why should they subject one to paying 60,0000ugx for installation now when a month back, even at 25,000ugx, the same Hard Ware could be installed????

It’s really bogus, they shouldn’t use the advantage of Digital Migration to exploit the less Privileged.



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  1. Sure I was coming to buy the DSTV today but if it is so then it is a bad deal

  2. Odongo Joseph,

    I have even known more about DSTV from this gentleman and not from the advert. Cheers to you.

  3. Iwas coming to buy idecided to call on their number which were not answerd.so that’s their deal you’ve noted us.ismael ssebuliba of kiboga.

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