The traditional leader of Bugerere is not Ssaabanyala, and Dan Muliika has got ‘ennugu’!

Forumists, Buluuli covers both south and north of river Kafu. A meaningful Buluuli should be seeking autonomy from both Bunyoro and Buganda and a reunion.Secondly, the traditional leader of Buluuli was Princess Nang’oma or Nyangoma. One should lead the rise and fall of present Nang’oma.

As for Bugerere, l would like to know whether late Mzee Biridard Muwonge, a staunch UPC chairperson was a Munyala, and the Banyara percentage in Bugerere.Banyala also produced a Buganda Katikkiro, Nsibirwa.The traditional leader of Bugerere is not Ssaabanyala. However under a federal arrangement and if a Regional Government is put in place, the people of Buluuli and Bugerere will elect their own representatives to Buganda Regional Assembly at Bulange, and their interests will be catered for.

By the way, Kyeyune , one of Baganda nationalists that attempted to assassinate Obote from luzira in 1967 or 1968, was Bugerere’s royal family. His junior brother is Dr. Kolo Kolo now in France. You can see the high degree of integration.

The Kabaka should also be magnanimous and recognize Bnayala as one of the clans in Buganda, he shouod do the same with Baluuli clans ( l disagree with what they call hundreds of their clans, these can be integrated).

The Abengabi Emmooli clan’s status should be restored as it was the case by 1900. All these new clans’ heads will be members of the Council of Baganda clan leaders. Even Nubians should be made a clan, if it is their wish.

But with a growing number of immigrants, Baluuli-Baganda love hate relationship may be meaningless, the same with Banyala, if it is ever there and not politically artificial, and for Bamooli unless they agitate as Bannabwera (most of Bannabwera are well integrated in Buganda) they will end up as Bahinda, who have failed to mobilise Banyankore clans.’

Former Buganda Katikkiro Dan Muliika believes the recent memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Buganda and President Museveni is all but illegal since it drags the Kabaka into partisan politics.

But Muliika is suffering from “ennugu” for his brief term achieved nothing for Buganda. He should retire with his friend Olara Otunnu and Kizza Besigye and leave young blood like Charles Peter Mayiga to make a positive impact, although it is still a long way.
The 1993 Restoration of EBYAFFE Statute allowed government to go into negotiations with traditional institutions on return of traditional cultural sites, and what was done was within the law.

But l saw that official mailo estates like saza and gombolola land estates were for local administration purposes and not tradition and culture. l pray that a Buganda Government is restored where districts shall relate to the region other than the centre and if it is so, there will be no eviction of local governments by saza and gombolola chiefs, as the same Kabaka’s subjects who paid for building of those bomas, will again pay for building of new ones, as the former are turned into traditional/cultural sites.
Daniel Muliika was an extremist agitator, and had taken the office of katikkiro as personal. Remember his press conference in Masaka which was live on Radio Buddu FM. After that he joined a group that was claiming that Kabaka Ronald mutebi was not a true son of Sir Edward Muteesa.

The only credit for Muliika was fighting for transparency and accountability at Mmengo and he is credited for that. Charles Peter Mayiga has promised the same and let’s wait and see.
Muliika later ganged up with Besigye, Olara Otunnu, etc….and has not left an impact.

Other than being a muganda, lam not part of Mmengo establishment and l don’t know how they operate. But culturally lam part of Baganda clan system.
But what we have is almost what we had after Prince Ronnie mutebi was installed Ssaabataka/Kabaka in 1971. The traditional/cultural part of it, the political/administrative part of it is still wanting.

l think there is an attempt to turn our Kabaka into an Aga Khan which is not acceptable. What is required is to restore a Buganda Government, just like Busioga, Bukedi, Bugisu, Sebei, Ankole, Kigezi, Bunyoro, Tooro, Acholi, Lango, West Nle, Madi and Karamojja governments and put in place Rwenzoori regional government. In monarchic areas those will be Kabaka’s of Omukama’s Government as it were, and districts must be under them, and there will no eviction or double expenditure. However we lost sovereignty in December 1890 and we chose to be part of Uganda on October 9th 1962. But, like the rest of the country, we should enjoy some autonomy.
Aga khan is a spiritual and cultural leader. The Kabaka used to be a CHIEF PRIEST (SSAALONGO KINENEBATENDA or Kinnene kya Wanga) but that ended with the coming of Islam and Christianity.

Remember, we have “Kabaka w’amayembe” who was crowned side by side with Kabaka Ronnie Muwemba Mutebi ll in April 1971. He used to live at Lubaga gombolola headquarters, and was a regular visitor at our reunion at Kibulala at the last weekend of August. (By the way the President, during the bush war, took our spear from Kibulala Royal Tombs, which he has never returned). Protestantiosm or Anglicanism is UK’s State Religion (but our Bukedde Deputy Editor , Michael Mukasa Sswebbowa, who trained in UK, some time back, said that Roman Catholicism is now the majority religion in the British Issles) and Islam is the state religion in Saudi Arabia. But in Buganda, Lubaalism or African Traditional Religion is neither the official nor the majority religion in the kingdom.




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  1. Edmund Lubega,

    Not a bad article. My only disagreement is on how the writer disses Dan Muliika a man of great integrity as witnessed by his non corrupt style of leadership.

  2. Dr G.H. Kkolokolo,

    Mr A. Katerega Musaazi,
    Yes I’ve gone thru your posting. As far as I’m personally concerned I’d like to bring to your attention these two technical points concerning me.

    One, please kindly write my name as KKOLOKOLO and not as KOLO KOLO.
    I’d advise you to refer to my postings to help you spell it out correctly.

    Two, my late brother Capt Andrew Kyeyune was my junior brother. He was just a year only younger then me. After his O-Levels at St Leo’s College Kyegobe
    (Fort Portal) he immediately joined the army while I was being admitted at
    St Mary’s College Kisubi for my HSC. The forces had a lot of privileges for young
    Cambridge School Certificate holders, so he quickly rose in rank to become captain, with a good salary, etc while I was just a simple HSC student. And this is what has always given the impression that he was my elder brother, which isn’t at all correct! He was my junior brother.

    I hope these items will be of full use to you in any future writing just as they will indeed be helpful to me. Thank you!


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