Thanks for welcoming me back although Abbey Semuwemba knew I had not fully abandoned you great Ugandans(The young man has a way of binding us together!!) I just tend to busy myself up and sometimes out. There is this non- resting American spirit of chasing air, so called great American dream(call it extreme competition for survival, may be fast paced America, etc, but it is bothersome) But again, I am here now to debate with you.

OK, surely Rwakasisi may not be a hero in Bushenyi where the party politics have been played on religious foundation. UPC for protestants and DP for Catholics.He of is an Anglican faith (pro) and yet the Catholics are more in number, probably more than the protestants and Muslims combined.If kony is real, then we shall never blame him for what he did but instead blame those that have been hunting him down. Why should you blame Rwakasisi who was hunting down Museveni and group, the rebels that were terrorizing Uganda then,moreover in the city surburbs. Do you know that Rwanda, Congo, sudan, Kenya have all enjoyed our Ugandan mundane blood baths because of Museveni? Shouldn’t Rwakasisi have done what he did to stop such a criminal? Since he failed to capture the rebel don’t you clearly see the repucursions in Uganda and our neighborhood? Why don’t you respect men and women of vision? Rwak- is a real Ugandan and a long time true nationalist. I salute him just like many people in Uganda would as long as they have the ability to discern the truth from lies and also having the ability to mount their vision on an anthill that is not common ground for treading. We need philosophers on this forum!!!!!

Why do people accuse UPC of killing people and exonerate Museveni and his Banyarwanda bandits that waged war on us, would kill your people and come lie to you the next day, you fed them, slept with them, and then now turn around and say UPC did it. Weren’t prominent Baganda like Samson Kisseka, Muwenda Mutebi, Cardinal Nsubuga etc, supporting and financing Museveni? Did he not go to war when we were still grieving the war losses of 1979? Did he not terrorize Buganda for 6 years, killed Luwerians and you still applauded him up to the present?

As for NRM in Bushenyi, it seems Catholics claimed its strength more than the protestants, as you can see how arrogantly confident Saverino Otafiire is , Tarasisiyo Kabwegyere is crowned, and of course among the protestants there are faithful servants or slaves, notably Okurut Karoro who covers crime in her annoying writings to reap from NRM, Richard Nduhura and the recent NRM rebel, Amanya Mushega.There are protestants who feel they must sell their professionalism to any political party for they either feel indispensable or the society deems them so, and Professor E.Kamuntu is one of them. For the rest, I need not say much for just the mentioned are my core home chaps.

As for federalism, I strongly support it, and I was so thrilled a few days ago when I learnt my home dispensary in Bushenyi district which was opened by the Ankole secretary, Mr. Bananuka(RIP) when I was a very little girl has been upgraded and some surgical procedures can be done there(has electricity at last) I even felt I could go around soliciting AID for it from the US, but I need to get more information about it, and when I go home this summer I want to visit it, take pictures, and surely feel at home there. And may be one day it will be expanded into a hospital, and that would be fantastic.

With federalism, some of us would remain in our homes, sending our children to near by schools we have constructed ourselves, attend churches with our people, advise and encourage people we know and connect with in our home communities, and the grow together economically as we combine forces, in thought or even practically.

I surely find it very, very great that in America people live in their childhood homes for generations, study, go to church or mosque and work in their local communities for the rest of their lives! Then I ponder on how many times I have formed homes away from home,and yet none is home mainly for search of an education, employment and the inevitable pains, risks and loss of money as well as roots that go with this wandering about.

Those who enjoy the federal system of life and governance have their internal set of rules that form a nice subset of the bigger federal father laws that encompass all the federal regions and are really happy. Sometimes I wonder when we all shall stop flocking to Kampala seeking to study in your grandfather’s school at Budo, which seems to be an eye sore for some ugly Ugandans setting it ablaze recently or looking for jobs at Mulago, Makerere, Entebbe, BOU etc. Looking for cheap and yet unsafe housing in Kampala, going to buy food in the markets when one would be picking matooke from their banana plantantion in Bushenyi or Obumonde (kigezi potatoes) from their own gardens.

As I grow older, I see the numerous advantages of federalism, how much it would increase on our regional economic development, scientific and cultural innovations as well as improving on the mutual respect for our different ethnic backgrounds for we all need one another. As for the country staying together yet under a federal system, we would have to adopt the American style of a unitary government,yet federal in nature where talent is tapped into through debates, personal achievement,good citizenship and responsibility and having a well trained police and army,navy forces that are well paid or catered for . We must enforce cultural rules and values such as one man one wife, so that we streamline family structure and responsibilities. Condemning rapists, child sacrificers/murders to firing squad would also probably depend on each federal region or state. (they deserve it) People would still be allowed to live where they want to but again such people would have to conform to the rules and laws within the federal region they go to, such as property taxes, carrying a driver’s licence or Id of that area etc.

I would say no one in Uganda is probably more ready for federalism than me, even when I know my home region, Bushenyi, does not have the natural resources that other regions have such as the rich alluvial soils of Toro, the Fossil Fuel of Bunyoro, The Great lake of Buganda and Busoga. Natural resources would be an added advantage,but can be ignored for the greater good. We still can capitalize on brain development and export man power within home regions or abroad and still earn big from monetary remittances. The benefits of federalism do not only limit themselves to one’s home pride but can be cosmopolitan, through export of man power. Residents of any federal state will get the right medical attention, education they deserve. It is easly to identify problems, solve them under federalism. Mwaana wagundi amanyi mwaana wagundi or so and so has migrated into the region, and is documented.As Simple as that.

All federal states/regions must be bound by an irrevocable constitution though, unless they all decide otherwise.

Jeniffer Biri
Originally from Bushenyi but living in NewYork



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  1. Byaruhanga Rukooko,

    Dear Ugandans at Heart,

    Have you also been bought by the powers that be? How come you are too quiet; quieter than s(forgive the word)? Your features/reports were always on spot. Now what happened?  

    Why can’t Museveni be impeached if, indeed, as you suggest, what Tinyefuuza said was true? Where are you? Did he kill Kazini, Mayombo, Kayira, Nebanda? Eeh?

    Say something!


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