Former UFM soldier in London has said that NRM started the murders before UPC/UNLA did in 1980s and promises Akandoya to Ofwono Opondo

I put it to you that NRA started the massacres. I can justify my claim with one example. In 1982, in a place called Lwanyonyi on Jinja road, before reaching a small town called Mbalala on Mukono -Jinja road, NRA ambushed 18 trailers which belonged to Coffee Marketing Board and they were transporting coffee beans to Mombasa. They killed all the track-drivers and then set fire on the tracks. The NRA muderers disappeared and by the time UNLA came to scene, it was filled with the smell of death.

A man that hosted the NRA thugs is called Lutaya and he is still alive. NRA committed these crimes and many more unprovoked.

Matayo Kyaligonza headed the NRA urban terrorism unit. He hurled grenades on un-armed civilians, he planted landmines in roads and his targets were civilians. Pecos Kuteesa also bragged about these crimes recently as well.

They also ambushed the Owinyi Kibul bus on Kampala- Gulu road and you killed students who were going back to school. Nobody provoked you into committing such a heinous crime.

Opondo Ofwono came to Mukono recently and he has no idea what the situation was in the very area that he lives in. UFM operated all around that area and sometimes spent a night in Ziribaggwa’s compound but no dead bodies were ever found around there.

Next door to Ofwono’s house, lived a man called Odema who was the UPC chairman for his village, he mistreated people but no UFM soldier ever thought of killing him.

But for Ofwono, he has been harassing people during elections at Ham Mukasa Memorial Ground. He goes around wielding his revolver and killing mere suspected thieves yet he is a thieve himself.

But Opondo, I know him, and a few months ago I sat with him at a bar near Shell- station in Mukono. He was arguing with me and I looked at him with a nasty look but he never suspected that he was talking to a man who will one day I’nsha Allah’ see him go down the with sewage. I can’t wait to one day to tie Ofwono Opondo aKandoya and make him match to the temple of justice.

He is justifying the NRA murders and even the NRA murders of Late Andrew Kayiira and the UFM/A soldiers who they exterminated in trailer wagons. He is here justifying the Mukula massacres and many more.

As I always put it, lack of critical reasoning is the problem of Banyarwanda both in Uganda and Rwanda.

How can one reason that because although Rwandese were happy in Uganda, it was a home far away from home?

It takes just about 8 hours to drive from Kampala to Kigali. Many Ugandan business men used to travel to and from Kigali without any problem.

Why on earth did they think that using force was the best way forward?

Many of so called Rwandes returned to Uganda by 1995. Right now, all the RPF officers do still have both Ugandan and Rwandese citizenship. Every Friday, these politicians come and spend the weekend in Kampala. They have properties and relatives in Uganda and they are only using Rwanda for Kyeyo purposes.

It is shame that you killed innocent people in Rwanda simply simply because you could not quench your thirst for power.

Greed, sarcasm and lust for power and dominance drove you into committing genocide both in Rwanda and Congo and now you are regretting.

NRM went into Luwero claiming that your votes were stolen during the 1980 elections and when you captured Kampala, you turned your guns to UFM soldiers , the Kayiira himself, then to the innocent people of Rwanda, then to the innocent people of Congo.

Social worker, businessman and a member of UAH in LONDON


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  1. Herbert, I want to add that Sejusa who was among the killers and chief of military intelligence for M7 for years is now confessing in details of their atrocities or massacres in Uganda. You know what the chickens have come home to roost. In addition, you forgot to mention the Mukura massacre in Teso and the northern Uganda massacres in general…

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