If a Munyankole woman marries a Muganda man, she will be despised for marrying into a thieving tribe(culture)

Step brothers /sisters do not mean much in that jealous and tribalist part of Uganda, Ankole. Amanya Mushega’s step brother, Baraam, was gunned down in a home club in Bushenyi and this man was in an NRA uniform……. Steps in Ankole, be it, mother, father, sister, brother are an unwanted commodity. Ankole is different from Buganda for example as the latter treasures human life. Steps compete for resources, love from parent, and mostly, we do not steps to take our land if we the first children in the home.

Also remember that any illegitimate child in Ankole is the most disadvantaged child there could possibly be in the world. This is how far the Ankole customs go.

A girl child is equated with how many cows she is worth and once she gets illegal children, she would be killed in the past and these days, she gets thrown out of the house, unless she is from an educated and economically sound family. Backward and callous culture, isn’t it!

Ankole values morals more than human beings and the order is reversed for Buganda and that is why if a Munyankole marries a Muganda woman, he is despised as marrying malaaya (prostitute) .And if it is a Munyankole woman marrying a Muganda man, she will be despised for marrying into a thieving tribe(culture). Besides, it hard for many progressive Banyankole to marry their daughter to families without so much land or having no cows. This is seen as a curse right away. These are stereotypes and I hope I will not be stoned for exposing them- they have up to now held me hostage too for it is difficult for one to run away from cultural forces.
Mary Karooro is for example looked upon as if she is a hermit. She can never win the special respect one would get from the place if she was married by Munyankole. She is a sell out by the fact that she married an outsider. Closely, if you look at her home, they neither had cows nor great agricultural enterprises to attract prominent Banyankole- seen as poor or kirofa( once you are poor in Ankole, we term that “dirt” and your children will find it hard to get suitors unless they elope and that way, you undesirably lose cows and respect.Morals and riches among the Banyankole take precedence.

Late Professor John Baingana Baingi de John died because the bottle became part of his culture at any one time of the day. We hail from the same place, next to Karoroo’s family. One of his children is an MD married to an engineer from Nganwa’s family.

Do Baganda and Ugandans ever think of kuwola enzigu? if so, why can’t they all unite and remove a dictator whose soldiers recently , in Sept. 2009, killed their Baganda as they clamored to have the Kabakka visit Kayunga-or the northerners to reject Museveni completely for treating them like pigs in the camps as he (museveni ) colluded with Kony to continue a useless battle that kept the people in the north on 100%level of apprehension as well as attracting sympathy and money from abroad to feed the dictator’s government and his few corrupted individuals outside his family and friends. When will Ugandans say enough is enough with Museven, Who tells the dark skinned Africans that they are ugly as these Karamojong young girls assert ignorantly?

Do you remember the article that run in New Vision. I think last year where this man- minister, Thembo confessed he was a Congolese refugee in Uganda whose family lived on wild game for years? And the criminal who is also a foreigner like Museveni has guts to criticize/condemn the opposition which is seeking electoral justice?

Jeniffer Biri
Originally from Bushenyi but living in NewYork



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  1. Shafic wasike,

    OMG if this it now where our motherland Uganda heading really this story is so touching

  2. Edmund Lubega,

    What do you mean by step-brother or sister? Many Ugandans use the term incorrectly to mean half-brother / sister. Need clarification

  3. Kairu,

    Some of us are tired of this so called Banyankole having cows, land money etc etc. First and fore most before Museveni came to power who new this tribe?. Now that they have looted the country you find even the ones who push Gadi gadis being proud. All this wealth if anyway it exists was just got in the last 20 yrs. There actually many tribes that had many cows than this caps but thy are the very people who looted other peoples cows.In anyway it is this very tribes from western who vote the man always plus his rigging tactics

  4. Peter Okello Maber,

    What is the purpose of this story if not to reinforce old and dying stereotypes? The writer who lives New York does not know that Uganda is changing and has been changing steadily and that most of these old stereotypes are falling by the wayside. For your information, if you hear the banns of marriage being read in churches these days, you realize that most couples are now marrying across tribes. So Biri, you are still stuck in the past!!!

    If your problem is about removing Museveni from power, please go ahead in that venture politically, but please spare the tribes. Museveni has supporters across all tribes just as he has opponents from all tribes. In fact in Buganda Museveni has been getting over 70% support in every election and tribe has not mattered much. Even Besigye in the past used to get 80% support in the north and tribe was not the issue. Can you please let these tribes blend themselves into a modern Ugandan tribe in which every one is judged by his worth to society but not his/her

  5. Jeniffer Biri, I am glad to read from you again after such a long time. I believe also that posting your views here took you a long consideration. It is, ofcourse healthy to ‘speak’ your mind, especially about such a serious issue that you have presented here and your wish for change.
    Reading about how step-brothers and step-sisters are regarded in Ankole troubles my understanding. A big mistake indeed.
    The last paragraph of your article left me thinking about how we, Ugandans regard each other. If for instance the Minister, Hon. Thembo made a statement ctitical of President Museveni’s treatment of the opposition Leaders, the Members of Parliament or Judiciary, he would not be referred to as a “foreigner”! This is not to suggest that you are wrong since he stated it himself, but the tribal mix in Uganda’s affairs should be the cause for concern.
    Reading Kairu’s response to your article, “Some of us are tired of this so called Banyankole……..” He continues to state, “First and fore most before Museveni came to power who knew this tribe?” When you read such a statement like this one from Kairu, what do you think the people of Uganda outside Ankole have in mind? Unfortunately, whether one comes from Kabale, or anywhere else in Western Uganda, that person is referred to as a “Munyankole”! The mistakes of President Museveni, or the National Resistance Movement are allegedly linked to the “Banyankole”. As shown prior, the people of Western Uganda are presumed to be ‘Banyankole’.
    Having stated as indicated above, the first change that Uganda needs is the change in peoples’ attitude. So, whether President Museveni is, or not a Munyankole, he governs as an individual and not on behalf of the Banyankole. It must also be understood that there are many disappointed people by the ruling NRM in Ankole as there are in Buganda or else where in Uganda. As long as ‘Tribe’ is used to blame or describe the sad situation in Uganda, I am sure that such a voice seeking ‘Redemption’ will be weakened immensely.
    As always, I wish Uganda only the best.
    BJ. Rubin.

  6. migano,

    donot waste ur time u hater…. u ran away from uganda…..u dont know what is happening apart from wat u get from CNNN… ur hate speech is outdated ….there are more intermarriages in uganda than be4. if ur problem is m7 plse make it clear rather than hiding baganda-banyankole affairs.
    ugandans are more concerned about the next meal than ur unfounded and out of touch theory…please next tym be more practical in ur false and outdated theory…

  7. Simon,

    It is saddening that the Author of this article is a Ugandan based in New York USA. She got a chance to mingle in at least a better civilized community than Uganda Africa–New York–where togetherness is emphasized and divisionism is illegalized. She also has one of the most important tool to communicate(writing), but falsely uses it to show her ethnocentric interest to the westerners who read the article, and promote hate and pride among tribes in African communities that are struggling and recovering from the past tribal violence and segregations. I was born and raised in Museven’s regime but i would not approach the president that way though i don’t like him. It is more of a political question than a cultural question. I have failed to figure out the importance of the article because simply i can’t associate “a Munyankole woman marrying a Muganda Man, she will be despised of marrying into a thieving tribe,” and vice versa, with “Why can’t they (Baganda and ugandans) unite and remove the dictator?”
    Ms Biri besides the minor spelling errors, there are others inconsistencies i have found misleading and with no reference Like “… Museveni, who tells the dark skinned Africans that they are ugly as these Karamajong young girls”. You should have done some research about what you wrote and directly show that you are voicing your perception about your culture over other cultures and against one Man M7, than blending in to make it as if you are agonized and being a voice of the society.
    The Article is nice to read but it is missing the coordination and purpose.

  8. Kazoora Dickens,

    Marriage should be made out of Love and not out of tribal favours. We are all one people made of God’s image. I don’t see why politicians should divide us to that extent of hating anyone from da ruling tribe. We should look at tribes as not a factor towards personality development therefore hate no brethren because of a certain physical character.
    For God and my country.

  9. Kazoora Dickens,

    What do you mean by, “…da ruling tribe”?

    By your name, I guess you are a Munyankole. Do you mean to inform us, your readers that you, the Banyankole are the “ruling tribe”?

    I am sure that even President Yoweri K. Museveni would tell you that he does not “rule” on behalf of the Banyankole.

    This kind of thought may corrupt your mind, or even mislead others, especially those who suggested that Kanyamunyu killed a young citizen from Northern Uganda simply because he, Kanyamunyu is a Munyankole.

    If you think that you are from the “ruling tribe”, you’d better correct your thoughts and join your family of Ugandans and not stick yourself in a tribal corner, for what I see, when tomorrow comes, you may be left alone in that corner, for there will not be any tribalist ‘Banyankole’ to team-up with you.

    When tomorrow comes, we shall all join hands as the children of Uganda and all tribalistic-minded people will be no more. We shall have understood better the sad history of our country and the misery we experienced by regarding others by ‘tribe’, instead of realising that we were all the children of one Uganda.

    With this note, I hope that we all shall encourage each other to realise that we are truly one family. We shall then say that Uganda is our home and we are truly, Ugandans At Heart.

    BJ. Rubin.

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