Uganda is the only country that does not own its very domain

Did you know that the domain ”.UG” is owned by an individual kid in United States? Uganda is the only country that does not own its very domain. And yes we talked to Ruhakana Rugunda to buy it off this kid so that it is nationalized and we never made sense to him. And that is how we lost it. And today the kid is way smarter if anyone wants to buy it back which he was not at a time we raised the issue.

Ugandans in diaspora brought the net to Uganda way before it arrived in any country in Great Lakes. But up to today the net has failed to be accessible in Uganda. Most of the Ugandans you see logging on from home are either logging from an NGO an office or a government or foreign owned office. As much as we can send computers in Uganda it is not possible for a Ugandan to get the net from the home. And why is this? Because as much time we have lived with the net in Uganda, Uganda government has used a RUHAKANA RUGUNDA very reasoning and it has refused to infuse money in its development. Private investors will always pump money into where they will get a profit, but of what value is making a kid in Wobulenzi able to log on?

Many of those in big cities also are unable to log on because those cities are simply not cabled up. What we are starting to see is that internet charges are dropping dramatically in Rwanda Kenya and Tanzania as well as access getting better when Uganda is going the other way even though it got the net way before those countries did. There are many Western Union branches in Uganda but did you know why they all have to make a phone call to Kampala before they pay you? Because they have no access to the net to cross check the number you have handed them. And this is as close to Kampala as Bwayise. Uganda government is yes building the communication in Uganda, but what many fail to realize that it is stupidly building it to voice transmission than Voice/Data transmission. The fact that you can call your grand Ma in Kikyuusa does not mean that your grand Ma can log on from Kikyuusa for the phones they use in Kikyuusa are Radio frequencies that do not carry Data.

On record I grew up in communication and I love it, we spent ion hours advising these people of the dangers in what they were creating, And we were laughed at for we failed to realize that Museveni has used a radio to put telephones everywhere, My God now I can call my girlfriend in Lake Katwe and we can talk. It is actually a very stupid system that needs to be completely redone. Uganda needs to be wired up and it is going to take years and years to reach where we should have been had Iddi Amin been in power. Have you ever wondered why you cannot e in Matugga branch of your bank and a teller tells you what is the balance on your bank account? Because Banks don’t firkin communicate. Data is not moving in Uganda. And I have every right to be upset for I had this argument in Uganda net about 15 years ago when I was asking the government to wire up the country and Ugandans especially Westerners defined me as an Obote supporter for this is good we are taking cell phones to Bundibugyo. Well can you tell me one person that can log on in Bundibugyo? No for data does not go there except voice. The last time I was in Uganda there was only one NGO in Moroto that could log on the net for the entire region has no data, and they were logging on through Kenyan satellite.

It all starts with screwed up brains that cannot understand the importance of a state owning a Domain.

I want people to go back and look at every project of electricity development in Uganda. UK has pumped so much money, China is pumping so much money, World Bank is pumping so much money. But all those projects are about refurbishing the generation of power in Uganda. The problem of Uganda electricity is actually not generation it is conductance. How we carry the power from the dam to the home in Dokolo. Many of the poles and wires and transformers we have in Uganda were installed during Obote one government. It does not matter if we get billions of wattage in the dam we simply cannot ferry it to the consumer.

Why do we continue to pump money into the dams? Just asking !!!!!!!




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  1. Gimei Nagimesi,

    It completely amazes me how ignorant you are, please look at this link. and to think that some people are listening to you pander this completely irresponsible line of thought is just disrespectful to us fellow Ugandans.

  2. Paul Ikanza,

    EDWARD MULINDWA, please don’t put you ignorance on display so much. For a person that has that much access to the internet, you have been living under a rock way too long!!!!

  3. Simon Peter,

    Edward Mulindwa, first things first, i dont’ think you know what you are talking about, the domain not being Uganda’s as a country, that is kinda known since its under Edward Balidawa Musisi ( but that isn’t a sky is falling issue as for the whole internet access, if you visit the ucc website under the Rurual Community Development Fund you will find efforts among others taken to provide internet access to moreless all district HQs in Uganda using existing service proviers further more and who gave you the notion that the fibre being laid is purely for voice, you need to do you research before you pust such defarmatory information about your contry, do you know that mobile data is active in most parts of the country, ask and yee shall be told.

    Just for Gags, “Museveni has used a radio to put telephones everywhere” ?????

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