Death of the founder of AMA (Africa Muslim Agency) Shaykh Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait

kuwaitDeath of the founder of AMA (Africa Muslim Agency) Shaykh Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait:Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’un.Shaykh Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait (Founder of Africa Muslim Agency “AMA”) passed away yesterday in Kuwait.Though his death has been shadowed by the events unfolding in Egypt, He is man who dedicated all his personal life for Africa. For those who don’t know this man, he is perhaps one of the most well known Kuwaiti da’yas who changed dawah in Africa. He spent the majority of his life calling to Allah and brought to Islam over 11 million people with blessing of Allah. He helped provide extensive humanitarian assistance to impoverished Muslims throughout Africa.

► He built over 4,000 Masajids, over 840 schools, over 120 hospitals and established orphanages throughout East Africa. He distributed nearly 6 million Qur’ans. His society has also established two colleges in Kenya and Zanzibar, offered 200 scholarships to Muslim African students to pursue higher studies in medicine, engineering and technology.

He is the founder of Direct Aid Africa Muslim Agency Which has built schools in Uganda such as Nakaswa Islamic Secondary, Kakiri Islamic Primary School, many orpahnage centers,hospitals such as umar bin khatab Medical center Kakiri, Wakiso Also AMA has built masajids in Uganda for example Kyambogo University Mosque and many more

► May Allah forgive his sins & grant him the highest place in Jannah!may ALLAH grant us ability to help the helpless and the needy

I ask Allah to accept all that he has done and grant him the highest level of Paradise. Ameen!

Mugumya Twarik Harouna



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  1. indeed may the almighty reward him abundantly n may da ama schools go higher


    i pray Allay gives him a place in jjana kareem for his love isha Allah

  3. maryan shurie,

    am akenyan i have finished my dibloma in business management i was not able to get fees for my degree and i wanted to continue w
    ith my studies if i get help . my both parent have died .i will be greatfull if you help me thank you

  4. Namutebi shamim,

    Thank u somuch May He reward you abundantly

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