Makerere University is the only university that defies the theory of Economies of Scale!!! How come with all those students and free government funding, the University can’t meet all its costs?? The University Council should look at cost cutting!!

My experience with foreign universities has shown that student accommodation alone can generate at least 5% of Universities internally generated fund. MAK sh’d turn all the halls of residence into income generating activity. I am sure there are many private (both internal & External) students willing to pay. Those who cannot manage seek Govt loans or relocate to other universities countryside since at least each region has a university. This will, again, go along in uplifting those universities to at least Webometrics ranking.

Me thinks the issue of “GO REAR GOATS” has been misunderstood and possibly misrepresented by a lot of commentators. It shows how we underestimate agriculture and what it can do!!! If you have been following Vision Harvest in The New Vision you will see many farmers earning over 5 million from farming each month- so in the actual sense, the President was saying that teaching is not a necessarily profitable profession, so the lecturers should for once practice what they preach!! Agriculture is so lucrative and it’s high time we all embraced it.

So many people are always quick to jump to conclusions about what they want to believe is right – wise men do not speak in the language of the lay man – always dig deeper to really understand what he is trying to say. I don’t like Museveni but I know that he meant well this time and lecturers and members of UAH should take him seruiously.

By the way most lecturers are already into farming! As well as ‘moonlighting’ in other areas of income generation. There is no problem in the president saying we go dig or rear goats! And also in whichever context the president chooses, we know the value more than most Ugandans I guess!

What we are dealing with at makerere is like the ‘ leaky food pipeline” what is collected or harvested is far greater than what is on the plate! Actually we have no business with the Presidents words and the Honourable minister words or threats!

Teaching should be regarded as a service to the State. Those who want to get rich should set up a business like goat rearing alongside serving the State. I hate the idea of trade unions locking horns with the State; it’s always destructive.

I should once again emphasize it that to think of being employed is outdated; for it is some form of slavery, if you think iam kidding do you see how these lecturers were embarrassed? With all the courses like project planning, business administration, venture management, commerce, procurement, the lecturers should be creative and put what they preach into practice. They think Gen.Kayihura is rearing goats for nothing. He told us that he has got over 500 goats on a 350 acre farm.

These lecturers don’t know what they want and I agree with the president. An assistant lecturer earns 2m,if that be the case if the increase is 100% then he will earn 20millions,a professor who earns 3m after increasing by 100% he will earn 30millions,is this realistic? Patriotic? Feasible? The president is right to say that he is tied of these games.

But the police should stop looking for the lecturer who answered Museveni back when he told them to go and rear goats. It’s backward and plainly stupid. Mbuuuuuuu In Uganda there’s a right to speak but no right after speaking! Uganda IS living in the Shadows of its past before the NRA went to the bush.



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  1. denis,

    this boy thinks 100% of 2 million is 20 million? poor boy.

  2. Byaruhanga Rukooko,

    Dear Stella, Please find out and tell me.  Remember the former envoy is not the same as this one Regards, Rukooko


  3. murcus,

    H.O. It costs less to first be observant and thoughtful before making a post. On police, no body is looking for anybody; lecturer or so for answering the president. It is a practice of the great to always get proper facts before opening our lips for every word which comes out never comes back. Thanx

  4. Having read this I thought it was rather informative.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put
    this short article together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting.
    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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