Where are we heading with killings everyday in Lango?

Where are we heading with killings everyday in Lango? Lango is running crazy? The lady Akullo Bianka in the photo was killed by the husband Ojok Dickens on August 12, 2013 in Alito by strangling and he left the child and dead mother inside the house. The child was found suckling. The conflict was over shs50, 000 which Ojok went and used in gambling. The man later presented himself to Police in kole that he killed his wife and child

Men r not serious, u kill ur wife! Someone who dedicated her life to u, instead of treating her like a queen, u killed her. U’ll reap the consequence! Her soul rip

Just yesterday in Layibi a man beheaded wife for stupid reasons. What are we going to do with these merciless husbands, should all women resort to single life?

Where are we heading with killings everyday in Lango? Is this the effect of the Kony Rebel rebellion??

These are symptoms of a much bigger problem in our society. We have now stopped following our own cultures under the pretext of being modern. We are just now copying and pasting cultures from abroad (colonialist). Such situations were rare and elders would handle them most effectively without repeat. What kind of generation are we creating honestly? Each and every one of has a responsibility to create a safe and healthy community for women and girls.

We are now experiencing an increase in serious mental health problems in the north and particularly in Lango as a result of two decades of conflict. B’se of the insurgency that happened there, majority are suffering’ from what psychiatrists call,”post traumatic stress disorder”. In other-words p’ple are accustomed 2 corpses.

Gambling and alcohol are the two evil spirits that our leaders need to confront head on, otherwise our people are being targeted in systemic manner to keep them in bondage. Gambling is the last thing the region needs, we have not even started recovering from the anguish and trauma of the war. A lot of men in Lango wake up to play cards from morning till sunset. They leave the women to do everything for them.

The local leaders and the development partners need to think and think…. with the community together to be able to come out with a solution with approach to engage the community members into a micro farming practices to improve on their household income during this recovery period other GAMBLING. It is very hard for the community members to adjust during the post war and the post war effect is more devastating than the period of the war.

There is need for massive sensitisation to communities about the dangers of domestic violence; otherwise it’s too much for life! At worst its women who are suffering mostly.




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  1. Ampaire C,

    I have no words. This man should be burnt alive. How can such person be left to enjoy in prison on tax payers money.

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