It’s morally wrong for Justice Odoki to be in the bench to hear an appeal by the Four Expelled NRM Mps

Justice Benjamin Odoki was in the Supreme Court to hear an appeal by the Four Expelled NRM Mps-But he did not chair the session. The man is in motion. But how could the lawyers of the Mps accept appearing before him yet they are among those making noise that he is not fit to be chief Justice??

I think it’s morally (not legally) wrong for him to even be in the bench becoz of the pending case against him in the courts of law and therefore this may affect the outcome of this case. Granted, Odoki did not sit in the chair of the chief Justice to chair the hearing. He avoided the chair and sat at the extreme end.

This kind of crisis is well planned and it profiteers a group of individuals or politicians who have no interest in seeing institutions grow. We are throwing our judiciary into turmoil because we want to attain an immoral end.

Yes, the constitution allows Odoki to be reappointed as a justice of the Supreme Court for a two year renewable contract but it bars him to be reappointed as Chief Justice as he has clocked 70years of age.

So he appeared on the panel as a reappointed justice for a two year contract as well as Justice Galdino Okello. This appointment does not need parliamentary vetting since it is an extension of the job by contract. A suit has been filed in court to that effect stopping him from taking over the seat of Chief Justice having clocked 70 years which is unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court has set a date of September 11th 2013 to hear an appeal by the expelled four NRM legislators who were ordered to vacate parliament by the Supreme Court.

A panel of 7 Justices led by Justice Bart Katureebe indicated that they had not got a copy of the judgment of the constitutional court on the matter and as such it was not possible for them to proceed to hear the appeal. The Justices directed that a copy of the ruling be availed to the court plus any other relevant documents ahead of a hearing on Wednesday this week

Here is the Odoki appointment letter too. Interestingly,M7 recommended him to the JSC contrary to the established process contained in the law. It should be the JSC recommending Judges to the President and not the other way round!

By the way,whoever is editing the president’s letter should be fired! A two year contract, not ‘a two years contract.’

The notice below was put up at the High Court Notice Board on June 25, 2013. It does not cite the authority, law or instrument under which the assignment was made. Is this constitutional especially given that the Deputy Chief Justice himself was in an acting capacity? What is the relationship between Kavuma and NRM?

In Uganda even a cleaner for Museveni or Hon.Rwakutana may earn more than a judge, if you didn’t know. But we also need to establish who is telling Ugandans the truth about the state of finances in the Judiciary? Attached below is an Internal Memo on the High Court notice board on June 24th 2013. So, between His Worship Araali Muhirwe, Deputy Spokesperson to the Judicary and His Worship Kisawuzi, Court Spokesperson, we want to know who is is telling Ugandans the truth about the state of finances in the Judiciary.



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