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Kla going crazy at the beach. Where is Hon.Kibuule to teach these women a lesson?

 Kla going crazy at the beach. Where is Hon.Kibuule to teach these women a lesson?

Kla going crazy at the beach. Where is Hon.Kibuule to teach these women a lesson?

Fellow women,
Kibule really must have disappointed you. But please try to understand his background and the fix he must be in with his position which he clearly doesn’t qualify for. The good news is that no one will follow his advice since he doesn’t command any following.

I want to apologise on behalf of Hon. Kibule for suggesting that girls in miniskirts should be raped. We need to appreciate that as a minister, the guy is also supposed to make headlines to impress his boss the President. You also know how difficult it is for him to understand complex policy issues. So why not pick on a simple thing like raping babes in minis and make it to the front pages and all the airwaves?

He should have said, “it is dangerous to wear miniskirts because it makes it easy for rapists to contemplate raping those wearing miniskirts?’

We surely need to understand the genesis of some of these things. The pressures on a minister are many. You need to be in a bar and people say, “Hon. we saw you on TV. Hon. We read your comments in today’s paper. ..etc” And it’s not easy to impress journalists. So if you can’t get something convincing e.g on solving youth unemployment, you get shortcuts and talk about those things that don’t need any research or serious thinking, and then you sit back and relax as the media give you more and more coverage free of charge.

I don’t know if women are not disturbed by men with shorts! But surely this minister should’ve thought of something else…..mini-skirts!! A rapist is a rapist -with or without mini-skirts he will do what he wants. One way of dealing with the primitive action of rape is by condemning it with the strongest words possible under the sun and castigate those who promote/abet it directly or indirectly. That’s why the minister has been the subject of a barrage of attacks from different corners in recent days.

I wonder why Kibule himself has not come up to say something at least despite some of us coming up to assist him. As much as you are a minister, you personally have an image to keep for your kids and family to feel sweet and fit in public life. To understand the dynamics of diplomatic language, when and where not to say certain things, is extremely important.

I think it would be a good idea to have an institution to train people on how to be ministers or how to behave as ministers. For instance, few people on UAH here know how to speak to people in a respectable way and wouldn’t qualify to be ministers anywhere. Some of these include- Mulindwa, Okello George, e.t.c. They are always abusing others on the forum.



‘I am a journalist myself – and I am a highly trained journalist. I know the responsibility of journalism. There’s no society that can allow a media that thrives on maligning people. There’s no society that can accept an arrogant media. And the problem you have in Uganda is that because newspapers lack readers you have resorted to nonsense. You don’t know the impact of your stories. There’s a newspaper called Kamunye, they published a headline that I had been sacked from Statehouse for over-drinking and women. You know the impact of such a story on my credibility. I have fought my way from the village to where I am, that’s why I call myself omukukunavvu, self-made.

My father was a poor man. You cannot just joke about my credibility and I leave you. That’s why I stormed Observer, I wanted to see the fool who had written the story. Because if you don’t contact me and you go on to say “Mirundi is also under investigations because of his links with Tinyefuza”, this is a serious matter. My escorts are soldiers; some of my houses are guarded by soldiers because of the insecurity. Now you’re telling people that I am an enemy of government! A spokesperson of the president???

There’s nobody who can question me. A child who resembles his father cannot be subjected to a DNA test. There was nothing, they just created a story to sell. That’s not journalism. In journalism if you get a story, talk to somebody who’s affected so that you get the response. But you write just because you want to sell? Yes when you write about Mirundi, you sell but you must understand that Mirundi has struggled to get where he is.

Journalism carries responsibility; You’re aware I am a highly trained journalist, I am a veteran because I started journalism when I was 16. Therefore when I talk about journalism, I have fought journalistic battles but I have never had my story questioned. A journalist must be responsible, a journalist must be fair, a journalist must be knowledgeable, a journalist must be objective. I know what protects a journalist is that we sign a social contract with the masses; to protect the masses, to speak for the voiceless, to be fair, to be objective. And to be concerned you must have this human feeling that when I write a wrong story about this man, I must apologize and admit that we also make mistakes – instead of being arrogant”







Tamale Mirundi told you that no media house is independent in Uganda that is why it cannot write a bad story about the Indians


A young man in his 20s is disabled on the job and his disability is assessed at Sh1.1 less than $500?

mukwanoThis is laughable!! A young man in his 20s is disabled on the job and his disability is assessed at Sh1.1 less than $500?? Is this really Corporate responsibility that Mukwano industries promotes?? Omwana womunaku alabye ne ensi yaffe.

Someone needs to speak up for this young man. Uganda Law Society can someone help this young man??? His life will never be the same. Kibi nnyo.I saw this news last nite and there is no way they can say the poor man was being violent they found him on a mat and grabbed his rotting hand stepped on his head like a snake, SHAME on u mukwano Industries you are disgusting.Let us all boycott his rubbish cooking oil + his useless soap idiot.

how do they dare say that that mans rotting hand was only damaged 10% and this woman goes back home and she sleeps too, rich people like these will never inherit the kingdom of God, foolish greedy people.mukwano2

We should boycott Mukwano products but in some instances they are almost a monopoly! I have watched the clip. Absolutely unacceptable. Police has no shame torturing a man already in enough pain. Mukwano should pay up their former employee and treat his wound. But Police should compensate this man for the unnecessary bruises they caused him.

Kayihura should resign! How can he have murderers wearing uniform? He is no different from Kibule! Where is Gerald Karuhanga in all this? He is my only remaining MP in parliament. Please do something!


HON KIBUULE:Sexuality and empowerment: An intimate connection

What does sexuality have to do with women’s empowerment? Research from Pathways of Women’s Empowerment shows that sexuality affects women’s political and economic empowerment in a number of important ways. For example, in the ways that women experience seeking election to political office, how women are treated and respected (or disrespected) in the workplace and in public, and how families and communities place expectations on how women should behave. Being exposed to sexual harassment and sexual violence and not being able to exercise choice in their sexual relationships affects women’s well-being and ultimately undermines political, social and economic empowerment.

In this policy paper, we demonstrate why sexuality is so important for women’s empowerment, drawing on evidence generated by research carried out by the Pathways of Women’s Empowerment RPC and collaborative initiatives with the DFID-funded IDS Sexuality and Development Programme.

Final copy of POMB as submitted to the President for assent.Any comments?

Omara gets saved

Omara gets saved

Ugandans at heart,
I have obtained the final copy of the Public Order Management Bill from good friends in the president’s office. Still reading it but thus far, it does appear some substantial changes were made to the 2009 and 2011 versions. In making laws, you have an original bill which is discussed by parliament and then a final one (ACT OF PARLIAMENT) after amendments which is sent to the president for signing. After parliament handled the POMB everyone looked for the final copy, but it was very hard to find.

However, the legal and parliamentary committee report on POMB was available with all recommendations which informed the debate in the house. Just for your information, contents of the report of the committee on legal and parliamentary affairs were altered during the final debate in parliament and thus they do not reflect the current position. We have been criticising the original bill and the positions that the NRM re-introduced on the floor in the recomittal if you know what Am saying.

Clauses 8, 9, and 11 are so contestable. Hope the lady Immaculate that Kayihura posted on UAH can have something to say.

I also want Ugandans to know that there was training with the Ugandan Police on public order management in the run up to CHOGM, with the help of The London Metropolitan Police. This one week training took place in Entebbe at the Imperial Resort Hotel.

In a multi-sectoral meeting involving NGOs, Senior Police Officers such as Grace Turagumanawe, Edward Ochom and the IGP himself, Nicholas Opiyo[current ULS president] was seconded to a team of 4 with Commissioner Aliro Omara, Patricia Nduru of the UHRC and two other persons from the British High Commission to draft the public order and demonstration guidelines. These guidelines were adopted, validated and widely circulated by the UHRC.

In response to the guidelines and the Court petition (note not ruling) in the Muwanga Kivumbi petition, what later became known as the Rugunda Instrument – SI 53 of 2008 was drafted and gazetted to virtually outlaw public demonstration in every place in Uganda.

These guidelines were roundly rejected and subsequently annulled, by infection, by the decision/ruling of the Constitutional Court. The first draft of the POMB then resurfaced. It is believed that it was leaked from cabinet, and it has the handwriting of the IGP, Gen.Kayihura, instructing his Director Legal to make sure their proposal was included in the bill. The draft bill was forwarded by the PS Min. of Internal Affairs, Dr. Stephen Kagoda. The belief at the time was that the bill was also in part due to the Buganda riots and the Mabira demonstrations.

It was at this stage that the police inserted the firearms clause permitting the police to use, as a first line of defence, live firearms. The debate received massive revulsion in public debate and was shelved only for it to resurface after the 2011 electrons which was the height of the walk to work demonstrations.



Outright theft and diversion of financial and logistical resources in the NRA is as old as the the NRA itself. During preparations to launch the rebellion by attacking Kabamba in 1981, an RPG launcher was stolen under Museveni’s nose. In the bush the fighters would feed on the people’s gardens, chicken and goats without paying. Its only the Balalo who were promised compensation for their cows eaten by the NRA as if the Cassava, beans, Kainja, chicken and goats had no owner! Some Commanders were so greedy that they would grab for themselves too much of the scarse resources at the expense of the suffering ordinary fighters. Museveni defended the practice thus “it is better to maintain a healthy command structure”. In 1985 during the interim administration of the NRA controlled western region, senior commanders embarked on grabbing for themselves government and cooperative society’s property sparking off internal bickering.

Upon taking over government, swindling of cash, food and other supplies became the norm. ‘Supply of air’ for food and non food items by companies registered in the names of relatives and friends of senior commanders enriched the few lucky ones. Private companies like Cristex, Eladam and a few others involved in locally making uniforms for the NRA connived with army officers to steal the national coffers. Elly Rwakakoko the then NYTIL MD connived with the then Defence Secretary, Ben Mbonye to swindle huge amounts of cash through inflated production of Uniforms. The same applied to BATA that was supplying foot wear for the soldiers. NRA’s Phenecas Keitirima looted clean all the equipments that had been imported to boost the NRA’s Production Unit but was left lying in Luzira. He became one of the little known first richest members of the NRA. The NRA Construction Unit presided over by Eng. Sabiiti – brother to Central Bank Governor was another den of thieves. The creation of National Enterprises Corporation (NEC) – a subsidiary of the Defence Minstry created another avenue for wanton theft. Museveni grabbed NEC’s Kisozi ranch, while Amama Mbabazi’s wife, Jacqueline stole from NEC industries in Luwero as Capt. Ssekide and group helped themselves with the NEC Lime mining in Kasese. Inflated and uncontrolled payment of salaries to the NRA the other auxilary forces gave rise to creation of ghost soldiers. Because of NRA’s political indoctrination, those who had crossed to the NRA from other armies had innitially feared to join the stealing. After realising that the NRA was not practicing what it preached, they too joined the looting spree. That is how the likes of Otema Awany managed to accumulate wealth. Some NRA personnel who chose to remain clean like Chihandae, Muntu, Nanyumba, Dr. Ochen, Muntu, Mande, Tinyefuza and a few others were allienated. Museveni knew that the more the wealth his army officers acquired, the more they would not question his leadership.

The introduction of Ration Cash Allowance (RCA) as a direct payment of cash helped to reduce on ‘supply of air’ for food items. As a compensation, Commanders in the war torn areas devised a means of creating war like situations whereby they would continue to locally procure food items for the troops on the frontline. As if this was not enough they went ahead to create ‘ghost soldiers’ inorder to siphon off that extra payment. Expenditure on medical, housing, water and electricity bills were always inflated for the benefit of just a few lucky ones. Maintainance, servicing and repair military transport and procurent and mainainance of military equipments in general was another avenue for outright theft. The departments responsible for checking on these anormalies were Military Intelligence, Army Inspectorate, and the Army Political Commissariat. They too joined the looting especially after experiencing lack of will by the top leadership to fight the vice. A one Charles Tusiime of DMI who headed the Criminal Investigations unit was such a naturally dense fellow that he was only fit to be a motor vehicle mechanic. He headed a team of Lawyers whose efforts he frustrated before finally sending then to the Military Police under the newly created Special Investigation Bureau (SIB) headed by a graduate in Music, Mathew Gureme. Members of SIB were and remain proffessionally corrupt. That marked the end of any semblance of fighting graft in the NRA. Everyone in his position set out to acquire personal wealth at all costs. Those who could not steal from the NRA, turned guns on civilian property.

However, not everyone enjoyed the protection from above. While others were put on Katebe, ISO’s John Kazoora was framed and imprisoned while NRA financial managers, Arthur Musinguzi and Bright Rwamirama were strangely taken to a civilian court to have the charges dropped. Tadeo Kanyankole was humiliated to death while the famous Ghost Soldiers group were suspended to hoodwink Ugandans the donors but instead were later promoted and reassigned.




Like all other oppressive regimes around the world, Museveni too was taken by surprise when NATO directly intervened in Libya. Dictators all over had got used to mere condemnations, sanctions, travel bans and at worst unenforceable UN resolutions. Such actions only affect the citizens with little impact on the dictator and his cohorts. This is exactly what Museveni has always referred to as “Kahendekye teita mbogo” literally meaning that merely wishing a buffalo to break its leg does not guarantee its death.

Such dictatorial regimes believed that so long as they have built personal armies to keep them in power, there is nothing the oppressed masses could do to free themselves. They exploit the international law of non interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. If the oppressed masses try to rise up they are brutally suppressed and branded reactionaries, negative forces and terrorists.

When Museveni was fighting, his ideology clearly stated that he was struggling against agents of Western Imperialism. He referred to the Israelis as Zionists and the West and USA as imperialists. These were the core subjects in his schools of indoctrination referred to as political schools that produced Cadres.

During his armed war, his role models were Chairman Mao, Fidel Castrol, Comrade Joseph Stalin etc. Gadafi supported Museveni during the bush war with logistical and training opportunities. After taking over power, his cadres were ferried to Libya day and night for political indoctrination. Thousands of Copies of Gadafi’s Green Book and other Jamahiria literatures were the major resource materials in the NRA political schools. Though he stated that he was pro-Uganda, there is no doubt Musevendi was pro-East. During the early days of his taking over government, Cuba, Soviet Union and North Korea were the major destinations for his Cadres training. Two intakes of Intelligence training – one led by Paul Kagame and another led by Dhamuzungu Oguli were in Cuba. The North Koreans conducted the first Military Intelligence course at Kireka. Among those that attended was Rwanda’s Jack Nziiza. Long courses of up to five years were conducted by Soviet Union and attended by among others Major Mambo Bazarrabusa. Batter trade between Cuba and Uganda failed in its infancy. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Museveni switched sides. He excelled as an ally of the West first against the spread of Islamic fundamentalism from Khartoum and later against global fight against terrorism. With the emergence of China on the world stage, Museveni and his club members are now attacking the west left and right.

It is Gadafi who promoted Museveni’s son Muhoozi to the rank of Major. During the same occassion, Gadafi made a statement to the effect that revolutionaries dont leave power. However, as usual Museveni opposed Gadafi on the African Union because he wanted the East African Union in anticipation of being its first President.

It is against this background that when NATO intervened in Libya, Museveni stated thus “this military intervention by the West is a new phenomena……and if that is the case now, we shall have another Vietnam”. Shortly after, he left for Moscow to meet Putin. He must be very supportive of Syria’s Assaad and his Moscow backers. The world should also pick interest in what is taking place in his Luwero Military Industries to avoid a future catastrophe. There is a reason he had to deploy his close confidant Brig. James Mugina as the Managing Director of the same industries. He is currently mobilising African states against the ICC which he knows will at one time indict him. It is unfortunate the west emberassed him without reservations. With his current influence among Somalis right from the time of his close friend and War lord Muhamad Farrah Ideed, he will be able to attack and inflict damage on any of the western interests anywhere. By the time the west realises, it will be costly in terms of human and logistical resources.

Museveni therefore playing hide and seek between east and west in order to make them clash. To be able to apprehend this argument, a Syria like situation is likely to emerge in Uganda, and then you will see how he plays about the west against the east and vice versa.




With the security forces involvement in election rigging, bribing of impoverished voters, cadre Judges in Courts of law, and NRM cadres in all structures of central and local government, there is no doubt Museveni cannot be dislodged from power through constitutional means. He is so much power hungry that he can not even relinquish it to his son. He is simply grooming his son to take command of a special force that will protect his grip on power. However, should he succeed in gaining the Presidency of the East African Community (EAC), he will hand over to a figurehead president as he retains the Presidency behind the scenes.

Institutionalized abuse of office, corruption, gross violation of human rights, nepotism and theft of public resources have made Ugandans of all shades to bury their artificial differences and are united as one oppressed community. Museveni’s old tactics of fomenting ethnic and regionalism is no longer tenable. The masses have lost faith in the electoral process. Its only Muntu and Mao who are focusing on the 2016 elections.

The opposition has done enough in rallying the masses to demand for their rights. A mass uprising in form of protests will be brutally crushed by Museveni’s private security apparatus. Some Ugandans who sensed the danger of Museveni’s governance resorted to unconstitutional means to dislodge him from power. However, Museveni managed to ruffocate the groups by playing the sectarian card. UNRF 1 and 2, HSM, LRA, UPA were branded Anyanyas. ADF branded Islamic fundamentalists. Itongwa’s NDA linked with Buganda’s demand for Federalism. Its only the PRA that was nationalistic in character. Had it not been let down by the LRA, Congolese and Rwanda’s sudden change of foreign policy, the PRA was to set to evolve into a national armed liberation movement.
Its now a decade since the conditions that gave rise to PRA came to the surface and the situation has now grown from worse to worst. But had the Rwanda backed PRA succeded, would it not have become a situation similar to what happened with Rwanda backed Kabila (Sr)!

Owing to the fact that the masses are more than ready for any means that can dislodge Museveni there is no need of a protracted war. Since the Andrew Kayiira coup attempt of 1986 and the NRA Artillery based Capt Mugarra foiled coup attempt of 1988, Museveni has not faced any real coup threat. However, he has kept a close eye on General Tinyefuza as a potential coup plotter. His being sidelined from the mainstream military service alludes to that fear. The situation was worsened by the General’s failled attempt to retire from the army. Since then the General has been a subject of intelligence surveillance. When he seemed to reconcile with Museveni, he was simply trying to entice Museveni to get him closer to security circles. No way, Museveni who is a master of deceit instead assigned him as Coordinator of Intelligence Services. Tinyefuza did not coordinate any intelligence but was instead a subject of 24 hours intelligence surveillance.

During his tenure the General is reported to have actively offered technical advice to Museveni’s efforts to suppress dissenters. The General thought that he would win the confidence of Museveni who would return him to the mainstream military in the hope that he would use it to kick out his Commander in Chief. When the General lost all hope he went wild with controversial public statements. Though these outbursts amoumted to using a ‘wrong forum’, Museveni opted to ignore him. However, Tinyefuza is either not sincere or ignorant when he put himself in the same group with Aronda when he stated that they were targets of assassinations for opposing the Muhoozi project. Aronda will never part ways with Museveni. Museveni must have known that the General intended to flee but looked the other side in the hope that it is easy to manage him in exile than when he is close to his army.

In exile the General has declared intentions of overthrowing Museveni. He is mobilising Ugandans for that purpose. There is no doubt Tinyefuza’s declarations are a big threat to Museveni. Therefore, Museveni’s main preoccupation now is how to ‘deal with’ Tinyefuza in the same way the Rwanda government tried to deal with its own renegade General Kayumba in South Africa.

It is only a timely and well planned decisive military strike that will seen Museveni’s NRA defect en masse leaving Muhoozi’s SFG to battle it alone. Rwanda if not occupied with its own strike will send its infantry to Museveni’s aid. Kenya will send its air force. Southern Sudan’s intervention will depend on the nature and composition of the strike. Tanzania will not intervene. On the contrary, a botched up plan will spell doom for Ugandans. Most disappointed will be members of the security services who since the days of PRA have been on standby for that opportunity. Its worthy noting that Museveni cant easily flee unless he has caused untold damage on the country.


Museveni ratified the Rome Treaty because he thought it would apply only to Joseph Kony and the LRA

Museveni ratified the Rome Treaty because he thought it would apply only to Joseph Kony and the LRA. He was so shocked when the net was widened to cover heads of state. Those lawyers in Uganda supporting M7 on this should read the Pinochet case, and the decision of the House of Lords in the second and final appeal. Remember in this case, Pinochet did not deny that he had committed the crimes with which he was charged. His defense was of state immunity, that as a former head of state, he enjoyed legal immunity from all crimes. In fact, up to this point, this was the accepted position in international human rights law.

But in a judgement considered a judicial tsunami, this British court delivered probably the greatest judgement of the 20th century. Very rare in itself, the appeal was heard twice and presided over by the full bench of 7 judges. I know this case very well because I wrote a Master of Philosophy degree thesis on it.

Ugandans should note this: The court decided:

1. That some crimes are just so heinous that nobody has got any immunity from them, and least of all a head of state whose primary responsibility to is protect his citizens;

2. also that certain crimes are such an affront to humanity and to human conscience that they attract universal jurisdiction i.e any country in the world has a right to try the perpetrators.

Museveni was shocked by this judgement, given that it would simply strengthen the mandate of the ICC.

A legal earthquake took place in a British court in 2000 and its ripples are still being felt today because people like Museveni can no longer brutalize his people with impunity. It is totally bogus to claim the ICC targets Africans. It targets African dictators. Even criminals like George Bush fear the ICC and the ending of impunity. He can no longer travel to the UK and other countries because he knows he will be arrested. Even in little Senegal, human rights groups went to court to have George Bush arrested when he visited. In Tanzania, they also tried to arrest him. People like James Mugerwa who want the ICC disbanded are apologists for dictators and criminals.

The ICC mandate still applies to non-signatory countries. Please notice the following:

1. The ICC is a developing court, its jurisprudence as well is developing. You can not therefore expect it to prosecute all cases that may come within its jurisdiction.

2. The ICC mandate is triggered in circumstances where a state is unwilling or unable to prosecute a perpetrator. This means that not all cases will necessarily be referred to the ICC, in otherwords, the domestic courts still retain jurisdiction over more than 99% of international crimes.

3.The Geneva Conventions that came into effect at the end of World War have now proven ineffective and completely unable to deal with international crimes, hence the need for an international court.

4. Some of the most heinous and egregious crimes that have taken place since the establishment of the ICC have occurred in Africa. This is a fact Museveni and fellow dictators must not run away from.

5. Anti-ICC campaigners base their arguments on a false logic. They cite US belligerence towards the court, the gross human rights violations that have accompanied Western and particularly American invasion and occupation of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc, crimes for which, in a majority of cases, no one has been punished. But just because no-one has yet been prosecuted for these crimes does not by itself make the ICC an instrument of the western powers. The fact that the international community is waking up to its responsibility even if in a haphazard and ineffectual manner does not in anyway detract from the necessity to carry on regardless.

6. African dictators like Museveni and others are in mortal fear of the ICC precisely because they know the ICC targets them and is not afraid to do so.

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