Kla going crazy at the beach. Where is Hon.Kibuule to teach these women a lesson?

 Kla going crazy at the beach. Where is Hon.Kibuule to teach these women a lesson?

Kla going crazy at the beach. Where is Hon.Kibuule to teach these women a lesson?

Fellow women,
Kibule really must have disappointed you. But please try to understand his background and the fix he must be in with his position which he clearly doesn’t qualify for. The good news is that no one will follow his advice since he doesn’t command any following.

I want to apologise on behalf of Hon. Kibule for suggesting that girls in miniskirts should be raped. We need to appreciate that as a minister, the guy is also supposed to make headlines to impress his boss the President. You also know how difficult it is for him to understand complex policy issues. So why not pick on a simple thing like raping babes in minis and make it to the front pages and all the airwaves?

He should have said, “it is dangerous to wear miniskirts because it makes it easy for rapists to contemplate raping those wearing miniskirts?’

We surely need to understand the genesis of some of these things. The pressures on a minister are many. You need to be in a bar and people say, “Hon. we saw you on TV. Hon. We read your comments in today’s paper. ..etc” And it’s not easy to impress journalists. So if you can’t get something convincing e.g on solving youth unemployment, you get shortcuts and talk about those things that don’t need any research or serious thinking, and then you sit back and relax as the media give you more and more coverage free of charge.

I don’t know if women are not disturbed by men with shorts! But surely this minister should’ve thought of something else…..mini-skirts!! A rapist is a rapist -with or without mini-skirts he will do what he wants. One way of dealing with the primitive action of rape is by condemning it with the strongest words possible under the sun and castigate those who promote/abet it directly or indirectly. That’s why the minister has been the subject of a barrage of attacks from different corners in recent days.

I wonder why Kibule himself has not come up to say something at least despite some of us coming up to assist him. As much as you are a minister, you personally have an image to keep for your kids and family to feel sweet and fit in public life. To understand the dynamics of diplomatic language, when and where not to say certain things, is extremely important.

I think it would be a good idea to have an institution to train people on how to be ministers or how to behave as ministers. For instance, few people on UAH here know how to speak to people in a respectable way and wouldn’t qualify to be ministers anywhere. Some of these include- Mulindwa, Okello George, e.t.c. They are always abusing others on the forum.




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  1. You did not understand the simple words he use?Very sorry but am not about to blame you because I know most of us thrive on rumours

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