Like all other oppressive regimes around the world, Museveni too was taken by surprise when NATO directly intervened in Libya. Dictators all over had got used to mere condemnations, sanctions, travel bans and at worst unenforceable UN resolutions. Such actions only affect the citizens with little impact on the dictator and his cohorts. This is exactly what Museveni has always referred to as “Kahendekye teita mbogo” literally meaning that merely wishing a buffalo to break its leg does not guarantee its death.

Such dictatorial regimes believed that so long as they have built personal armies to keep them in power, there is nothing the oppressed masses could do to free themselves. They exploit the international law of non interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. If the oppressed masses try to rise up they are brutally suppressed and branded reactionaries, negative forces and terrorists.

When Museveni was fighting, his ideology clearly stated that he was struggling against agents of Western Imperialism. He referred to the Israelis as Zionists and the West and USA as imperialists. These were the core subjects in his schools of indoctrination referred to as political schools that produced Cadres.

During his armed war, his role models were Chairman Mao, Fidel Castrol, Comrade Joseph Stalin etc. Gadafi supported Museveni during the bush war with logistical and training opportunities. After taking over power, his cadres were ferried to Libya day and night for political indoctrination. Thousands of Copies of Gadafi’s Green Book and other Jamahiria literatures were the major resource materials in the NRA political schools. Though he stated that he was pro-Uganda, there is no doubt Musevendi was pro-East. During the early days of his taking over government, Cuba, Soviet Union and North Korea were the major destinations for his Cadres training. Two intakes of Intelligence training – one led by Paul Kagame and another led by Dhamuzungu Oguli were in Cuba. The North Koreans conducted the first Military Intelligence course at Kireka. Among those that attended was Rwanda’s Jack Nziiza. Long courses of up to five years were conducted by Soviet Union and attended by among others Major Mambo Bazarrabusa. Batter trade between Cuba and Uganda failed in its infancy. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Museveni switched sides. He excelled as an ally of the West first against the spread of Islamic fundamentalism from Khartoum and later against global fight against terrorism. With the emergence of China on the world stage, Museveni and his club members are now attacking the west left and right.

It is Gadafi who promoted Museveni’s son Muhoozi to the rank of Major. During the same occassion, Gadafi made a statement to the effect that revolutionaries dont leave power. However, as usual Museveni opposed Gadafi on the African Union because he wanted the East African Union in anticipation of being its first President.

It is against this background that when NATO intervened in Libya, Museveni stated thus “this military intervention by the West is a new phenomena……and if that is the case now, we shall have another Vietnam”. Shortly after, he left for Moscow to meet Putin. He must be very supportive of Syria’s Assaad and his Moscow backers. The world should also pick interest in what is taking place in his Luwero Military Industries to avoid a future catastrophe. There is a reason he had to deploy his close confidant Brig. James Mugina as the Managing Director of the same industries. He is currently mobilising African states against the ICC which he knows will at one time indict him. It is unfortunate the west emberassed him without reservations. With his current influence among Somalis right from the time of his close friend and War lord Muhamad Farrah Ideed, he will be able to attack and inflict damage on any of the western interests anywhere. By the time the west realises, it will be costly in terms of human and logistical resources.

Museveni therefore playing hide and seek between east and west in order to make them clash. To be able to apprehend this argument, a Syria like situation is likely to emerge in Uganda, and then you will see how he plays about the west against the east and vice versa.




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