‘I am a journalist myself – and I am a highly trained journalist. I know the responsibility of journalism. There’s no society that can allow a media that thrives on maligning people. There’s no society that can accept an arrogant media. And the problem you have in Uganda is that because newspapers lack readers you have resorted to nonsense. You don’t know the impact of your stories. There’s a newspaper called Kamunye, they published a headline that I had been sacked from Statehouse for over-drinking and women. You know the impact of such a story on my credibility. I have fought my way from the village to where I am, that’s why I call myself omukukunavvu, self-made.

My father was a poor man. You cannot just joke about my credibility and I leave you. That’s why I stormed Observer, I wanted to see the fool who had written the story. Because if you don’t contact me and you go on to say “Mirundi is also under investigations because of his links with Tinyefuza”, this is a serious matter. My escorts are soldiers; some of my houses are guarded by soldiers because of the insecurity. Now you’re telling people that I am an enemy of government! A spokesperson of the president???

There’s nobody who can question me. A child who resembles his father cannot be subjected to a DNA test. There was nothing, they just created a story to sell. That’s not journalism. In journalism if you get a story, talk to somebody who’s affected so that you get the response. But you write just because you want to sell? Yes when you write about Mirundi, you sell but you must understand that Mirundi has struggled to get where he is.

Journalism carries responsibility; You’re aware I am a highly trained journalist, I am a veteran because I started journalism when I was 16. Therefore when I talk about journalism, I have fought journalistic battles but I have never had my story questioned. A journalist must be responsible, a journalist must be fair, a journalist must be knowledgeable, a journalist must be objective. I know what protects a journalist is that we sign a social contract with the masses; to protect the masses, to speak for the voiceless, to be fair, to be objective. And to be concerned you must have this human feeling that when I write a wrong story about this man, I must apologize and admit that we also make mistakes – instead of being arrogant”







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