He cant be shocked because it is an established institutionalised practice in his private army. Museveni may have no time to know that there is no medicine in the goverment hospital but would not go to bed before he gets a situation report from even the smallest section of the army. All along he knew about the thieving in Somalia and at home but to him its a means of ensuring personal loyality. He pretends to take action when its the wrong person involved, he wants to make a replacement or he wants to hoodwink donors and Ugandans. He conspired to persecute Maj. Sabiiti Mutengesa who attempted to unearth the ghost soldiers scam. What of Cpl Paddy Gita who was court martialled for making revelations about financial scandals. Lt. Kachope maliciously dismissed from the army for reporting about 3inancial impropriety in NEC-LIME and the beneficiaries Capt Sekidde and company now own a chain of business empires. Rampant creation of ghost soldiers, supply of air, inflated procurement of logistics (helcopters and udersize uniforms), theft of money meant for awidows, pension and gratuity of former soldiers and retired ISO and ESO staff, are some of the few examples he is very much aware of. Moreso, no conviction in 27 yrs.

Initially, in order to hoodwink the public, the NRM/NRA potrayed itself as an incorruptible organisation. However, in recent years corruption, abuse of office and misuse of public resources by the Museveni regime has come to the limelight. By the time he took over power, his NRM/NRA was composed of the men in army uniform who had fought the goverment to bring him to power. After capturing power many civillians were brought in to mann different structures of the government. Because there was alot of mass indoctrination (politicisation) by NRM cadres, those civillians were fearful of getting involved in theft of public resources. The few who did were either historically associated with the bush war or had to hide behind the men in uniform. That is why those cabinet ministers and District Commissioners who served under the regime during 1986 – 1990 did not enrich themselves.

Within the men in uniform (NRA), politicization condemned theft and misuse of public resources. It was the responsibility of Political Commissars (PCs) and Military Intelligence Officers (I.Os) at different levels of the army structures to check the vice. Military Intelligence and Political Commissariat Departments were highly respected within the army. However, some very powerful senior army officers who knew Museveni’s secret agenda did not waste time for they immediately embarked on enriching themselves through shoddy deals and outright diversion of resources meant for their troops. Some commanders looted personal and public property from the northern and eastern region. Matayo Kyaligonza ferried truck loads of cattle from Teso to his home in Hoima. Jim Muhweezi and his Lieutenants swept ISO clean. Those in the Finance, Supplies, Barracks and stores stole what ever they could land their hands on. Those who decided to remain clean or tried to rise these issues would be branded subversives seeking cheep popularity. PCs and I.Os who risked to investigate and forward reports to higher echelons were disappointed and frustrated for lack of action. Many joined the looting spree while some simply quit. The once powerful and respected Political Commissariat department in the army faded out. Military Intelligence became preoccupied with the lead task of ensure that Museveni remains in power.

By mid 90s, it had become an official policy of the privileged NRA personnel to grab anything that could give them personal wealth. Both senior and junior officers accumulated immense wealth. The scramble for quick wealth bread intrigue and the ordinary soldier suffered. Strict disciplinarians like Mugisha Muntu were frustrated by Museveni’s reluctancy to fight the vice. As Army Mommander, had taken steps by suspending some senior officers but Museveni could not sanction prosecution and recovery but instead introduced the system of indefinite suspension (Katebe). This bred hatred, contempt and ridicule against Muntu and Museveni could not come to his rescure. The frustrated Muntu opted to retire. He refused a Minister of Defence portfolio and as a send off Museveni offered him fifty million cash send off to inject into his stone stone quarry project. Museveni knew that Muntu allmost owned nothing completely while many senior and junior officers held immense wealth. This accumulation of wealth has been used to attract new entrants into the NRA.
Learning from the examples set by the ‘vanguards of the revolution (NRA)’, the civillian NRMs picked the courage and also went on a looting spree.

Museveni by separately meeting ordinary soldiers and pretending to be shocked by their revelations is trying to play cheap popularity. The move will cover the entire army just to win back lost confidence at a time when the force’s cohesion is shaky.



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