A good number of NRA officers who have been involved in thieving and outright robberies have been rewarded by Museveni with promotions and and re-appointments to positions of greater responsibility. This has been possible only to those whose personal loyalty to Museveni is not in doubt aka political clarity in NRM circles.

The few examples are as follows:-

1. Gen Salim Saleh who confessed to taking bribes from the purchase of junk helicopters is a senior Presidential Advisor and Museveni’s closest confidant.

2. Gen. John Mugyenyi started by supplying air to the NRA in the late 80s when he was the Director of Administration. He went on to aid drug trafficking when stationed at Entebbe airport as anti terrorism officer under CMI. He is one of the wealthiest officers. Was recently elevated to the rank of General.

3. Maj. Otema Awany was the Director of Transport who stole a lot. He is now a Brigadier, Division Commander and Museveni’s confidant in Acholiland.

4. Lt Mawa Dula was the O.C of the Military Police Detach based at Karuma when he robbed from Arua destined goods truck. He was charged in the Court martial but jumped. He sought Kaziini’s protection who in turn appointed him commander of the Alpine Brigade in Congo. While in Beni he stole a land-cruiser which he airlifted to Uganda. He is now a Colonel and a top NRM leader in Kasese.

5. Capt Patrick Kiyingi robbed from a truck load of mechandise destined for Arua. He was court martialled and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment which automatically meant dismissal from service. Instead, he was reinstated, deployed in Congo and promotted to the rank of Lt. Colonel.

6. The 28 senior officers were suspended for swindling of billions through the creation of ghost soldiers. The move was meant to hoodwink the public and no one was conclusively tried. Save for Brig. Tumukunde whose political clarity was questionable, all the rest were promotted and redeployed.

7. Capt Kayanja Muhanga was the head of JATT when he extorted from victims. He was simply replaced and is now a Colonel and Commanding office of Military Police.

8. Lt Segamwenge and Lt Memory Bariyo robbed Congolese coffee transitting through Uganda. They were simply arrested, released, promotted to Lt.Col and Major respectively and redeployed.

9. Maj Bright Rwamirama the former Chief Controller of Finance swindled billions. He was suspended and the case amazingly taked to the civillian Court where it was dismissed. Rwamirama was instead appointed a cabinet Minister.

10. A number of Junior soldiers stole alot of money but were instead promoted and many now hold positions of responsibility under what is termed as the ‘new blood’.

The list is endless. It is very common to find the city of Kampala divided into zones i.e those working in the NRA Finance department owning estates in Busega, those from Supplies department owning estates in Kyebando, those in Medical owning estates in Bweyogerere etc.

To Museveni, these are the kind of officers he hopes will defend him to retain power because they have property to protect. He believes that the past armies would simply withdraw from Kampala because they had nothing to loose since they owned no property but stayed in goverment houses.Therefore, Museveni favours thieving by NRA officers.



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