The state of Jinja hospital areas of convinience

The state of Jinja hospital areas of convinience

At the mention of Uganda’s public health sector some might wonder whether you are really talking about a health sector or a once health sector but now a dirty sector. Many are the times when we have heard of the people that have embezzled public health funds but to the surprise of myself and some other people none of the accused has ever been brought pay back what he robbed the sector with.

Irrespective of the fact that the public health sector has left the crippling stage and is now at its knees, most people have continued to rob the sector even of the little that it has. For one health worker to tell you that he has not received his pay for the last 9 months or the other to tell you that they have been receiving only a fraction of their salary you may not believe because irrespective of these circumstances they are still able to buy soap from the loans they acquire and come to work in clean uniforms.

The state of Jinja hospital areas of convinience

The state of Jinja hospital areas of convinience

Much as some health workers are willing to continue working as they swore an oath of saving lives in all circumstances, some other health workers have laid down their tools because they can no longer stand the poor working conditions.Take an example of Kanungu district as of now.

Apart from the problems being faced by the health workers, the hospitals have themselves deteriorated and are just on their “death bed” only mercy to the poor Ugandan who cannot afford a private clinic, because even the beds that are in these ram-shackled buildings are disease agents themselves. Take into account Kawolo hospital as shown in turning round Uganda for 15th October 2013 on NTV. The beds themselves look like they can even make an attendant to the sick person fall ill or the patient die from poor sanitation. The question is, who is to blame?

We the Ugandans are really fed up with the health sector and we need the government to address this or rather declare that there is no public health sector in Uganda. Our leaders in the comfortable seats of the August house please address this matter other wise the people you seem to be representing are dieing slowly. This article is based on the real issues at hand about the public health sector as every one can at-least see this.

Dallen Ampumuza

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