Healthy urine goes from clear to pale yellow, dark yellow to amber. This depends on hydration levels, but if you’re somewhere in the yellow team, you can breathe easy.


Some antiseptics and anaesthetics give urine a green tinge. This is thanks to methylene blue, a dye which kidneys sometimes struggle with. Nothing too much to worry about though.


This is a sign of liver dysfunction. If your urine is this colour and you notice that your stools are white, it could be obstructive jaundice. Put down that beer – it’s GP time.


Muddy-looking pee means kidney problems. This can be a sign of serious renal disease, even a fistula. That’s when your bowel leaks into your bladder. Taxi to casualty now.


This is really bad. Blood in your urine can mean a haemorrhage or cancer. In anyone over 40 we assume it’s bladder cancer, unless proven otherwise. Get yourself to the doctor, pronto.


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