Health:Potato is one such vegetable that tastes yummy in any form – mashed, baked, boiled, sweet, fried, you name it!

Potatoes are starchy carbs which provide energy instantly. It’s a great snack when feeling weak, famished or tired. Since it is digested easily, it is a boon for patients, babies and aged individuals who cannot eat hard food.

Potatoes have a good amount of soluble fiber and with the skin, it also provides insoluble fiber which prevents constipation, reduces cholesterol and helps you feel fuller longer.

*Blood Pressure:
They are also a good source of potassium which helps control blood pressure and reduce water retention as well.

*Gum problems:
There is a very high amount of vitamin C in potatoes which can prevent gum bleeding. Vitamin C is also necessary for collagen formation which helps heal the skin, wounds and bone cartilages.

*Cell building:
The vitamin B6 content of potatoes is required for formation of new cells in the body and also for normal brain functioning.

*Heart diseases:
Potato skin contains lot of phytochemicals which help protect against cardiovascular- disease by lowering levels of bad LDL-Cholesterol and keeping arteries fat-free.

Eat them the right way and you will never disregard them. Did you Know that When a bite of Potato is eaten before a meal, it helps the tongue become clearer of any taste in your mouth and let’s you fully enjoy the taste of food you are going to eat!


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