No real gentleman who has any modicum of civility shames his estranged wife in public

When “news” broke out on Princess Ruth Komuntale’s marriage over the weekend, I dismissed it as petty gossip. Kumbe waapi? I think Princess Ruth has handled her collapsing marriage with grace and a dint of combativeness. She should have never allowed him back the first time he physically abused her. But, she’s young and probably was more protective of her family’s name than protecting herself.

Nevertheless, she has made the right decision to end the marriage.This young woman is spilling her hearts out because she is in pain and needs a listening ear.

May be she did not know it, but Princess Ruth is citing the three leading legal causes for divorce in US: unsupportability, cruelty and adultery.

The Princess, despite her royal upbringing, is still a child. She met a beguiling brute who told her what she wanted to hear. In the frenzy of being wooed by a smooth-talker, our little princess fell in love, and settled for immediate marriage.Happens all the time, in real life and even in make-believe world of television.In a famous episode of the Cosby Show, Vanessa, the fourth born of the Hustable clan, returns from college for her first semester break only to announce that she was engaged. Her beau? A Groundkeeper, twice divorced and 25 years her senior!

As parents, I think we need to counsel Princess Ruth that it was not her fault that her busband turned out to be an abusive and promiscious jerk. This man even asked her to join him in his sexual fantasy of threesome!

There have a few cases of young Ugandan girls going rogue: Bad Black comes to mind. But Princesses Ruth is a class above that line, for she wanted to be married. Trouble is, her choice turned out to be the poster child of ghettohood.

If Ruth’s father was around, probably he would have used the classic analogy:the ‘Dabness’ and garbage can top analogy Dr Huxtable to describe their introduction.
I would give her the same advice I give to my daughters and sisters: never, ever let your husband beat you twice or cheat on you twice. The first time should be the only time. As for assault, that’s a crime, so report him to police immediately.

This young Princess would have to be under some domineering spell – whether her mother, her clan, the Kingdom or just sheer youthful ignorance – to take back Thomas. If she does that, your Jamaican saying may be fateful for her.

This Thomas man comes across as insincere, and where he sounds believable, he comes across as someone with a mood swing. He’s old enough to know that he meant to hurt Princess Ruth when he set out to write those degrading words.

Acting out of anger is considered a momentary lapse in judgement, but it can’t be a delayed response to qualify for a momentary lapse in judgment. He deliberately acted in this manner to torment and humiliate our little girl. That’s a sadistic mentality that cloaks some deeper and darker personality.

Princess Ruth should be very afraid of this man, and keep away from him for good.Princess Komuntale Ruth will be making a big mistake to go back to Christopher!

Pojim Edward.
UAH member in USA

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