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Tumwebaze says that Lukwago wont be mayor again regardless of the court’s decision today


28th November 2013

The former Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago filed an application against the Attorney General and the tribunal investigating the petition against the Lord Mayor vide Miscellaneous Application 445 of 2013, seeking interim orders to bar myself, the Authority councillors, agents and any other persons from convening a meeting to deliberate on the Tribunal’s report and not to conduct any further acts pursuant to that report.

By this time, I had convened a meeting of the Authority scheduled for the 25th of November at 9.00 a.m. at KCCA Authority chambers. On the said date, the Authority councillors in attendance voted on a resolution to remove the Lord Mayor from office when twenty nine Authority councillors voted in favour of the Lord Mayor`s removal and three voted against. The Lord Mayor ceased to hold office at 9.30 a.m. when the said resolution was passed.

Today, I have learnt that the High Court has issued an interim injunction barring myself, the Authority councillors and agents and other persons from convening a meeting to deliberate on the Tribunal’s report and not to conduct any further acts pursuant to that report until the main cause is heard. 2

I have further learnt that the Attorney General drew it to the attention of the Learned Judge both in his letter to the Court on 26th November 2013 and in his statement before the Court today that the impeachment proceedings had been concluded prior to grant and service of the initial interim order. The Learned Judge has instead chosen to proceed and pronounce himself on the second interim order as if these facts had not taken place.

The interim injunction has thus been issued on the 28th of November 2013 seeking to stop the meeting that occurred on 25th November 2013. The interim injunction is therefore impossible to implement as we cannot stop a meeting that has already occurred. Infact the seat of the Lord Mayor has already been declared vacant and the Electoral Commission has been accordingly informed.

We are not able to implement the order since clearly it has been overtaken by events which the Court was not able to consider in these applications. We have however sought the legal advice of the Attorney General on this matter.

Frank Tumwebaze


Musisi and Tumwebaze have been breaking laws ever since they set foot at City Hall

Musisi and Tumwebaze have been breaking laws ever since they set foot at City Hall:

ED Musisi to-date has failed to account for colossal sums of taxpayers’ money amounting to Shs148 billion for the financial year 2011/12. She also failed to transparently account for Shs58 billion found on the bank accounts of the former KCC. There is a very big body of cogent evidence which shows fraudulent procurement at KCCA by ED Musisi, contrary to the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Regulations 2003 (“PPDPA Act”).

why did ED Musisi fail to set up be a Capital City contracts committee as required by law?In the recent past, without advertising, she has been secretly awarding lucrative public contracts, to her close personal friends and family members. Section 61(1) & (2) of the KCCA Act states: “there shall be a Capital City contracts committee. The Capital City contracts committee shall comprise a chairperson, and four other members, all of whom shall be nominated by the executive director from among the public officers of the Authority and approved by the Secretary to the treasury.”Section 140 (2) of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Regulations 2003 (“PPDPA Act”) states that “a bid notice shall be published in at least one newspaper which must be of wide circulation to reach sufficient prospective bidders to ensure effective competition.”

To-date Jenifer Musisi has refused to publish quarterly summary reports of all procurements and disposals. Section of 66(1) of the KCCA Act re: “reports of contracts committee” says the Capital City contracts committee ‘shall publish quarterly summary reports of all procurements and disposals’ made by it during the quarter concerned containing such particulars as may be prescribed by regulations made under section 82.

The Minister for Kampala Frank Tumwebaze failed to fulfil his legal obligation to setting up a Metropolitan Physical Planning Authority required by Law? Section 79(1)(d) of the KCCA Act says: “The Minister shall have the power to appoint and remove members of the Metropolitan Authority.”Section 21(1) of KCCA Act says: “There shall be a body to be known as the Metropolitan Physical Planning Authority.”


Lukwago has to prepare himself for a political rather than legal battle

Look at how the dictatorship agents are just smiling against the true peoples representative trying to fight for justice.We elect representatives to represent our views they end up being bought cheaply to serve the NRM dictatorship.

Look at how the dictatorship agents are just smiling against the true peoples representative trying to fight for justice.We elect representatives to represent our views they end up being bought cheaply to serve the NRM dictatorship.

Injunctions can be obtained at any time, even in the middle of the night. Ask your immigration lawyers who deal with deportation issues or banking lawyers who deal will international money transfers. In some of these cases even a second matters. In the UK, an injunction was obtained to prevent a deportation at 4AM in the middle of the night, 7 minutes before a suspected terrorist was about to be flown out of a UK air base on a deportation order.

It is all a charade. Courts always have judges on duty at night. Injunction applications are often even made by phone, not personal appearance in court. Lukwago has to prepare himself for a political rather than legal battle because these people are not interested in the law.

I have not read the KCCA Act, but I think the problem here is really whether the Minister has the power to call a meeting of the KCCA and to chair it. It would be very odd to make such a provision. Ordinarily it is the Mayor or the Secretary who should call meetings, after having agreed the agenda with the Executive Director. If the Mayor for whatever reason, wilfully or unwillfully, cannot call a meeting, then I am sure there are emergency provisions in the Act that would allow the members themselves to call the meeting and elect one amongst themselves to chair it. The Executive Director herself cannot call a meeting of the Council since the Council technically is her employer- her job is to report to the Council.

As for the validity of service of injunctive order, it seems this is satisfied if the relevant official was served or notified of the order before the vote on impeachment was taken. Obviously in this case, it seems clear the government prevented notice of the injunctive order from being served. Reading briefly through the proceedings, it seems clear that a councillor called into question the validity of the meeting, on a point of order, but she was over-ruled. If the point of order was because she had knowledge or copy of the injunctive order and was not allowed to present it to the meeting, this defect would render the impeachment motion and decision a nullity.

Secondly, one could also argue that, disruptive as he was, a second councillor who climbed on to the table and tried to serve notice of the order on the the minister, would have been within his rights to do so, desperate as he was to prevent the council from proceeding with an illegal meeting.

Service of notices of injunctive orders are normally made by either court appointed officials or by legal representatives of the parties. In certain cases in law, it has been decided by courts that merely bringing the attention of a party to be served that an order exists, for eg by throwing it at him, amounts to a valid legal service.

However, you should note here that an injunction would have brought very little relief to Mr Lukwago as it would have been temporary and very limited in scope. I believe it would have set a date for the parties to argue the issue of the legality of the impeachment meeting. Lukwago may well appeal, but I think court will most likely rule that, although there was an existing injunctive order in place at the time the impeachment motion was passed, no significant harm or damage was caused. It will then restore the status quo ante by either nullifying the impeachment decision and restoring Lukwago to post, or setting a firm date for for a full hearing of the substantive motion, with the Mayor’s post remaining vacant.

In other words, what I am arguing here is that Mr Lukwago can only survive on legal niceties and procedures for a short while, because the present Council of the KCCA as constituted has already sealed his fate and the law is not going to be his saviour here, unfortunately. Even if the courts declare his removal unlawful, there is no doubt in my mind that this biased or compromised council will find yet another excuse to impeach him.


Mr. Rwakakamba statement on Lukwago is wanting!

You may have read Mr. Rwakakamba statement. I sincerely believe he is adequately ignorant and I would therefore reluctantly offer him some free information to save him further embarrassment.

1: The application by Mr. Lukwago before the Registrar was not exparte. The Attorney General was represented. Of course Mr. Rwakakamba thinks the Attorney General is only limited to Mr. Peter Nyombi. Not at all. It stretches to any officer duly nominated to represent the Attorney General in court. Court minuted the presence of the Attorney General.

2: According to our Drone intelligence intercepts, the Attorney General Officer was being directed by a one Mr. Kiryowa. The Drones monitored Mr Kiryowa send Madam Musiisi a what’s up message that “they have got a the order, we are finished” to which Madam Musiisi replied via whats up, “don’t worry I will handle”

3: The strategy then was to seal the KCCA premises to forestall the court order service, and then argue your situation, ie you were served after the process of impeachment. That strategy was a fiasco.

4: According to intelligence intercepts by our Drones deployed at KCCA, Lukwagos lawyer informed police he was going to attend court at the KCCA court and used that cover to access madam Musiisi ‘s office. He served the secretary who went in to consult Madam Musiisi. That sent in panic and could possibly explain why the whole situation turned chaotic, for Madam Musiisi wondered how the court order had accessed her office.

5; You don’t need to issue a receipt as an acknowledgment of service. Not at all. The court order serve only needs to swear an affidavit as prove of service and that is sufficient.

6: Hon Frank Tumwebaze argues on how one would pay court fees before the opening of banks. You now can pay taxes on mobile money and the facility is operational 24 hours a day.

7; Hon Frank Tumwebaze also wonders how court would be open by 0800am. Court has handled election petitions late in the evening. Is there a law that bars court being that early? Is there any law that nullifies court decisions on account of doing business that early? And what was the Attorney Generals officer doing there that early? Your argument would have held water if you had been denied representation on the basis of failing to be in court by late coming. You were as vigilant as court. You were all early in court and keep that spirit. That is the NRM spirit. The “spirit of Vigilance”. Mr. Rwakakamba could be alien to this.

8: Court is final in determining whether the process was lawful or a nullity. Court has duly pronounced itself. That is final. The Attorney General’s opinion doesn’t bind court. I suggest you obey court so as to reduce tension. Any other pedestrian path you may wish to take my exacerbate the situation, result in unnecessary loss of lives to your detriment.

9: The earlier you adopt to the court process the better, for after the expirely of two weeks, Lukwago will be un- impeachable. This is the argument you should have with due diligence put before court and invited court to examine the fate of the councilors’ right to impeach the Lord Mayor if Court facilitated the expiry of the two weeks before the impeachment. The Lukwago cause has been legitimized by court and your resort to the use of or threat of use of force will culminate into a total disaster and with catastrophic results. Sober down so that our critics will not have their laugh that when power was given to young ones, they got excited and abused it. Over to you, Rwakakamba and Hon Frank Tumwebaze


This is no way to treat a lawyer serving a court order even if you think the order is not authentic

This is no way to treat a lawyer serving a court order even if you think the order is not authentic. Actually, it’s no way to treat a fellow human being. IT IS WRONG simply WRONG and I hope folks involved are held to account. I think the legal fraternity should act coz this manner can’t be tolerated.


They have broken all the basic principles of decency. Anyway apart from walking naked on the streets, there is nothing the regime can do now that can surprise anyone. At that time he was an officer of court because he was having a court document and police was mandated to give him security so that he could serve it on the Minister and the ED.

The police are aware of this coz in the nine months they spend in Masindi they are taught basic legal concepts among which is to use reasonable force and to me that force was too excessive since even the victim of the violence had only come to serve them with a court order. Ugandans don’t deserve this kind of treatment! Am deeply hurt by this torture perpetuated by policemen who are expected to be the custodians of the law!
The lawyer had to do that to make sure Frank Tumwebaze never denies that he was served with the injunction. There are three basic methods are used for service of process:
a) Actual, or personal, service,
b) Substituted service, and
c) Service by publication.

Although each method is legally acceptable, PERSONAL SERVICE (which was used in the instant case, as shown in the photo below) is preferred because it is the most effective way of providing notice and it is difficult for the defendant to attack its legality. Personal service means IN-HAND DELIVERY of the papers to the proper person. The arguments that followed strengthen the lawyer’s case.
Where an order of court is not stayed, either by a successful application or by operation of a specific law, that order is executable and /or complied with by whomever it is directed to and/ or by whomever it has to be complied with.

In the Lukwago scenario, the court order was granted about 45 Mins before the vote at KCCA was made. Suffice to say, minutes before the vote was made, notice / knowledge of the said order was brought to the attention of the presiding chair Frank Tumwebaze; but he trashed it as ‘unauthentic.

Efforts by Hon. Segona to get in in the chambers turned futile as police blocked him from entering, but it was given to a one lukwago supporter who was in the premises and there after passed to Allan Sewanyana one of the LCs who latter brought it to the attention of Frank T. who in effect trashed it as ‘unauthentic’

Needless to state that an interim order is made in all cases in which it appears to the court to be just or convenient so to do. This is for the protection of the court when it is overwhelmed with matters for disposal. Therefore such orders are given under compelling circumstances. ONCE THEY ARE ISSUED THEY HAVE TO BE OBEYED. They are lawful court orders, DISOBEDIENCE OF WHICH WOULD RENDER THE SUBSEQUENT PROCEEDINGS A NULLITY

See the cases of:
a) Burundi Tobacco Co. S.A.R.L & Leaf Tobacco & commodity (U) Ltd v BAT (U) Ltd Civil Appeal Reference No. 22 of 2010,
b) Lweza Clays Ltd & Anor vs Tropical Bank Ltd & Anor, Civil Application No. 129 of 2009.
c) Muwema & Mugerwa Advocates & Solicitor vs. Shell (u) Ltd & 10 others CA CA NO. 18 OF 2011

The issue of whether the order came in late or not or whether there was no service of the court order is not a legal one. What is pertinent for court’s consideration is whether the opposite party was aware of the issuance of that order. That the opposite part had knowledge that an order was issued is itself sufficient. It goes without say that the court order was issued about 45 minutes before the KCCA vote was made & the information about the order went viral.

Adherence to court order is not determined by who serves the order. That it was issued by court is itself sufficient, Period! The legality of wrongful service is a matter that can be contended in the courts of law, if any

The difference is Tumwebaze does not care what the law says, he simply cares what his boss says, Ugandans have made M7 to be above the law, let’s not act like we are surprised about the results.

Do you remember what happened to kasibante, when the EC refused to accept the court orders for interim relief? Don’t be surprised when the Lukwago matters ends up in his favour just as Kasibante did. Lukwago, will undoubtedly will this case on technicality.

There is need to emphasized that the principle of law is that the whole essence of litigation as a process of judicial administration is lost if orders issued by court through the set judicial process, in the normal functioning of courts, are not complied with in full by those targeted and/or called upon to give due compliance/effect. A State organ, or agency or person legally and duty bound to give due compliance must do so. Court orders cannot be issued in vain.” Per HON. JUSTICE MR. BASHAIJA K. ANDREW in the case of MURIISA NICHOLAS Vs. ATTORNEY GENERAL & Others MISC CAUSE NO. 035 OF 2012.

The general principle regarding respect for court orders was stated in Chuck Vs Cremer ( I Coop Temp Cott 342) cited in the judgment of Rooner L. J. in Hadiknson Vs Hadkinson that:

“A party who knows of an order whether null or void, regular or irregular cannot be permitted to disobey it …. It would be most dangerous to hold the suitors or their solicitors, could themselves judge whether an order was null or void – whether it was regular or irregular.

That they should come to the court and not take it upon themselves to determine such a question. That the course of the part knowing an order, which was null or irregular, and might be affected by it was plaint. He should apply to the court that it might be discharged. AS LONG AS IT (the Court order) EXISTED, IT MUST NOT BE DISOBEYED.”


Once a party knows of a Court Order, whether null or valid, regular or irregular, he cannot be permitted to disobey it.

This is Councillor Allan Ssewanyana serving the court order to Frank Frank K Tumwebaze. Is there any more proof you need?

This is Councillor Allan Ssewanyana serving the court order to Frank Frank K Tumwebaze. Is there any more proof you need?

Just pondering on the legal ramifications of the continued seating of the KCCA assembly, notwithstanding the issuance of the court order! Imagining if this will not turn out like the Kasibante saga during the recounting of his votes at the Mengo C/ Magistrate court.

Secondly, in as much as i have no problem with the appointment of the 4 professional body of councillors; their swearing in however, under the Local Governments’ Act is so intriguing to brood over; Given the fact that Kampala is no longer a district subject to the aforesaid law, but rather it’s a City governed by an independent law, The KCCA Act.

For record purposes, let us all keep this court order safely if we are to write book about this drama in future.
Once a party knows of a Court Order, whether null or valid, regular or irregular, he cannot be permitted to disobey it.

In the Locus Classicaus case of GEOFFREY GATETE & ANGELLA MARIA NAKIGONYA VS. WILLIAM KYOBE SCCA NO. 7 OF 2005 it was noted that: ‘… the word “effective (service)” means (service of) “having the desired effect; producing the intended result”.’ Thus the intended result is always achieved, once the defendant is aware / informed of the purpose of the Order. And once he is aware, that is sufficient.


There can be no doubt that the desired and intended result of serving the court order on the defendant’s agent (Frank Tumwebaze) in the Lukwago Misc Appl was to make the defendant aware of the Orders granted against it / him so that he /it has the opportunity to adhere to the order of the court. The surest mode of achieving that result is serving the defendant in person through its presiding chair (The Minister of kampala- Frank Tumwebaze).

The Gatete case discusses both the concept of ‘effective service’ & ‘what is deemed to be good service’. If fact, it distinguished the two issues. My interest is not on ‘what is deemed to be good service’ because it is not relevant in the present scenario. As long as the service is effective, who effected it, is inconsequential. What is vital is; has the intended purpose of effecting the service been achieved? That is what is of paramount consideration. That the service has been effective supersedes who effects it; and to me that’s what matters the most.

The issue of whether the order came in late or not or whether there was no service of the court order is not a legal one. What is pertinent for court’s consideration is whether the opposite party was aware of the issuance of that order. That the opposite part had knowledge that an order was issued is itself sufficient.

It goes without say that the court order was issued about 45 minutes before the KCCA vote was made & the information about the order went viral.

The validity or invalidity of the court order is not a matter for non adherence of the court order. Whoever has a problem with the regularity of the order has the only recourse of challenging it in the courts of law; but not to disobey it.

I have heard that Justice Nyanzi Yasin has stayed the removal of Lukwago until Thursday.May be council will sit again on Friday this time at 7am.

I am now on Annihilation mission if Uganda is to be healed.


Comrades, brothers and sisters, fellow members of the global human family, fellow Pan Africanists, fellow Ugandans, fellow democrats, fellow Catholics, fellow Ugandans from Western Uganda, fellow Banyankore-Bakiga, fellow Banyabushenyi, fellow Ruhindans, fellow Banya Bitereko, Kanyabwanga, Kashenshero, and Kiyanga, fellow old students of Kigarama Primary School, Kigarama SSS, Kanyabwanga SSS, Bubangizi SSS, Uganda College of Commerce Kabale, Makerere University, Centre for Basic Research where we did post-graduate studies in research and writing skills; fellow human rights defenders – Foundation For Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) members, Human Rights Network (HURINET), National NGO Forum (NGO FORUM), Development Network of Voluntary Associations (DENIVA), Action Aid International -Uganda Chapter, fellow anticorruption crusaders – Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda – ACCU, Uganda Debt Network, Transparency International – Uganda chapter; fellow child rights defenders – fellow members of African Network for the Prevention and Protection of Children against abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN), fellow memmbers of the umbrella body of child rights defenders – Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN), fellow members of the Pan African Club, friends of the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA), members of the BLACK Monday Movement and the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda – CCEDU, members of the media fraternity, the Uganda Law Society, the Uganda Police Force and all other well-meaning men and women of God.

I now have embarked on a journey of annihilation. I will annihilate Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) management – that is to say Livingstone Sewanyana because FHRI management means only and only Sewanyana. I will annihilate his driver Allan Semalulu (at FHRI he is called Semalalu, whatever that means), I will annihilate his nephew Elly Kasirye who is attached to the Capacity Development Division headed by a very brilliant lawyer called Alice Nassakka. I will annihilate Rose Kamuli FHRI’s Finance Manager. I will annihilate George Musiisi, attached to the FHRI Legal Services Division. I will annihilate Doreen Namyalo who has caused me all the torment I have gone through since 17th October 2013. If you ask for the details, I will give them. Let nobody lie to you that I attempted to rape Doreen Namyalo on Friday October 18. I was to sleep at Uncle Daudi’s place in Bushenyi town the previous night of Thursday 17. Let Elizabeth Nantamu and my brother January Sunday of Amnesty Commission c/o +256701647434 and +256775422343 give the details. I am not ready to go to Court on 5th December 2013 because Detective Mwesigye under the influence of DPC SP Mbaasa amended the original charge sheet where I was charged with assault and criminal trespass. On the original file the complainant was Allan Ssemalulu and the alleged crimes were allegedly committed on 4th November 2013. On the file under which I was taken to court, the alleged crime was committed on 18 October 2013. My very brilliant lawyer and Brother Asuman Basalirwa, you need to guide me on that. I will only go to Makindye Chief Magistrates Court if the trial magistrate assures me that he will dismiss the stupid charges against me and order for my compensation.

I will only report to Kabalagala Police Station to pick my Bible – the African Bible, my wallet containing my critical documents including but not limited to my Identity Card and all vital documents. I will also go back to pick my SH 50 Million which I was going with to Kyamuhunga at Shwenkuru Silver Banagura’s home to buy land in Butare or Mashonga so that my dear mother could settle. I will go to Kabalagala to pick my laptop, my passport and all academic papers which were in my bag and I was going to keep them at home in Bushenyi. Remember, these documents were recently stolen from me in Wandegeya so as to frustrate me from applying for an IDRC funded PhD at MISR under the wise leadership of Prof Mamdani. Because God gave me a scientific mind, I applied nonetheless and won a scholarship!

Now it is emerging Livingstone who is doing his PhD from Capetown South Africa is scared of me who is starting lectures on Jan 6, 2014 at Makerere University. And therefore, he has confirmed that I committed a capital offense! Imagine a person who wishes me the gallows because I ask him tough questions!

I will annihilate Paul Kihika, Tony Geoffrey Owana and Jane Kasumba of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation and they know the reasons. The torment I have endured at the premises of the national broadcaster is too much to bear. I have even filed a complaint to UHRC and nothing has been done.

I will annihilate Johnson Bahimbise former Officer in Charge Station at Kampala Central Police Station when I was introduced to the hell I have endured up to this day. Imagine the torment I have gone through since April 11, 2008 to date and I am still tormented. Comrades Ssenkumbi Ibin and Simeo Muwanga Nsubuga take note. I will annihilate John Ndunguse who was the PSU commandant for doing a stupid job when I complained before PSU. I will annihilate Robert Magyezi of the Police Legal Unit who claimed was my Brother Alexander Kibandama’s classmate. I will annihilate Kabalagala’s DPC Superintendent of Police Mbaasa and his Officer in Charge Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Division -a Muslim Mukiga lady together with his Officer in Charge Station Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police (C/ASP) Mugerwa. I will also annihilate another Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police (C/ASP) attached to Kabalagala Police Station only identified as BRIAN.

I will annihilate Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF’s) Col Felix Kulayigye for dehumanising me from the UBC premises which are public premises by the way.
At Makerere University, I will annihilate Isaac Bakayana of the Law School for dehumanising me in class in 2011. The current third year students can give the details. I will annihilate Vincent Ekwang and Joan school of law registrar. I will also annihilate Paul Omach of the Political Science Department.

In the Red Pepper I will annihilate Johnson Taremwa for defaming me in the Red Pepper of Thursday 20, 2009 a day after I was taken to Luzira after tormenting me from Wandegeya Police Cells. I will not forget to annihilate Musinguzi who in 2009 was attached to Mak and Wandegeya Police and stole my money after shabbily brutalising me. I will annihilate Mission Samuel who was the OC Station of Makerere in 2009 and I will annihilate the woman who was used to lie that I assaulted her thereby earning me a subsequent jail sentence in Murchison Bay Prison. Isaac Egesa of Makerere can attest to that.

In the judiciary I will annihilate James Wambaya and the judge and Registra who dismissed my civil suit 52/2009. I hope I have not forgotten – if it is not 52/2009 then it is 92/2009.

I will annihilate Advocate Robert Kafuuko Ntuyo who accepted my money and messed up my case.
In the first family I will annihilate Justus Karuhanga who messed up my matter when it was being handled by state house. Justus told me to sue the state well aware that they will prevail over the judiciary to mismanage it. I will not spare you Justus.

At Uganda Human Rights Commission I will annihilate Commission Secretary Gordon Mwesigye, Florence Munyarwa, Public Affairs Manager and Roselyn Karugonjo who formerly was director for treaties, monitoring and inspection for all the torment they subjected to me for a full year and the subsequent incarceration in Luzira on no grounds. I will also not spare the gate man Caleb who was used and is now being referred to by FHRI as a police officer.

In Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU), I will annihilate my brother Crispy Kaheru for all the badmouthing he has done against me simply because he fears my brains for we have been together since 2001. I will also not spare Mary Irene Kaboole the current chair of the CCEDU advisory board for defaulting my money first, subjecting me to indignity and humiliation on top of defaulting my money and then running down CCEDU. I started CCEDU; I was arrested from Makerere University on 17th August 2009 when I had gone on a CCEDU assignment. I never witnessed its launch on the 19th August 2009 because I was still in police cells at Wandegeya from where at 3pm I was taken to KCC kangaroo court from where I was remanded to Luzira up to 3rd September by the shameless Grade II magistrate James Wambaya. By the time I came out, I found out that my suit against the government and Butabika’s Tom Onen had been dismissed on 28 August 2009 in my absence! Because God is incorruptible I annihilated Tom Onen without even a phone call. Now he is resting in eternal damnation. All the people I intend to annihilate will go to eternal damnation and I will not even use a single bullet against them. But for sure, I will annihilate them.

Of my close relatives, I will annihilate Julius Mutabazi the current LDC Guild President and my nephew Franco Tumuhimbise the current 3rd year law student at Makerere School of Law but also an officer in the URA for being uncouth and embodiments of everything evil, satanic and ugly. I will spare Sunday January because I am convinced he can learn. I will also spare IGP Kale Kayihura because he is a Mugiri like me and thus my paternal uncle. I will spare Yoweri Museveni because as a Mugahe he must be my maternal uncle. I will however, relieve Museveni and Kayihura of leadership positions. However, I will annihilate Janet Museveni, her daughters and all the people around her who claim to be Balokole. In a number of times I have been conducting studies for Professor John-Jean Barya, Mzee F. Gureeme, the father to Robinah Rwakojo has often used the analogy of a fox to refer to Janet Museveni. Mzee Gureme always remarks that like the Fox which barks from every hill, Janet Museveni backs from every hill and valley in and around Kampala, Mukono, Entebbe and Wakiso to mean that her land and houses are ubiquitous. How she gets the money, she cannot explain. Janet must die.

In the Prisons, I will annihilate Tomy Otim who caned me with his stick 500 times. In the Psychiatric Section, I will annihilate Julius Muroni of Butabika, Kirinya ward for subjecting me to 30 injections which kept me unconscious for three weeks in 2011 but also was used by my enemies to keep me on drugs for the insane when I was a convict in Murchison Bay. I will spare but punish heavily Robert Okuyat for he was under the orders of Muroni. I will spare but punish heavily David Basangwa for his role in subjecting me to police brutality in 2009 when I was on a mission to liberate Gaudence Tushabomwe. I will annihilate Grace Lubale who was the administrator at Butabika and left to join UPDF management. I will annihilate Kireka Ward In -charge Debora of Butabika. I will annihilate all the security guards in Butabika who always held me as Julius Muloni subjected me to life and health killing drugs.

I will annihilate African Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitaion of Torture Victims (ACTV), East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project (EHAHRDP) and Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) for mishandling my complaints thereby denying me justice. ACTV acknowledged Tom Onen’s stupid report which declared me insane. FHRI ignored my file and East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defender’s Project Tabitha ignored my case emphatically insisting FHRI is fully in control. Remember I had been referred to Tabitha by FAHAMU, Frontline Defenders and Amnesty Commission. At home in Bitereko, I will annihilate Bagwagye’s son Naboth for stealing my motor bike yet I had helped him so much.

In the loud-mouthed so-called activists, I will annihilate David Zac Niringiye, Cissy Kagaba, HURINET’S Patrick Tumwine and I will punish people such Richard Sewakiryanga, Godber W. Tumushabe and Arthur Bainomugisha. I will also look for Judy of Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU) and annihilate is she is still using donor funds. I will also annihilate NOTU leadership and I will annihilate Nordic Consulting Group if Allen Asiimwe and Beatrice are still there.

I will not spare the speaker of Parliament Right Honourable Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga. In 2009 I personally submitted a petition which can be accessed on the website of Ugandans At Heart, she ignored it. I was to be served a jail sentence because I opposed fees increment and wrote a letter to President Museveni which can be accessed online also on this site In 2011, when I attempted to re-submit the same petition, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi blocked us. The right honourable Kadaga knows quite well that university education is now a preserve of the rich, she knows well that the practice in Uganda contravenes section 2 of the Universities and Tertiary Institutions Act but she continues to keep silent. The human rights committee of Parliament chaired by my area district woman MP Jovah Kamateka is impotent. Yet people say Kadaga should be our president! In my view, she is not even fit to be a Member of Parliament.

I will also politically annihilate Major General Kahinda Otafiire who has led Ruhinda, our county since 1994 and there is nothing to show for it. I am ready to represent my county Ruhinda on the Democratic Party Ticket whose principles are truth and justice. I am being scared that Otafiire will rig the election. Let him attempt to do it when we are in the race together. I will call all my supporters in Bubangizi SSS play ground and we conduct a head count. Others will assemble in Kamabare Open Market, others in Kirambi open market, Ikona and Rwenkuriju and all the open grounds. I will use Otafiire’s money for I will deploy my agents in his camp to pick money and tricks. If we are to have elections in 2016 which is highly unlikely, the Ruhinda County seat is for Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba, Democratic Party diehard to win.

Finally, as a fighter I know I have spread the frontline and opened so many wars at the same time. But I am happy, I will win. I am the biblical David and all my enemies are Goliaths. I want justice or death. But if I am denied justice nobody else will get it. Norbert Mao, Rugaba Hussein Kashillingi, Nicholas Opiyo, Asuman Basalirwa and senior human rights advocate Ladislaus Kiiza Rwakafuuzi take note. At least, I will not commit suicide. Not when the Democratic Party is on the verge of capturing political power. I have chosen this line because dialogue has been overly frustrated and I learnt while studying about revolutionary violence that “Dawa ya moto ni moto” (the antidote for fire is fire).

Franz Fanon says colonialism is by nature violence and can only yield if confronted by greater violence. Likewise impunity, dishonesty, pretence and hypocrisy and necessarily synonymous with violence and we must use the same means they use against me if I am to have justice. At least the entire world now knows. There cannot be resurrection without death. Museveni and Sewanyana and his ilk have killed me several times and I have had multiple resurrections. Accordingly, it is not my turn to die. It is the turn of those whose souls died before their bodies to have their bodies dead also so that we can have real paradise here on the Ugandan soil. This annihilation mission is a fulfillment of my Grand Mother Susanna Kirakwende’s (RIP) prophecy of the January 26, 1986 when she told my uncle Gervase Muhumuza a.k.a Karuhinda that once a Muhima captures power he will not leave easily adding that if Democratic Party never captures power, peace, development and justice will continue to delude Uganda. Uganda is God’s chosen country. God has heard the cries of His people and has come to their rescue through the humble, poor Vincent Nuwagaba. May God’s name always be praised. Glory be to the Father, and to the son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen

Mr Vincent Nuwagaba is a PhD Fellow for the January 2014 intake at the Makerere Institute of Social Research, a human rights defender, a researcher and life member of the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative.
Contact him via or cell phone +256702843552

Its time Uganda to start the National Reconciliation than fighting each other

By Peter Marco.

For many years Uganda has been on the foot side of many things without and well organised structure to develop and to achieve for its people due to infighting.

The vision of Democracy and Freedom can be hijacked due to lack of National Unity and Reconciliation among people. Uganda must buy a leaf from Egypt where the wish to have the first free elected leader was overpower due to lack of National Unity among different people with different agenda and opinion on how a country can be run.

If the Pro Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood had Egypt on their heart they would have left peace to fall as a river and unite for the good of Egypt. But they took themselves first than the Country where civilisation began; they have caused more harm than good in the beautiful land of Pharaoh and the great founders of democracy.

Back to Uganda where tear gas is the order of the day where Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Kaweesi and Sam Omara are running battles with Besigye, Lukwago, Ingrid,Black Monday group, Bishop Zac, Muyangwa , Mwijukye ,UYD, Nkoba za Mbogo, FDC,UPC, Subbi and other pressure groups in Uganda.
The solution will never be an eye for an eye because it will not work; one Man said that eye to eye will leave the World blind. We got a lot at stack and a big mountain to climb than running around Kampala Business Park chasing each other, fighting and disturbing our people who are just going on with their daily business. The solution must be to reconcile, work together, unite, listen to each other, respect each other, talk and we will find the answer.

Tear gas cost more than the clean hospitals that Ugandans want, good schools, roads, fighting diseases, creates jobs for the youth and promoting agriculture, so much are we ready to spend on it without productive growth it.
You can say that the government has done something to bring people together but it’s too little and not enough because the office of Political Commissar, Political Mobilisation and Ministry of national guidance must do more to reach out to people and the opposition to be on the forefront in some decisions that are being made because even them they represent people in their capacity.
I suggest that National Reconciliation Council to be set up to bring different functions together for a better Uganda and to debate issues that are of National interest. This Council must include all people and must be functioning in the way that our people can see peace and unity than Omara with his tear gas.

When I was listening to Frank-Gashumba after visiting the President he stated that the President is not told what’s going on and sometime is being misled by people near him with their own interest.

But we cannot continue fighting each other while we do have a lot to do and future of your country and the young generation to think about. Let’s address the issue on National Unity by putting Political, Tribal, Culture, Religious difference aside for a better Uganda.
We can talk to each other to find the common solution for a common problem and other challenges that we face because we cannot run or shy away from.

Our neighbour the DRC have announce the reconciliation programme where Former Presidents body can return in order for them to work together for the growth of their country, why not Uganda let’s stop the infighting and tear gas to try to talk to each other to achieve our goals and ambition.
Let’s listen to the Opposition, Pressure groups, Religious leaders, Cultural leaders and other people with views and ideals that can build the country than chasing each other and running battles in Kampala and other parts of the country.

When we are united we will encourage foreign investor, tourist, create more jobs, visitors and increase on peoples income in their household.

If Lord Mayor Lukwago can work with President Museveni and Besigye why not for the benefit of Ugandans and the country at large let it be. It’s better than the revenue that we loss every day in battles and fighting in Kampala

By Peter Marco.


This Article may be annoying but worth reading.
They call the third world the lazy man’s purview; the sluggishly slothful and languorous prefecture. In this realm people are sleepy, dreamy, torpid, lethargic, and therefore indigent-totally penniless, needy, destitute, poverty- stricken, disfavored, and impoverished. In this demesne, as they call it, there are hardly any discoveries, inventions, and innovations. Africa is the trailblazer. Some still call it “the dark continent” for the light that flickers under the tunnel is not that of hope, but an approaching train, millions die and many more remain decapitated by the day.” It’s amazing how you all sit there and watch yourselves die, “the man next to me said. “Get up and do something about it.”

Brawny, fully bald-headed, with intense, steely eyes. He was as cold as they come. When I first discovered I was going to spend my New Year’s Eve next to him on a non-stop JetBlue flight from Los Angeles to Boston I was angst-ridden. I associated marble-shaven Caucasians with iconoclastic skin-heads, most of who are racists.
”My name is Walter.” He extended his hand as soon as I settled in my seat.

I told him mine with a precautious smile.
“Where are you from” he asked.
“Zambia! He exclaimed, Kauda’s country.”
“Yes”, I said, “Now Sata’s.”
“But of course”, he responded. “You just elected King Cobra as your president.”

My face lit up at the mention of Sata’s moniker. Walter smiled, and in those cold eyes I saw an amenable fellow, one of those American highbrows who shuttle between Africa and the U.S. “I spent three years in Zambia in the 1980s”, he continued. I wined and dined with Luke Mwananshiku,Willa Mungomba, Dr. Siteke Mwale, and many other highly intelligent Zambians.” He lowered his voice. “I was part of the IMF group that came up to rip you guys off.” He smirked. “Your government put me in a million dollar mansion overlooking a shanty called Kalingalinga. From my patio I saw it all- the rich and poor, the ailing, the dead, and the healthy.”

“Are you still with the IMF?” I asked.
“I have since moved to yet another group with similar intentions. In the next few months my colleagues and I will be in Lusaka to hypnotize the cobra. I work for the broker that has acquired a chunk of your debt. Your government owes not the World Bank, but us millions of dollars. We’ll be in Lusaka to offer your president a couple of millions and fly back with a check twenty times greater. ”

“No, you won’t,” I said. “King Cobra is incorruptible. He is…”

He was laughing. “Says who? Give me an African president, just one, who has not fallen for the carrot and stick.”
Quett Masire’s name popped up.

“Oh, him, well, we never got to him because he turned down the IMF and the World Bank. It was perhaps the smartest thing for him to do.”

At midnight we were airborne. The captain wished us a happy 2012 and urged us to watch the fireworks across Los Angles. “Isn’t that beautiful,” Walter said looking down.
From my middle seat, I took a glance and nodded admirably. “That’s white man’s country,” he said. “We came here on Mayflower and turned Indian Land into a paradise and now the most powerful nation on earth. We discovered the bulb, and built this aircraft to fly us to pleasure resorts like Lake Zambia.”

I grinned. “There is no Lake Zambia.”
He curled his lips into a smug smile. “That’s what we call your country. You guys are as stagnant as the water in the lake. We come in with our large boats and fish your minerals and you wildlife and leave morsels-crumbs. That’s your staple food, crumbs, the small Tilapia fish you call Kapenta is crumbs. We the Bwanas (whites) take the cat fish. I am the Bwana and you are the Muntu. I get what I want and you get what you deserve, crumbs. That’s what lazy people get-Zambians, Africans, the entire Third World.” The smile vanished from my face.

“I see you are getting pissed off,” Walter said and lowered his voice. “You are thinking this Bwana is a racist. That’s how most Zambians respond when I tell them the truth. They go ballistic. Okay. Let’s for a moment put our skin pigmentations, this black and white crap, aside. Tell me, my friend, what is the difference between you and me?”

“There is no difference.” “Absolutely none,” he exclaimed. “Scientists in the Human Genome Project have proved that. It took them thirteen years to determine the complete sequence of the three billion DNA subunits. After they were all done it was clear that 99.9% nucleotide bases were exactly the same in you and me. We are the same people. All white, Asian, Latino and Black people on this aircraft are the same.” I gladly nodded.

“And yet I feel superior,” he smiled fatalistically.
“Every white person on this plane feels superior to a black person. The white guy who picks up garbage, the homeless white trash on drugs, feels superior to you no matter his status or education. I can pick up a nincompoop from the New York streets, clean him up, and take him to Lusaka and you all be crowding around him chanting muzungu, muzungu and yet he’s a riffraff. Tell me why my angry friend.”

For a moment I was wordless. “Please don’t blame it on slavery like the African Americans do, or colonialism, or some psychological impact or some kind of stigmatization. And don’t give me the brainwash poppycock. Give me a better answer.”

I was thinking. He continued.

“Excuse what I am about to say. Please do not take offense.” I felt a slap of blood rush to my head and prepared for the worst.

“You my friend flying with me and all your kind are lazy,” he said. “When you rest your head on the pillow you don’t dream big. You and other so-called African intellectuals are damn lazy, each one of you. It is you and not those poor starving people, who is the reason Africa is in such a deplorable state.”

“That’s not a nice thing to say,” I protested. He was implacable. “Oh yes it is and I will say it again, you are lazy. Poor and uneducated Africans are the most hardworking people on earth. I saw them in the merchandise. I saw them in villages toiling away. I saw women on Kafue Road crushing stones for sell and wept. I said to myself where are the Zambian intellectuals? ” “Are the Zambian engineers so imperceptive they cannot invent a simple stone crusher, or a simple water filter to purify well water for the poor villagers? Are you telling me that after thirty-seven years of independence your University school of engineering has not produced a scientist or an engineer who can make small machines for mass use? What is school there for?”

I held my breath.

“Do you know where I found your intellectuals? They were in bars quaffing. They were at Lusaka Golf Club, Lusaka Central Club. I saw with my own eyes a bunch of alcoholic graduates. Zambian intellectuals work from eight to five and spend the evening drinking. We don’t. We reserve the evening for brainstorming.” He looked me in the eye. “And you flying to Boston and all of you Zambians in the Diaspora are just as lazy and apathetic to your country. You don’t care about your country and yet your very own parents, brothers, and sisters are in Mtendere, Chawama, and in villages, all of them living in squalor. Many have died or are dying of neglect by you. They are dying of AIDS because you cannot come up with your own cure. You are here calling yourselves graduates, researchers and scientists and are fast articulating your credentials once asked-Oh, I have a PhD in this and that- PhD my foot!”
I was deflated.

“Wake up you all!” he exclaimed, attracting the attention of nearby passengers. “You should be busy lifting ideas, formulae, recipes and diagrams from America manufacturing factories and sending them to your own factories. All those research findings and dissertation papers you completed should be your country’s treasure. Why do you think the Asians are a force to reckon with? They stole our ideas and turned them into their own. Look at Japan, China, India, just look at them.” He paused. “The Bwana has spoken,” he said and grinned. “As long as you are dependant and in my plane, I shall feel superior and you my friend shall remain inferior, how about that? The Chinese, Japanese, Indians even Latinos are a notch better. You Africans are at the bottom of the totem pole.”
He tempered his voice. “Get over this white skin syndrome and begin to feel confident. Become innovative and make your own stuff for god’s sake.”

At 8 am the plane touched down at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Walter reached for my hand. “I know I was too strong, but I don’t give it a damn. I have been to Zambia and have seen too much poverty.” He pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled something. “Here, read this. It was written by a friend.”

He had written only the title: “Lords of Poverty.”
Thunderstruck, I had a sinking feeling. I watched Walter walk through the airport doors to a waiting car. He had left a huge dust devil twirling in my mind, stirring up sad memories of home. I could see Zambia’s literati- the cognoscente, intelligentsia, academics, highest grades in mathematics and the sciences and attained the highest education on the planet. They had been to Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), only to leave us with not a single invention or discovery. I knew some by name and drunk with them at the Lusaka Playhouse and Central Sports.

Walter is right. It is true that since independence we have failed to nurture creativity and collective orientations. We as a nation lack a workhorse mentality and behave like 13 million civil servants dependant on the government pay cheque. We believe that development is generated 8a.m-5p.m behind a desk wearing a tie with our degrees hanging on the wall. Such a working environment does not offer the competition, and the spectacle of innovative rituals. But the intelligentsia is not solely, or even mainly, to blame. The larger failure is due to political circumstances over which they have had little control. The past governments failed to create an environment of possibility that fosters camaraderie, rewards innovative ideas and encourages resilience.
KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Banda embraced orthodox ideas and therefore failed to offer many opportunities for drawing outside the line.

I believed King Cobra’s reset has been cast in the same faculties as those of his predecessors. If today I told him that we can build our won car, he would throw me out.
“Naupena? Fuma apa. ” (Are you mad? Get out of here)
Knowing well that King Cobra will not embody innovation at Walter’s level let’s begin to look for a technologically active-positive leader who can succeed him after a term or two. That way we can make our own stone crushers, water filters, water pumps, razor blades, harvesters. Let’s dream big and make tractors, cars, and planes, or like Walter said, forever remain inferior.

A fundamental transformation of our country from what is essentially non-innovative to strategic superior African country requires a bold risk-taking educated leader with a triumphalist attitude and we have one in YOU. Don’t be highly strung and feel insulted by Walter. Take a moment and think about our country. Our journey from 1964 has been marked by tears. It has been an emotionally overwhelming experience. Each one of us has lost a loved one to poverty, hunger and disease. The number of graves is catching up with the population. It is time to change our political culture and activate-positive progressive movement that will change our lives forever. Don’t be afraid or dispirited, rise to the challenge and salvage the remaining few of your beloved ones.

Hope you got the point as articulated by Walter.

Charles Onyango-Obbo:both the Mayor of London and the Lord Mayor are elected figures with executive powers!

I disagree with Charles Onyango-Obbo in his recent article in the Daily Monitor on the link below.Jennifer Musisi has not achieved whatever can be legitimately attributed to her due to her compentence; she’s has been facilitated and enabled by President Museveni, in order to paint Mayor Lukwago as incompentent, and therefore, unfit for the office.

In fact, Museveni fulfilled this prophesy by his government-appointed Tribunal that gave him the conclusion he had set out with originally.

Onyango-Obbo is also referencing to the Nairobi City Council, and applauds its management acheivements. Apparently, Charles does not know the history of NCC under President Moi in the 1980’s.

Like Museveni is on Lukwago and Baganda, Moi set out to frustrate and eventually removed Mayor Nathan Kahara for fear that Kahara’s Kikuyu tribesmen were gaining wide economic clout in the city.

Moi had his Local government minister, Moses Mudavandi dissolve the City Council, and named a Commission to run it. The Commission was packed with Moi loyalists.

Lukwago’s fate is a sad commentary of how low Museveni has stooped in his phobic war with Baganda. If Onyango-Obbo still believes that Lukwago simply failed to make an impact in managing Kampala, then his ear must not have touched the ground.

Edward Pojim

Obbo has written tongue in cheek. What he describes about London is wrong. Please see below a brief description of the role of the Mayor of London, as distinguished from that of the Lord Mayor of the City of London. The City of London is one of 32 boroughs that make up London City or Greater London. The City of London is therefore governed just like any other borough of London. Its elected leader is called Lord Mayor, just like all other boroughs of London, except these other boroughs don’t use the prefix “Lord”. Lewisham where I live has its own Mayor.

The Mayor of London on the other hand is the executive Mayor of all London, including the City of London. He stands above all of the other 32 Mayors including the Lord Mayor. He is an Executive Mayor and his roles are the following :

Mayor of London – role

The Mayor’s role as the executive of the strategic authority for London is to promote economic development and wealth creation, social development, and the improvement of the environment. The Mayor also has a number of other duties in relation to culture and tourism, including responsibility for Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square.

What can the Mayor do?

The Mayor has a range of specific powers and duties, and a general power to do anything that will promote economic and social development, and environmental improvement, in London. Before using many of his powers the Mayor must consult with Londoners, and in all cases, the Mayor must promote equality of opportunity.

The Greater London Authority Act 2007 supplemented and updated the GLA Act 1999 and granted some additional powers to the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.
Setting strategies for London

The Mayor sets out plans and policies for London covering transport, planning and development, housing, economic development and regeneration, culture, health inequalities, and a range of environmental issues including climate change, biodiversity, ambient noise, waste disposal and air quality.

These individual plans fit together to help deliver the Mayor’s policies. Between them, these plans must also contribute to sustainable development and the health of Londoners.

Planning and housing

The Mayor’s Spatial Development Strategy – the London Plan – sets out the policies for new building and land use in London. London boroughs must refer their local development plans and any major planning applications to the Mayor. The Mayor is responsible for London’s housing strategy, and for the annual regional housing budget.
Funding services for London

The Mayor sets the annual budget for:

-the Greater London Authority
-the Metropolitan Police, who provide policing in the capital, under the oversight of the Metropolitan Police Authority
-Transport for London, which is responsible for London’s buses and the Underground, manages river services and some light rail services, maintains London’s main roads and regulates London’s licensed taxi and private hire services
-The London Development Agency, which works with business to sustain and improve London’s role as a business centre, while increasing economic opportunity for all Londoners
-London Fire Brigade, which responds to fires and promotes fire prevention, under the oversight of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

The Lord Mayor of the City of London does not have any of these powers that the Mayor of London has got. What makes the City of London stand out is that it house the “Square Mile”, which is the area where most of the UK’s and in fact world financial services are located.

The roles of Musisi as Executive Director, and Lukwago as Lord Mayor can not therefore be compared to the arrangement in London, because both the Mayor of London and the Lord Mayor of the City of London are elected figures with executive powers, unlike Lukwago who has got only ceremonial powers or very limited executive powers. Secondly, the roles of the Mayor of London and the roles of the mayors of the 32 London boroughs are clearly defined in law and so there is no clash of any nature. Each of these 32 boroughs, including the City of London also elect members to represent them on the London Assembly. A good example to give you a take of the separation powers and differences are emergency situations regarding terrorist threats even inside the Square Mile. It is the Mayor of London responsible for it, not the Lord Mayor.

George Okello

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