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Day November 1, 2013


Dear Colleagues and fellow concerned citizens,

Hope this finds you all in good health.

As we get excited and warm up to view this once-in- a-life-time event let us be cognisant of the massive hazard that could befall our predominantly young population if the necessary precautions are not taken.

We surely wouldn’t want to mix the wealth this event is bringing to Uganda with the unhealthy and helpless estate it is likely to leave behind.

A lot of misleading information from relatively non- technical sources has been availed to the public which could result in more problems than desired.

Some useful information has been availed to the Ministry of health so that as the authority on health matters it will advise the nation.

Editing has been done of the message to give to the general population, however as the bureaucracies, protocol and procedures of the government offices still drag on, TIME HAS FLED FROM US.

It is therefore my desire to let you know (in case you hadn’t known) or to summarize for you some of the info you can use as a technical person to inform the public and measures you can take as a parent, teacher, mobilizer, organizer , leader and patriotic citizen.



Find attached the general info and the editted message. references were left out but can be availed on request.

Yours truly

Dr Anne Ampaire Musika
Ophthalmologist and scholar of Clinical epidemiology and Biostatistics
Mulago National Referral Hospital
P.O.BOX 7051
Tel 0772 424995



On 3rd Nov 2013 the world is going to witness one of the very rare eclipses- the Solar Eclipse. Uganda is one of the privileged countries that will witness the total and partial eclipse. As we warm up to enjoy this spectacular moment, the Ministry of Health would like to alert the public of the few likely dangers to health that come along with such viewing.

When a person looks at the sun without wearing a proper protection for the eyes, the radiation from the sun can cause serious damage leading to permanent blindness. The effect of the damage to the eye may be realised several hours later since there is no pain associated with this kind of damage to the eyes.


Everybody who will view the solar eclipse with naked eyes is at risk of damaging his/her eyes. Children and young adults aged below 20 years are at greater risk because the lens in their eyes is not able to filter most of the dangerous light.
It is not advisable to view partial or total solar eclipse without proper protection for the eyes. The only time that the Sun can be viewed safely with the naked eye is during a very short period of time, about 2 minutes, when the Moon completely covers the Sun and one should immediately look away the moment the first rays of the sun begin to appear at the edge of the moon.
The public is warned not to use the following items for viewing the solar eclipse because they do not offer adequate protection from the dangerous radiation that damages the eyes:
• colour film
• black-and-white film that contains no silver
• photographic negatives with images on them
• smoked glass
• sunglasses
• photographic neutral density filters
• Polarizing filters
• Binoculars and telescopes
Do not view the eclipse through a mirror or water in a basin because the sun rays will be directly reflected straight into the eye with the same intensity.
The safest devicesto use for protecting the eyes are solar viewers with aluminized polyester.
Though not entirely(100%) safe to use, the following locally available filters may be used to view the eclipse:
• Welders’ glasses
• pin-hole cameras
• negatives without imagesused as double layers
• pin holes (made by passing a pin through a hard paper or cardboard)
• black kaveera (polythene bag)
• compact discs
• floppy discs
Parents, Teachers and the general public are advised to closely supervise children and students and ensure they have some level of protection when viewing the solar eclipse to avoid permanent damage to their eyes
This message is from the Ministry of Health.


1. The fattest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

2. I thought I saw an eye-doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian .

3. She was only a whisky-maker, but he loved her still.

4. A rubber-band pistol was confiscated from an algebra class, because it was a weapon of math disruption.

5. No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery.

6. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.

7. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart.

8. Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.

9. A hole has been found in the nudist-camp wall. The police are looking into it.

10. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

11. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

12. Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to the other: ‘You stay here; I’ll go on a head.’

13. I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.

14. A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: ‘Keep off the Grass.’

15. The midget fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.

16. The soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran.

17. A backward poet writes inverse.

18. In a democracy it’s your vote that counts. In feudalism it’s your count that votes.

19. When cannibals ate a missionary, they got a taste of religion.

20. If you jumped off the bridge in Paris , you’d be in Seine .

21. A vulture carrying two dead raccoons boards an airplane. The stewardess looks at him and says, ‘I’m sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger.&# 39;

22. Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says, ‘Dam!’

23. Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft. Unsurprisingly it sank, proving once again that you can’t have your kayak and heat it too.

24. Two hydrogen atoms meet. One says, ‘I’ve lost my electron.’ The other says, ‘Are you sure?’ The first replies, ‘Yes, I’m positive.’

25. Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root-canal? His goal: transcend dental medication.

26. There was the person who sent ten puns to friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did.

Health Benefits of Consuming Dates

1) Dates are free from cholesterol and contain very low fat. Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals.

2) They are rich source of protein, dietary fiber and rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5 along with vitamin A1 and C.

3) It helps improve the digestive system as it contains soluble and insoluble fibers and different kinds of amino acids.

4) Dates are great energy boosters as they contain natural sugars like glucose, sucrose and fructose. To get more advantage add dates to milk and make it a very nutritious snack.

5) Dates are very low in calories and are extremely suitable for health conscious people.

6) Dates are rich in potassium and reduced in sodium. This helps regulate a healthy nervous system. Researchers have revealed the fact that potassium intake up to a certain extent can reduce risk of stroke.

7) Dates also help in lowering of the LDL cholesterol.

8) Dates have high iron content and are very useful in treating anemia. The patients can eat many dates for better advantages.

9) Dates also have fluorine that slows down the process of tooth decay.

10) It helps people suffering from constipation. Soak dates overnight and take it along with water to have added advantage.

11) Dates help in weight gain and are beneficial for those who suffer from over slimming problem.

12) Dates are excellent for alcoholic intoxication. Cures abdominal cancer.

13) It also helps in improving eye sight and helps in curing night blindness as well.

This mail is for Sixty plus who still keep going !!!

Sixty plus who still keep going… Wisdom’s worth listening to:

Don’t worry about what will happen after you are gone, because when you return to dust, you will feel nothing about praises or criticisms.

Don’t worry too much about your children for children will have their own destiny and find their own way. Don’t be your children’s slave.

Don’t expect too much from your children. Caring children, though caring, would be too busy with their jobs and commitments to render any help.

Uncaring children may fight over your assets even when you are still alive, and wish for your early demise so they can inherit your properties.

Your children take for granted that they are rightful heirs to your wealth; but you have no claims to their money.

60-year olds like you, dont trade in your health for wealth anymore. Because your money may not be able to buy your health.

When to stop making money, and how much is enough (hundred thousands, million, ten million)?

Out of thousand hectares of good farm land, you can only consume three quarts (of rice) daily; out of a thousand of mansions, you only need eight square meters of space to rest at night.

So as long as you have enough food and enough money to spend, that is good enough. So you should live happily.

Every family has its own problems. Just do not compare with others for fame and social status and see whose children are doing better, etc. but challenge others for happiness, health and longevity.

Don’t worry about things that you can’t change because it doesn’t help and it may spoil your health.

You have to create your own well-being and find your own happiness;

As long as you are in good mood, think about happy things, do happy things daily and have fun in doing, then you will pass your time happily every day.

One day passes, you will lose one day; One day passes with happiness, and then you gain one day.

In good spirit, sickness will cure; in happy spirit, sickness will cure fast; in good and happy spirit; sickness will never come.

With good mood, suitable amount of exercise, always in the sun, variety of foods, reasonable amount of vitamin and mineral intake, hopefully you will live another 20 or 30 years of healthy life.

Above all learn to cherish the goodness around and FRIENDS… they all make you feel young and “wanted” ; without them you are surely to feel lost!!

Wishing you all the best.

Do share this with all your friends who are 60 plus and those who will be 60 plus after some time.

Ugandans in Diaspora should petition the constitutional Court over Dual Citizenship law

I was looking at this Ugandan dual citizenship law, that’s about two years old or less, and I think there’s a constitutional argument that the diaspora should take up. I will be glad to get thoughts on this.Here is the citizenship law on the website of Directorate of Citizenship & Immigration Control:

It’s amazing the typing errors that are on such an official website.Under this law, anybody who takes up citizenship of another country loses Ugandan citizenship and has to reply. But my argument is that if the country that accepts the person’s new citizenship does not compel him/her to renounce his citizenship that and that person does not renounce his original citizenship, that he/she acquired by birth or decent, then nobody has a right to take it away. Just because it’s a law does not mean that is just.

Under the same law, a child born of Ugandan parents living abroad and naturally acquires citizenship either by virtue of birth or parents now being citizens of another country is considered a non-citizen and is not eligible to apply for Ugandan citizenship until he/she is 18 years of age because they are considered minors. This child can only study in Uganda or conduct business on a foreigners’ permit. I think there’s a flaw in this. This child did not choose to lose Ugandan citizenship and the state should not take it from him/her until he/she reaches of age and chooses to renounce it.

Besides, there’s the application fee of US $400 to re-acquire it. Yes you heard me right, it’s in US dollars.I think the law-makers didn’t apply their minds broadly.

For instance nobody can ever get up and declare to another that “from now, that’s not your mother.” It’s only if a person decides that from a certain point, he/she will not recognize somebody as their mother. Therefore that law does not and cannot stand.

The bottom line in my opinion is that nobody has a right to take away my citizenship and its accompanying rights unless I renounce it. Apartheid in S Africa designed similar laws, yes they were laws, but they didn’t stand.The Ugandans who are paying money to re-acquire their natural citizenship are doing it out of either ignorance or fear.

Written by:

Stephen Twinoburyo

Parliament should investigate all properties that Crane Bank and Sudhir took over

Have u ever wondered why a young Crane Bank grows faster than the very old and multi national Barclays bank and Standard bank?

Have u ever wondered why a young Crane Bank grows faster than the very old and multi national Barclays bank and Standard bank?

Ugandans at heart,
I wish an inquiry is done on all properties that Crane Bank took over, I bet more rot will be unearthed. Indigenous Ugandan investors, entrepreneurs, business persons need the government’s favour and protection. Uganda is for Ugandans not Indians. Museveni is a president of Ugandans not investors.

Look at Sembule, Greenland bank, and many others; leave politics out of this Uganda is better off with its indigenous brands than sophisticated investors. Even if Sudhir employed 10,000 people the impact can never be as an indigenous Ugandan entrepreneur’s trickle down.

This is not a house in Europe but Rukungiri.If u think it's a normal house even M7 was surprised when he was passing by and on asking whose house it was he was shocked! That house has a pad for helicopters to land it has a huge perimeter wall of acres and acres

This is not a house in Europe but Rukungiri.If u think it’s a normal house even M7 was surprised when he was passing by and on asking whose house it was he was shocked! That house has a pad for helicopters to land it has a huge perimeter wall of acres and acres

However it should also be noted that the nature of investors we have in town all hail their oxygen support from statehouse. Look at the case of Shumuk and Katatumba?, look at Sembule, look at Kasole of Kampala parents, and the list is endless. If I can even be more precise Crane Bank may have closed like any other local bank ages ago, but you remember the issue of UPDF soldiers having accounts there? The former PS’ name Dr Mbonye came on table.

Mr Sudhir Ruparalia has compromised Uganda’s media to the bone marrow.There are several Ugandans in government; security, civil society, NEMA, Media who are making a dime out of shielding or giving him a blind eye. Kasole should investigate the takeover of Kampala Parents school by Sudhir.Truth be told Ugandans have been fooled left and right.

The Banyakigezi bank was donated to Sudhir, and apparently Governor Tumusiime Mutebiire was unaware? The late Kasaga Zimwe (RIP) almost lost a prime property to the same Indian but he was rescued by Mzee Mandela of city tyres.
Our dear Andrew Mwenda was brought to the attention of fraud at Crane Bank.Concerns were brought by good n loving hearty Ugandans who saw Mwenda as their saviour then. But Andrew opted for a friendship with a tycoon. Another form of betrayal. The Independent partnered with Crane Bank. The rest is history.I doubt if Mr. Ruparelia has any philanthropist plans at the end of the day.

Two months back, we saw the “Uganda Police” protect Sudhir to continue filling a wetland ( internationally recognised conservation area ) with soil so that he can expand his flower farm.Sudhir is a member of NRM.

There is banking behaviour which in real terms is trade in money. That is normal but the Banks need to be regulated not to protect only the banking sector (like Mutebire and Central bank do), but also to protect the citizens as they use the bank. It cannot be anything goes.This is where the government comes in. It must regulate the Banking sector to protect it as well as it customers who are citizens. Mind you it is the governments job to protect the citizens. In fact it is the prime job. Moreover it is also in the interest of both the banking sector and the government to protect the citizens against unfair treatment because when the citizens fear the banks, then the trade in money is gone and there is no banking sector to talk about. The individuals who take advantage of the weakness in government and in the banking sector to exploit the weak citizen and take his hard earned money are clearly criminals and should be dealt with by the justice system and government.Sudhir happens to be just one example! There are many who do these things and take people’s property.

The best liberation is the liberation of the mind without it all other forms of liberation are set back! there two sides to this and it is difficult to figure out a solution for both. On one hand you have the “old generation” who fear banks like the plague. As a result you find some one with acres and acres of land or even so many (unnecessarily many) head of cattle which he could use to get a loan from a Bank and do more development work. This is not good for development. Then on the other you find the new generation (young people) who know they can get quick loans from the banks. But they do not first ask about the dangers and the benefits and how to manage the whole thing including repaying the loans. Unfortunately some of the young people persuade their old folk to allow them to use their lands/property as collateral which eventually ends up being confiscated. In the middle of these two you have money lending sharks who take advantage of the situation. So I am trying to figure out what “liberation” measure we need to adopt to remedy this situation. It looks like it will get worse before it gets better!

If we all know that the Sudhir are sharks who will grab our properties given a chance, why do we continue to borrow money from them?

Bogere Rashid

Signed invitation for the conference in London if u wish to attend!

Organization No. 58907378
De Warren 18, 8561ed Balk
Tel +31684229613

Our Ref: UDN/ICU/13

24th October 2013



Greetings from the Uganda Diaspora in the Netherlands.

The Uganda Diaspora Netherlands (UDN) take this opportunity to inform and invite you to the First International Convention on Uganda.

The Two days conference aims at arriving at a consensus on the way forward for comprehensive political social and economic reforms in Uganda for sustainable political, social and economic development.

The Conference is a roadmap for uniting all Ugandans in the Diaspora and those who have a desire to find a solution to the current political and economic situation in Uganda. The current corruption cases and mismanagement of public resources are causing uncertainty to all Ugandans at home and abroad. The Theme for this Convention is: Transitioning Uganda from dictatorship to sustainable political-social-economic Development.

The purpose of this letter therefore, is to invite you to this Convention to take place from the 28th to 30th November 2013.

Being a young organization, we are not able to fund your travel. We therefore pray that you will be able to mobilise funds and participate in this historical function.
There is a specially negotiated diaspora package which includes hotel accommodation for 3 days, meals for the same number of days, and transport to and from the Airport. This is all costed for only 390 euro.
Please contact us for more details. However there are also much cheaper alternatives which can be discussed.

NB: Please ignore the 30th October deadline.


THE INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ON UGANDA: – The Hague 28th -30th November 2013,Hosted by the Uganda Diaspora & Patriotic Ugandans from Uganda

Theme: Transitioning Uganda from Dictatorship to Democracy and Sustainable Political, Social, Economic Development.

1.0 Background

In line with the aims and objectives of the Uganda Diaspora Netherlands (UDN) arrangements are underway to host the first International Convention on Uganda. The convention shall take place between 28th – 30th November in the Hague Netherlands. All Ugandans with Uganda at heart; pro-democracy activists- the tools of change e.g; opposition leaders , opinion leaders, religious leaders, civil society heads, women leaders and youths leaders from Uganda and the Uganda Diaspora all over the world shall converge for the two days conference aiming at arriving at a consensus building on the way forward for comprehensive political, social and economic reforms in Uganda and to transition Uganda from the NRM dictatorship to democracy and sustainable political, social – economic development.

The conference will begin a roadmap for uniting all Ugandans that wish to find a solution to the current political and economic quagmire orchestrated by the National resistance Movement’s (NRM) military dictatorial rule, repression, corruption and mismanagement of public resources and public affairs and the disguised General Yoweri Museveni`´s life presidency and turning Uganda into a family business using his son Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba (the Kainerugaba project).

Uganda – the Pearl of Africa is endowed with massive natural resources and very hard working human resources. Soon after independence (1962) the country moved first to embrace a federal democracy with a political alliance government between the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) under Dr Milton Obote and the Kabaka Yekka for the King of Buganda; Uganda’s economic growth was rated higher than that of the Asian economic tigers.

These achievements were short lived after the alliance was broken militarily and democratic and constitutional governance was abandoned by the forces in power. Since then Uganda faced military rule, civil strife under successive dictatorial regimes.

On January 1986 General Yoweri Museveni took over power, through a military campaign and promised to return the country to democracy and good governance.

With help of donor countries, Uganda Diaspora and the hard working people of Uganda, remarkable economic progress was achieved; the GDP run at an average of 5%. Inflation rate was reduced from astronomical figures to single digit.

The campaign against the pandemic HIV/AIDS was very successful and in the first five years Uganda was referred to as the “Africa’s success story”.

The success story was short-lived because; democracy and good governance did not evolve instead the, economy went back to shambles, the HIV/AIDS infection rate and prevalence went back to double digits, repression and military crackdown against pro-democracy activists has sored;

Gen.Yoweri Museveni`s disguised agenda for life presidency and turning Uganda into a family dynasty is almost a sure deal through a deliberate set of short and long term objectives that include :
1.Use of violence to attain and retain political power 1981 – 1986
2.The 27 years of disguised Military Cum Disguised NRM Single Party Rule
3.The ban on political pluralism 1986-2005,
4.Rigging elections time after time
5.State sponsored terrorism against pro-democracy activists in Uganda,
6.Use of military conflicts in Northern and Eastern Uganda for political gains
7.Invasion and plunder of neighboring countries (Rwanda, DRC and Sudan) to create satellite states under Mr. Museveni’s control
8.State condoned gross and chronic corruption.
9.Sectarianism, marginalization and imbalanced regional development.
10.Impoverishment of masses for his Patronage and manipulation to prevail
11.Gross abuse of human rights intimidation and censorship of media and curtailing freedom of; assembly, association, demonstration, expression through arbitrary censorship
12.Increased defense spending , militarization of keeping law and order
13.The Public Order Management Bill (POMB) Gen. Yoweri Museveni has unilaterally turned into law as if to try to legalize total dictatorship.

General Yoweri Museveni`s NRM had turned Uganda into a single party state until a combined pressure from the International community and Internal pro-democracy activists and the Uganda Diaspora forced him to allow political parties to resume activities.

The opening up of political party activities did not transition Uganda from the disguised Military Cum Disguised NRM Single Party Rule to a Multi-party democracy. Gen. Yoweri Museveni `s use of violence to attain and retain political power and his 27 years overstaying in power using political patronage, corruption, a fraudulent electoral process, rigging elections is the cause for the high unemployment, poverty, wanting service delivery, re-occurring military conflicts in the Northern, Eastern and Western Region of Uganda.

The Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba project that has seen illegal recruitment of his son and promoting him rapidly and glooming him to succeed him; and this is a clear forecast of the family Dynasty whose intention to rule Uganda and the Great Lakes Region for ever is quite evident.

These negative trends make Ugandans, neighbors, friends of Uganda and Uganda’s development partners worried that history may repeat itself and Uganda could be be on the path to a genocide. There is cause for worry that the country could soon slilp into a situation like that in Somalia or Syria.

The good achievements ordinary Ugandans have strived so hard to make may be lost in the same way Uganda lost the first post independence Government of Uganda 1962-1969 which had put Uganda far ahead of the Asian economic tigers in development.

The situation in Uganda is a major concern to the Uganda Diaspora and given the fact that Uganda Diaspora constitute a major stake holder in Uganda’s development given that the Diaspora is the third foreign exchange earner of Uganda that provides the largest portion of the Foreign Direct Investment and providers of welfare to millions of Ugandans.

According to the Uganda Central bank report, of 2010, Uganda Diaspora remittances reached $ 1 billion making Uganda Diaspora the third foreign exchange source for Uganda and a major stake holder in Uganda’s development. (UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)-the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Report 2012)

The remittances from the Diaspora fraternity take care of the welfare of their relatives, build shelters for future use and put up projects like schools, hospitals, small scale industries and micro financing saving and credit as part of poverty eradication intervention.

Half of this amount ($500) is contributed by the Uganda Diaspora in Europe.

Uganda Diaspora now wishes to add value to development of democracy and good governance in order to supplement the efforts being done by pro democracy stakeholders in Uganda. Therefore, the 2.5 million Uganda Diaspora will use the platform of the conference to demand voting rights and space for Diaspora members in the parliament of Uganda in order to add value to legislature by transferring knowledge and experience on how developed countries have developed sustainable political, social and economic development.

Uganda occupies a strategic geographic and geopolitical position and is a link to East Africa, SADAC, Central Africa, North Africa and sits on the second largest fresh water lake of the world (Lake Victoria) the source of the Nile and therefore has a bearing and influence on the very large market of over 500 million people. Therefore Uganda shall remain a strategic partner with a big role to play on global issues e.g the UN Millennium Development goals and the war against terrorism.

It is therefore important that the European Union and the International community in general and the Africa Diaspora engage and work closely with the Uganda Diaspora which is evidently a tool of change and stability and support the Uganda Diaspora call to prevent Uganda from sliding into genocide, a totally failed state and in finding lasting solutions to chronic problems that have kept Uganda underdeveloped, a haven of beggars, etc

The problems include though not limited to: dictatorship, bad governance, mismanagement of public resources and public affairs; corruption, dictatorship, military and political conflicts, gross abuse of human rights and lack of democracy and freedom. This situation threatens the stability of Uganda and the IGAD-Great lakes region.

Therefore, in search for prevention of Uganda sliding into genocide, political, socio-economic abyss and a totally failed state, the Uganda Diaspora has planned a International Uganda Convention in the Netherlands. The convention is to be hosted by the Uganda Diaspora Netherland Chapter in partnership with; Uganda Diaspora from all over the world, pro democracy and human rights activists in Uganda whose desire to transition Uganda from the current Military dictatorship to a civil democracy with good governance, respect for the rule of law, human rights for all including the minorities and zero tolerance to corruption is total.

2.0 Preparatory Work Done:

•Already the Uganda Diaspora Netherland Chapter has mobilized Ugandans residing in Netherlands into an Organizing Committee in order to mobilize Ugandan Diaspora all over the world and other partners who promote democracy, human rights and good governance and the results are quite okay.

•Efforts have also been made to reach the stake holders in Uganda and the results are very positive.

•Initial contacts have been made with the foreign department of Netherlands and the European Union and the United States.

•The Ambassadors and High Commissioners representing African countries to Netherlands have also been informed and the response so far is very encouraging.

3.0 More preparatory work being done:

•Spreading of information to the Uganda Diaspora in Netherlands and all over the world and inviting them to participation in the project.
•Contacting vital governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations political parties in the International Community.
•Raising financial resources from Uganda Diaspora and all interested parties and organizations to facilitate the Convention.
•Mobilizing the human resources that will help in the implementation of the Convention.
•Appointing regional and country coordinators in Europe, Americas, Africa and Australia

4.0 The Aim and objectives of the Conference:

The Aim of the conference is to launch a road map for transitioning Uganda from the current dictatorship to a democracy by all constitutional means necessary.

5.0 The objectives of the Uganda Transition Convetion:

i)To converge the pro-democracy, political and opinion leaders, human rights, anti corruption and pro-good governance activists from Uganda and Uganda Diaspora to discuss the political social economic situation in a broad perspective.
ii)To share experience between activists, political leaders and elders from Uganda and Uganda Diaspora.
iii)Consensus building on the concept and road map of the struggle for freedom, democracy and good governance.
iv)To form an organization and arrive at structures that will manage the struggle for liberation of Uganda from the 27 years Militarism, Dictatorship and abuse of public resources and affaires.
v)To pave avenues for debate and consensus building including working partnership between the Uganda-Africa Diaspora and Uganda leaders.
vi)Finding short term intervention and solutions for protection of human rights activists in Uganda.

vii) Coming up with a strong international lobby against the dictatorial regime in Uganda.
viii) Preparation for tan orderly post Yoweri Museveni administration
ix) Enhance the call for voting rights for the Uganda Diaspora

6.0 Planning
Uganda Diaspora Netherlands Chapter has formed an organizing committee and co-opted strategic human resources in Uganda and in strategic countries all over the world who are coordinating the following activities:

Activity Time Remarks
1.The first strategic meeting 20-09-2013 Already done-Amsterdam
2.Brainstorming with all stakeholders 21 – 09 – 2013 Continues
3.Fundraising from the of stakeholders 21 – 09- 2013 Continues
4.Application for funds to funding agencies 01 – 15 Oct -13 UDN&Partners
5.Securing the venue 21 Sep–01 Oct AFTV
6.1st Press release 04–Oct-13 Initial program issued
7.Sending Invitations to special delegates 08 –Oct 13 Continuous
8.Second strategic meeting 15 –Oct 13 Europe co-coordinators
9.Marketing the Convention 08 –Oct 13 Continuous
10.Netherlands community meeting 01–Nov 13 Netherlands Chapter
11.3rd strategic meeting 16–Nov 13 Europe co-coordinators
12.International press conference in Hague 20th– 21st Oct 13 Concrete program issued
13.Arrival of regional coordinators 26 –0ct 13 Europe & beyond
14.Implementation committee formed 27- Oct 13 Allocation of tasks
15.Arrival of all participants 27–Nov 13 All co-coordinators
16.Implementation of the Convention 28 – 30 Oct 13 All participants

7.0 Participants:
The Organizing Committee is inviting all Ugandans of good will that share the concern and have desire to contribute to political reforms and transitioning Uganda from dictatorship and mismanagement to democracy and good governance. Individual participants, group participants and organizations are welcome to the convention.
The four days working tour shall include;
•Political leaders from the opposition political parties in Uganda
•Independent members of parliament
•Influential members of the civil society
•Elders , religious and cultural institutions representatives
•Women activists from Uganda and Uganda Diaspora
•Youths from Uganda and Uganda Diaspora
•‘’Rebel’’ NRM members of parliament
•Heads of Diplomatic Missions in the Netherlands
•European Union Representative
•ICC representative
•UN representative

Experts of:
• . Uganda’s history
• . Democracy
• . Human rights
• . Good governance
• . Conflict resolution & Africa Diaspora

8.0 Results:

1.Unity of the pro-democracy and good governance activists ( tools of change)
2.Consensus on the road map to transition from the current dictatorship to democracy
3.Consensus on benchmarks for comprehensive reforms for free and fair elections
4.Launching an organization and structures that will manage the struggle for transitioning Uganda through political social economic reforms or any other constitutional means necessary
5.Launching the international lobby for reforms and transition to democracy
6.Enhancement of Uganda Diaspora contribution to development of democracy and good governance in Uganda.
7.Prevention of genocide, military conflicts and instability in Uganda
8.Contribution to stability in the IGAAD and Great Lakes Region
9.Strengthening the call for voting rights for the Uganda Diaspora

9.0 Risks:

Failure to obtain visas for delegates from Uganda
Sabotage from the Ruling NRM Party
Mistrust between traditional political, religious and ethnic divisions of the Uganda community and organizations for fear of being used and hidden agendas.
Failure to agree on the way forward

Uganda Diaspora in Sweden has ideas of mutual benefit that will enhance direct foreign investment that will reduce dependence foreign aid syndrome and these and much more will be discussed with the new emergent Uganda political leadership.

10.0 Remedies:
Funding. 1. The organizing committee appeals to all pro-democracy cells and individuals for contributions 2. Application for funding to many pro-democracy organizations and sponsors 3. Downsizing the conference and minimizing the number of delegates who can’t sponsor themselves 4. Including a fundraising culture gala in the project using popular and pro democratic change Uganda musical artists or a beauty contest or fashion show

Visa for delegates. Uganda Diaspora Netherlands chapter will issue invitation letters to delegates and work closely with the Foreign Office and Migration Department of the Netherlands to ensure that all requirement are established and fulfilled by visa applicants in time and that priority is given to the delegates. The Uganda Diaspora Netherland shall assure the Government of Netherlands of their zero tolerance to fraud and human trafficking.

Government of Uganda shall be informed of the fact that it’s a none subversive move.

Well in time the organizing committee shall give a concept note with a clear vision, mission and objective statement that shall assure all the stake holders that they are not being driven by an individual or group but being called to own and drive the struggle to a conclusion favourable to all interest groups.

Open discussions, debates and one to one meetings and networking strategy shall be employed to defeat mistrust, pessimism and make it easy for consensus building. Involvement of none politically aligned elders will bring in the arbitration, wisdom and maturity that will help to make conceptions, drop pride and arrive at discussions democratically and amicably! A broader conference shall be called to resolve outstanding matters.



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