But how come Museveni shifts goal posts everyday??

Africa should embrace ICC, says Museveni. New Vision 2 June 2010 page 3.

“PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has described the review conference of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as an opportunity to discredit the claim that it is a court for Europeans to judge Africans. Speaking at a state banquet in honour of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, and heads of delegations of the ICC member states at State House Entebbe, on Monday, Museveni urged Africans to embrace the ICC, saying it would benefit them. The conference, which will review the Rome Statute of the ICC, opened on Monday at the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. It will last until June 11. The conference represents the first opportunity to consider amendments to the statute and to take stock of its implementation and impact since it entered into force in 2002. Over 2,000 representatives of states, non- governmental organisations and inter- governmental organisations are participating. Museveni noted that for Uganda that suffered war atrocities, the conference is a chance to interact and share experiences with the victims of the wars. He said Uganda has joined the rest of the world in condemning acts of terrorism and genocide. The President said the restoration of peace and security, good governance and the Prosperity-for-All programme were top issues on the agenda of the National Resistance Movement. He said Uganda has been honoured to participate in the peace building processes in the region and pledged to continue protecting human rights and work for peace.”

That was 3yrs ago. It is now 2013.Museveni is now opposed to the ICC prosecuting African suspects not because he believes that Africans are unfairly being targeted, but because the president sees an opportunity here to have a “client president” at State House, Nairobi.

Were AU to prevail upon the UN Security Council and have ICC defer or terminate Uhuru’s case, Uhuru would forever be grateful to Museveni. Uhuru would then be at the beck and call of M7.

With Kagame already toeing Museveni’s line, and Kiir, up north, never really independent enough to say no to Kampala, the only obstacle to Museveni’s dominance in the East African region is Tanzania’s Kikwete.

Now you know why Kikwete is being sidelined.

And Museveni, always the fox in the house, will be first person to initiate a fake reconcilliation efforts to bring Kikwete to the fold. I hope Kikwete does not fall for such a ruse.

Edward Pojim


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