CALL FOR PAPERS: Literature and Africa’s networks.

A literary panel at the biennial conference of The African Studies Association of the UK, University of Sussex, 9-11 Sept 2014

Pim Higginson, Bryn Mawr, USA ( and
Ranka Primorac, Southampton, UK (R.

The panel invites papers on how Africa’s literatures (in all genres, regions and languages) participate in the cultural and textual networks that span the African continent, and how they cross-link that continent to the rest of the world.

Our understanding of ‘network’ is broad: it may be related (though not limited) to Africa’s histories of regional and trans/continental communication, links of cultural affinity and affiliation, literary and cultural systems and configurations, the circulation of cultural objects and practices, resonances and dialogues between literature and other art forms and discursive linkages forged around common conceptual ground.

In foregrounding the ideas of linkage, flow and cultural connection, we wish to problematize the static and bounded notions of both ‘Africa’ and ‘African Literature’, and we particularly welcome papers involving different media and disciplines.

Please send paper proposals, queries or expressions of interest to both convenors.


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