Lukwago is Guilty: Report attached! What Next?



The tribunal finds the Kampala Mayor, Erias Lukwago, guilty- according to the report on the link below;

The dictator has specialised in manipulating women like this female judge. Her career is gone because she has sold her soul. The report itself was written in statehouse and brought in to sign it.

Look there is nothing to cheer about but abuse of our institutions, judiciary is gone too. The power lies with the people. Now knowing the people will vote Lukwago Erias in again, the stupid judge says that the mayor should be elected by councillors. Is she aware of what the constitution says, power belongs to people and should have the people to elect whoever they want to be their leader?

What is so special with Kampala? The thieves are after Kampala property and Buganda Kingdom, they are stealing everything and Lukwago is the stumbling bloc. Wandegeya market is full of politicians owning stalls; new tax park is gone because they sold themselves the plots on the side in the pretence of renovating it, now the investor of Usafi market is forcing KCCA to send some cars to his car park behind. The stupid ones are celebrating the results from the tribunal but the consequences are greater. The thieves are positioning themselves. It’s everybody’s responsibility now to stop the NRM thieves?

The NRM thieves think that cities are developed by appointed officials only? Why are hospitals empty without drugs yet its appointed officials running them? Why are patients sleeping on the floors when they have their own ministers appointed by the president? They don’t want to say they are interested in Kampala property and land leases that are soon expiring?? They want their people there to sell them land and buildings in the city? Ugandans have got a right to know all this instead of pretending that Lukwago has been a stumbling block to developing Kampala as a capital city.

Why are schools failing and they simply looking on? The force they put on Kampala, if it was the same force they put on corruption, Uganda would be corruption free.They are after Kampala land and the dictator knows it they will use people they can manipulate. New York is not run by the president or Paris or London, people elect whoever they want and Kampala is not special. Long ago when it was cleaner and more organised was it the president running it?? Why can’t they get an appointed mayor in Mbarara and leave Kampala alone?

These silly excuses are there to fool Ugandans that Kampala would be better if run by appointed officials,………. nothing is going to change apart from Sudhir buying all the buildings and land in Kampala. They want to control Kampala land board and this is a war they have been fighting too. These women they are manipulating are weak and very fearful.

The kasubi fire report is gathering dust and u wonder what these thieves are up to. What is important to them, they will spend fortunes to achieve it. The country is gone, gone, failed state kabisa. The man is fighting personal wars using tax payers’ money and the small thieves enjoy it because that money is always readily available whenever they ask for it.

Just imagine those who organising for the election of the 4 councillors…..they are already swimming in money and don’t be surprised when they say they used 800m to organise it.’


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