Mwenda owes an apology to Nelson Mandela as he plagiarised the last paragraph in his resignation letter from the Daily Monitor

On the link below is Mwenda Andrew’s resignation letter from the Daily Monitor but i want to draw your attention to the last paragraph:”As for me, I can never betray the cause of liberty. Liberty is an ideal for which I am willing to live for, work for to see strengthened and if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die”.

Mwenda should have attributed that last paragraph to Nelson Mandela. That was Madiba’s declaration at his sentencing before he was shipped to Roben island.That quote was straight from Nelson Mandela’s sentencing defiance. We read it in high school (the great Mbale SS) and, I believe, it’s still taught in some form in secondary schools today.

But what exactly happened to Andrew Mwenda?

Edward Pojim


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  1. Simon,


    It would be good if he could accept that those were not his words but there are few people who accept their mistakes. The rich are especially notorious for usurping other people’s work. They will arrogantly say, ” What do they have? For me I have $2.5 million in my account, and …; those who say I plagiarized are just jealous of my success.” They are misguided.

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