One Ugandan man called Fahad Kizito (RIP) committed suicide in UK two days

One Ugandan man called Fahad Kizito (RIP) committed suicide in UK two days ago by throwing himself in the speeding train after his wife, a Jamaican sugar mummy left him with the kids.For some unknown reason, Ugandans in UK decided to refuse to work with fellow Ugandans as they immigrate. Every single report we get of Ugandans getting after each other to a point of even reporting each other to immigration to as far as deportation back to Uganda are only in United Kingdom. It simply baffles me why Ugandans in UK have failed to realize that bottom line we all are immigrants. How does it make sense to you to report a family to the UK immigration and that family gets deported? Of what value is that to you personally? And we have got so many reports of Ugandans immigrating to London and they are asking of how they can be helped for every Ugandan you see in UK wants to get money from you or to report you to the authority. It is appalling how we have demonstrations against these systems deporting our people in many cities and we never see any in UK. And why? Because the Uganda population we have in UK either works for The Movement or is simply anti people. Go back in all forums we have had in these countries and every single time you get an anti-people case among Ugandans, it emanates out of UK.

Now we have a Ugandan in UK that got abandoned by fellow Ugandans, and he threw himself into a train to death. Way to go fellas. Ugandans in UK mwekubeko mukifuba mubuuze Omwoyo. We {The Mulindwas Communication Group} are going to shut down our postings with immediate effect, until tomorrow morning to respect the death of Fahad Kizito who lived in so many Ugandans but only trusted a firkin train than all of them.

Edward Mulindwa.



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  1. Chey'an,

    Who ever wrote this report has every detail wrong! I’m going to sue!!

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