Why is Sudhir above the environmental /building laws of Uganda?


Fellow Ugandans,

The government of Uganda should stop it’s double faced hypocrisy. If there is a class of people who are above the laws of Uganda that should clearly be stated in law books. It is clearly shown in the picture attached, how the beach at L.Victoria is thoroughly polluted. I saw pipes in the sand but could not determine whether they were depositing waste water or taking water from the Lake to the hotel. Of course Entebbe has piped water, so it will be equally illegal to get untreated water from the Lake to the hotel.

In the attached picture, it is clearly shown how that hotel in Entebbe originally constructed by Dr. Sulaiman Kiguddu now owned by one of the powerful Uganda Indian has a terribly polluted beach. The hotel is fenced and the day I was at that hotel, I got access to the hotel by paying some money yet the law says we have free access to all Lake Victoria shores.

No one can even caution our people not to swim into such a polluted Lake – you can clearly see dead matter. What type of government do we have in this country? With the experience of Wakiso district officials illegally being stopped from discontinuing Sudhir’s rape of Buganda wetlands – neither NEMA nor Uganda Environment police can do anything at all. One people two laws – that is Uganda today.

The Minister for environment ordered the cancellation of land titles in wetlands indeed.For those who the bells toll………….

Let the govt acbolish useless Local Government Act. The sooner the Government and parliament of Uganda abolish the Local Government Act and replace it with the Town and Country planning Act, the faster Uganda will be developing.

Town have to be organised, planned and developed. This calls for housing estates, water, electricity and communication infrastructure, industrial locations, sports facilities and amenities, schools and health care facilities etc

Uganda need to develop and organise small towns, municipalities and cities not so called “local” councils as developed by a primitive NRM system. What is the definition of “local” as opposed to a town council, municipality, city authorities and what are it attributes?

Amuru would in this case work as a town council and will be developed as such . Here there will be a possibility of setting up a high technological center for manufacture of electric cars and city/town buses.

Kirihura can continue developing as a milk and meat producing region as per NRM preference as opposed to human nature.

The Local Government Act is a totally useless law, in face of the Physical Planning Act and Town and Country Act. The Local Government Act has generated stealing on a massive scale.

The Local Government Act is all about allocating peoples power to state functionaries i.e. useless town clerks, local councils chairmen/women, so called development economist, financial officials etc. Every town is a council and Uganda has towns almost everywhere.

What is not a town per definition is a country i.e. a rural area that has to be developed in relation with the town.

The same layer is repeated even at higher level! If we have MP’s equal to towns, municipalities and cities – Uganda will save a lot of money and also see the end of useless politicking that has characterised NRM era of robbery and thuggery.

How do you think a person who turns a Nakivubo National Stadium into a street vendors market will have for a mental map?

When we sit in economics class we believed what is taught – development is about growing a lot of bananas and producing too much milk and getting lots of money – full stop.

Physical planning then ? That is colonialism! Just imagine Entebbe airport an International get way – tells volumes.

If you come from organised societies and just land in Uganda- if it is not your country you will get a shock of your life. Are the politicians aware of any ethical thinking,

Just imagine Oraba or Nimule these are entry points but to get a place to stay in Oraba is a nightmare since there are no houses- National Housing Construction Corporation was sold by government to Gaddafi to pay for guns used in killing people in Uganda.

And even then, as you travel from one place to another in this country the debacle unravels. People are just placing shops and houses anywhere as if it is given that you can just place a house anyhow! Almost in every town – there are dukawhalis (Indian shop design) typifying lack of simple imagination.

Mbarara town is a pile of concrete on concrete – very ugly. Those are very rich men and women. Uganda architects are also very unethical and funny – for they assume urban architecture is the same as any type of architecture. Anything goes! Look at the so called arcades filling up this country – are those arcades by any means?

But more so, this urban architect is a reflection of who is who and blatant violation of all Uganda laws that NRM has presided over. Let me give an example – Uganda Commercial Bank land in Mbarara was once contested by two individuals which meant that the building had to be subdivided in order for the tagiri (rich man) to get their share if the subdivision of land had gone ahead.

Now the government has come with an urban development policy forgetting that they have a very effective law: The Public Health Act 1964 which takes care of how buildings must be placed on land. This law was supported by the Town and Country planning Act 1964. The geometry of building construction is established in the building Act which is part of the Public Health Act. Such matters are not only for aesthetic reasons but a matter of life and death. Imagine fire breaks out, where do you pass with a fire lorry?

All Uganda towns are death traps. These are just slums.So it was easy for Kampala City council to sell off UCB which architecture was hence changed to make for small cubical calling those shops! The building was catching fire just tow days ago – the entry point is confined from the original design!

Please note that NRM is not really concerned, so NRM comes out to allocate a wetland in Lugogo or a golf course for a supermarket just on a busy Jinja road. Can you imagine that way of thinking.

We are in real danger of loosing every little bit of common sense. Lira play ground was sub-divided and allocated for estate development. I have not been in Lira for a while – I hope that play ground still exists. In Gulu town the golf course was a colonial luxury – it is long gone. Remember if land was available in towns i.e. a wetland the British could use it for sports facilities so that it would still have its natural functions. No that was colonialism!

We build houses and super markets – owned by NRM diehard supporters in wetlands and on road reserves! Talk negatively about it – then you’re anti-development of underdevelopment NRM has brought, because investors will run away.

It is a disaster of immense proportions, since our children see and grow up with these sorts of things and believe that that is normal way of doing things. Can you imagine that more than five years when Shimoni teaches college and primary school were demolished – there is no development but only unfinished structures?

For these people the higher up into the sky the building is the better developed we are. It makes no sense to them that buildings too have a life span. No strategic physical planning. The situation will not get better for NRM’s era has its own children who have been socialised into this sort of habits – the slum mentality.

In Gulu town some one puts a shack around the corner and that is city residence!

I can just go on and on – developing? We are not there unless we take physical planning very seriously.




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  1. Jessica Nakawombe,

    Rev. Jessica

    Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)

    Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 19:04:19 +0000 To: jesnak@msn.com

  2. jb wod awili,

    Never ever the Monkeys would behave like humanbeing. Ugandans unite and stand up for your rights

  3. katumba bashir,

    because of money

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  5. You are 100% correct, look at the new ‘mall’ in Entebbe, built on the botanical gardens! And there are plans to build houses on the golf course. Selling off the Ministry of agriculture land to develop a hub airport yet the aircraft that land now will not re-fuel at Entebbe, chased away by high prices and unreliable supply. It’s so ridiculous, yet when the early explorers arrived in Buganda they found a well organised society with well maintained roads and beautiful well constructed houses. I don’t understand why I hear so many people blaming colonialism for Uganda’a problems when it is quite clear that Uganda is responsible for the way it has destroyed the legacies left by colonial era and failed to plan, repair or maintain new structures, roads, healthcare and educational systems. In addition they are so busy looking back at the colonials they they cannot see the biggest thief is right in front of them, the NRM has sold Uganda’s soul to the chinese, mark my words they will take everything from under our noses.

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