Frank Gashumba is Sincerely a Ugandan At Heart:

Frank Gashumba is Sincerely a Ugandan At Heart:Fellow Ugandans At Heart,Honestly, there is no single day that passes me without having at least a few minutes to see what is on the UAH forum. Some of my friends had at one time mentioned that the UAH forum had become my new religion. I could not blame them for whatever they meant by “religion”.

Many of us here do debate, some with obvious anger and determination to put their ideas forth. Some do, sometimes use direct insolence towards the President of Uganda, or any other contributor who may be considered soft with the Uganda government headed by the NRM party. Through our debates more information about the situation in Uganda is attained. In fact, some of the information obtained here at the UAH may not necessarily appear in the local press, or on the internet.

There is no doubt whatsoever, that the participants at the UAH wish the best for our country, Uganda hence the ‘heat’felt in the tough terminologies used to describe the situation in the country. “The Hospitals, ‘Dead’, Schools, ‘Dead’, Roads, ‘Dead’….”, which more often than not, conclude with an insult to the President of Uganda, or the NRM in general.

With my usual soft debates that include the show of respect, especially to the President of Uganda, or any other person who, due to his/her occupation, or position in the service of our country, I am sometimes attacked. I do watch some Ugandan TV shows on the internet, but nobody shocked me as Mr. Frank Gashumba. The first time I saw him on NTV, I thought that he lives out of Uganda, until he later mentioned his home in Masaka. He kept saying that Uganda under the NRM is only going down. He said that the usefulness of the NRM is long passed and that they, NRM should hand over power to the new leaders who would inject new life to the country, Uganda.

On the NTV show, Mr. Frank Gashumba talked about his invitation by President Museveni to his home in Rwakitura. He explained how he told the President that everything is dead. He mentioned the Hospitals, the schools, the roads,among other things. He also claimed that the President asked him what he thought should be done to rectify the situation, or to make Uganda better. He claimed to have told the President to step aside with his ruling NRM party and allow others to govern the country. He said that later the President asked him to join them to correct those things that need correction. Mr. Gashumba then told the President that he cannot serve in the government of the NRM. The NTV presenter asked Mr. Gashumba whether he was not afraid to talk so frankly and negatively to the President of Uganda. Mr. Gashumba was however delighted to see how calmly and amicably the President took the entire discussion.

My surprise came when he talked about the Banyarwanda serving in the government, or other positions of power, or influence. He talked much and names started flowing. I then asked myself, is it possible that Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Mr. Fred Mukasa Mbidde, Col. Kulayigye, etc, are Banyarwanda? I know that Gen. Kale K. Kayihura is from Gisoro and that is clear. But….eh, now I get the point. Is it the reason why some participants at the UAH call the Uganda government a “Banyarwanda / Banyankole regime”?

Mr. Frank Gashumba made it point blank that the Banyarwanda are in the blood stream of Uganda and therefore all other Ugandans should take note and get used to it. He even reminded the viewers that ‘Banyarwanda’ is one of the ethnic groups listed in the Constitution of Uganda.

Can we learn from Mr. Frank Gashumba? The man is very unapologetic when he criticizes the performance of the NRM administration for Uganda, but maintains respect for the leaders and also able to meet them and say his mind. What I noticed though, is that the President of Uganda may not know exactly how bad some situations may be, because he is not told the whole truth. I also believe that if the UAH critics showed respect and stated honestly what is wrong and suggestions to rectify the problems, the leaders, including the President of Uganda would be willing to share our views.
After all, it would also be clear that this is for the best of our country, Uganda. As always, I wish only the best for our country, the Republic of Uganda.

Byaruhanga .J. Rubin.



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