Who is Guwatudde Kintu Christine that replaced Bigiri- money at the OPM as PS?

Nnalongo Guwatudde Kintu Christine is a fine civil servant and a wonderful person. I first met her in 1978. You know during those days it was Jimmy Katumba (RIP) and Ebonies usually at Lugogo. It was the place to be during the holidays. FYI, Owek Allan Waliggo a top official at Mmengo was a member of the Ebonies at the time where he played piano.

Ms. Christine Guwatudde was then at King College Budo, where she sat her O’levels that same year 1978-the last candidates under Amin and minister Killi (RIP). She joined Makerere College School in 1979 and she was in the first group of students who wrote their UACE in March 1981. Yes A’level exams had been pushed to March.

At College School, she was in the same A‘level group with Owek Allan Waliggo-one of the top candidates in O’Level exams-where she read arts while Alan read PCM. Owek Allan Waliggo was the head prefect; top students took up leadership roles. Ms. Christine Guwatudde joined Makerere University in 1981 and graduated in 1984.

She was very lucky. When NRA took over she was named director of Gender and shortly after became the youngest Permanent Secretary in Uganda. Many of us wondered from the safety of Nairobi why, but she has been a great civil servant with no scandals to date.

She was a classmate in Arts with Mr. David Pulkol, another lucky chap from Karamoja. Other notables in her arts class include the late Edward Kitaka Kizito (RIP)-Mr. Ssebaana Kizito’s son, who became Chairperson of the Uganda Rugby Union and an accomplished insurance executive- the late Patrick Nyangabyaki Bazaara (RIP), PhD (Queens University), and Mr Mutabwire who has been acting PS in local government.




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  1. Mugisha,

    Maybe you know only one side of her. She is acid laced and you should not trust all that you see. She has all along been able to cover her tracks but i am sure you will find a secret or two. I call her integrity into question because when she was PS in Ministries, Gender and Presidents Office, she was with three different men at a go: Musoke, Lukwago, and Kintu playing one against the other. Do you know what office romance is? Ask her? Were all the official trips she makes “Official” or were they laced with “Personal”. With a salary of UGX 1,700,000 (US$ 650) can you own the wealth she has (the Kalerewe Market, the factory, the ultra modern houses in Kanyanya, Bunga, Jinja road the ultramodern school in Namataba,or did you not know that for instance when she was fighting cancer, she used the opportunities to go for cancer therapies. Nothing personal, but rising up the ladder pretty fast does not imply, being competent; may be smart and fortunate but probably not for long. Give us a break!

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