Opondo-Opondo P’odel letter to then FDC’s iron lady, Anne Mugisha, on Tue 11/04/03 at 1:13 AM

”Dear Anne Mugisha,

I extend to you my greetings after every long lull and hope you are doing well health-wise of course.

I read your e-zine regularly but with a lot of amazement and apprehension at the level you have sunk in spreading deliberate white lies, when there are real and concrete issues of maladministration you can take our government, the Movement and president Museveni on.

You latest diatribe and lies on security matters especially the rebellion in Teso and your confessed involvement is really an abyss!

We know that it is easy and you are going to manufacture the names of alleged UPDF soldiers killed in Teso and northern Uganda. This will not be
new to us because after all your boss Kiiza Besigye, Aggrey Awori, Winnie
Karangwa Byanyima Besigye in 1999-2001 claimed that Laurent Kabila had killed thousands of UPDF soldiers in DR Congo, and captured 114 PoWs.

Besigye as UPDF Chief of Logistics and Engineering (CLE) was at the heart of leaking selective but false information through Winnie Byanyima to Awori
to highlight them in the Sixth parliament. It is this misinformation that led to their false self-consciousness and the hope that they could be credible presidential candidates in 2001. The result of that misadventure
and falsehoods are at your door-step.

To-date as you have not proved those claims which are otherwise easy to verify through the UN, ICRC, IOM, and Red Cross among others. You have been decisively put to shame.

Do you really expect any reasonable person even in opposition to belive
these lies unless one is in self delusion like Obote, Peter Otai, and UPC
gangs who had falsely believed that the NRM would collapse many years ago?

Just go back and read Obote’s missives from Lusaka to Kampala between
1987-98 now posted on UPC web site, and Otai’s many interviews with the BBC. I know you are proud that we (Movement & government) people read and occassionally have the courtesy to respond to you as Moses Byaruhanga did to your last lies from Dr Munini.

Anne and Munini Mulera, it is our firm belief and method of work to engage in a positive way even the most un-informed, devilish propagandist, and killers like Aggrey Awori if that can contribute to political sanity in our country.

The case of Gen. Ali Bamuze, and Taban Amin are no different from the
return of Awori whose personal debts in the US, and bills in Nile hotel in Kampala were paid by the NRM government and records are available. Nor they different from that of former president Godfrey Binaisa, Gen. Tito Okello,
Moses Ali, Chairles Alai, your Louis Otika, Evaristo Nyanzi and others. Government is not looking for any political capital from their return but
they are Ugandans who ought to free in their country as long as they are law abiding and if the undermine the law, a place for them is available. You are free to be proud that we take off time to respond to you and even claim that we give you “free advertising.”

Anne I want you to remember how you and Winnie Karangwa Besigye got jobs from Museveni without going through any interviews as would be required by the civil service procedures. You both got jobs as foreign service officers
as the pleasure of Museveni. You Anne got a job in the privatisation unit
under Mr. Rukikaire and only ran away to Rwanda when the sell of UCB became stinky and I have every reason to believe that you were a direct
beneficiary although you now put the blame elsewhere-and unfairly on Museveni.

We know you have been trying to attack the family of Museveni with the sole
intention of reducing their integrity as well as isolate them from Ugandans
but without success. You devilish attitudes and actions are galvanising our national resolve to deal with you in a more patient, sophisticated and decisive fashion to your own peril, and for the good of Uganda. (This is not a threat.)

Anne my advise to you is that you are free toe engage in opposition politics including armed rebellion but remember the likely consequences. You and Reform Agenda will not subvert our country whatever the cost we shall need to pay, will be paid to deal with outlaws.

Your friend

Director of information/Movement Secretariat



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  1. “If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones.” I heard this statement in a song by the late Bob Nesta Marley. May he rest in eternal peace.
    More often than not, political slander passes unanswered. It seems Mr. Ofwono-Opondo has saddenly altered the tendency. I like that. Ugandans need the truth and nothing, but the truth will set us free. We seem chained and the youth know not how it all began, that many things we were supposed to take for granted are no more!
    Glad that the Director of information/Movement Secretariat steps in to set the record straight.
    It is only the truth, no matter how hard it is to be told, that will guide our nation to the Land of peace in which we shall all live in harmony, strive together for us, our children, grand children and beyond.

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